Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Punk's push and Ryback is Swagger... uh-oh.

When I wrote "They're trying to kill Punk's push" back in October, his DVD had just come out, and despite the disc set, the video game and all of the pre-Christmas merchandise focused on C.M. Punk, the WWE was still keeping him heel and trying to downgrade him on television. This week his match was mid-carded. Yeah, nothing says "respect for the champ" like a mid-card match and a half-debate with Miz.
But despite their best efforts, Heyman and Punk are the only reasons anybody was watching. At least until Moxley and Black (*AHEM* Ambrose and Rollins) jumped up onto television, copying TNA's Aces & Eights story of mayhem. In fact if those two (Punk and Heyman) were to walk tomorrow, that charming 2.8-3.1 rating they've been boasting about would drop to a 1.97, easy. And this is me being very generous. Isn't it funny how the only people anyone really cares about on Raw came from ECW, ROH, CZW and DragonGate/EVOLVE?

Seeing the WWE try oh so very hard to kill Punk's push, I knew two things.
1. They're trying to kill Punk's push
2. Ryback is spelled J-A-C-K-S-W-A-G-G-E-R.

So how do you screw up a champion then? Simple. Don't let him take ANY time off.

It's happened before.

Cena wasn't allowed time off, worked all the house shows and all the shows WWE asked of him. Was sidelined back in October after having freak elbow surgery.

Orton was worked to the bone, not allowed more than two days off ~ which he worked through for the DVD. January reports came out that his back was in need of repair with stories of a slipped disc permeating WWE's website. He could have been paralyzed from the waist down, and all WWE could say was "How soon can you be back?"

Eddie Guerrero worked non-stop in 2005. The minute he said he wasn't feeling well, and Batista told the office he was sweating alot, Eddie was told to "quit playing". He died at a hotel while on the road for them. You would think they'd learn after losing a talent like that!!

Undertaker is in the state he's in physically because they never let the poor man rest. They blame him for "wanting" to work harder, but at this point I don't buy it. While he may easily be one of the most loyal wrestlers they've ever had, I'm concerned that they pushed him harder than he lets on.

And I could go on, but I don't have to. It's already happened again.

C.M. Punk just had emergency surgery to remove a piece of torn meniscus that had locked up his knee and to trim cartilage. At first, WWE reported that this was the result of Ryback putting him through a table, but the doctor is adamant that this is the result of endless wear and tear, in short, the WWE NEVER LET PUNK REST!!

The PPV is in two weeks and the odds are good that either the WWE will force Punk to work through the PPV and drop the belt ~ OR ~ they will vacate the title and let someone else nab it. Who is that someone?


Now let me be clear. I do not hate the former Skip Sheffield. I pity him. This man has had to put up with alot more than those baby blues can tell you. Since 2004, he's been in and out of developmental, dragged onto Tough Enough 4, schlepped through the first NXT, handed a cowboy gimmick in the post Brokeback Mountain world, and then handed RVD's singled and told to answer to the stupid name of Ryback.

Now everyone who sees the man wrestle says the same, obnoxious thing.

"KI-DERP!! Him am Goldberg. It am the same as Crimson."

There is NO correlation between Goldberg or Ryback. The two streaks aren't even close to the same. The moves are different, the booking is different, you'd have an easier time telling me that Khali is ripping off of Giant Gonzales and Silva.

Ryback is not being set up to be the next Bill Goldberg.

He's the new Jack Swagger.

Think about it.

Just a short time ago, a boy in an RVD style singlet (and similar body type) came out to an equally stupid name, and was real quick sent into a slue of squash matches. Everyone said he was the new Goldberg. Boy was not even in the spotlight for a full year before they started saying he'd get the strap. It wasn't long before he was given a Money in the Bank case, complete with a title shot.

Boy didn't even hold a belt more than a month. He lost the title in a bullshit four way that saw the injury prone, over 40 and threatening to retire Rey Mysterio Jr. take the damn thing back.

After the fight, he wasn't even considered for another title run. He was sent further and further down the card, and barely even appears on TV anymore.

Now we have Ryback. He's scheduled to take the belt, and if he does, he faces The Rock barely a month later. Not only is The Rock over 40, injury prone and has been threatening to retire for good, he also has a habit of leaving for months ~ if not YEARS ~ at a time, playing backstage politics and let's not forget, that if he gets the strap, he's facing John Cena at Wrestlemania for it.

Is this the best WWE has to offer? Can they really afford another "paper champ" after all this hype, as they did to Swagger? With slumping sales, dismal stocks and Linda having put the McMahon family 90 million dollars in the hole?? In the words of Miz, REALLY???

UPDATE: Well after sending this blog around, it looks like we have a late-breaking change:

It was announced at the Smackdown taping that Ryback will team with Daniel Bryan and Kane to face The Shield in a six-man tag match.

Good cover there, WWE. Toss out the title for TLC and then hyper push Punk for the Rumble with The Rock. I've seen it all before.

UPDATE #2: And now Vince himself posts the following:
Ryback is getting a shot in the "near future". Keep your eyes open.

Think about it. Have YOU ever heard of a TLC match that ends in pinfall or submission?? HAVE YOU?! Don't we call those Hardcore matches??

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  1. A TLC match ending in pinfall or submission? Gimme a break!

    WWE doesn't give a rats ass about the well being and health of their wrestlers and employees. They just wear these poor souls down until their broken and shipped off to the glue factory to be replaced by a younger model. Disgusting.