Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quoting Dramas & the Bible does NOT make you "deep". Gimmie back the EASTER BUNNY!!

As I type this, it's Easter night. A relatively happy day in Spring, marked by chocolate bunnies, gorgeous eggs, pastel candies and adorable bunnies, chicks and ducklings.

And if you look at Facebook, you'd never know that.

I don't know who's annoying me more right now.

First, we have the religious zealots that won't stop posting about how they perceive the Bible. Apparently if you are not an elderly Republican, you have NO rights at all, should shut up and let society use you as a slave ~ complete with you never again accepting Government aid or a job that pays you above $7 an hour, never be allowed to decide who you want to marry, never be allowed basic rights to the reproductive system you were born with, and if you dare to want to evolve past the 1860's, you're going to Hell, and now they get to clog your timeline with a million posts about Jesus.

Sorry dude, but I'm a pro-choice supporter of equal rights. Take your man edited book of propaganda fairy tales and go sit in the time out corner, until you learn to for real ~ LOVE thy neighbor.

I think even Jesus would approve of me saying that.

Then there's the people who are addicted to their whiny, dank dramas.

Look Hipster, I don't care how badly you feel that Rick died or didn't die tonight on The Walking Dead. Posting 100 hashtags on FACEBOOK is not going to magically make me think you're being really deep and poignant. It's a TV SHOW!!! Get a grip.

It's also a show about zombies. In case you haven't noticed, a whole TON of people are going to be dying on that show, so quit letting yourself get attached! Am I the only person who's seen a few zombie movies? Here's a hint: DON'T get used to ANYBODY on those shows!

It's a good thing I backed up my Easter VHS tapes to DVD, otherwise I might never again see Rankin and Bass's "Easter Bunny is Coming to Town". So many Hipsters and religious zealots have ruined what was a colorful and HAPPY time of the year, by bullying CBS, ABC and ABC Family out of ever even mentioning that Rankin and Bass produced specials, dealing with everyone's favorite bunny.

Have you heard these freaks? Here's how they act:

"I'm not happy that ABC isn't playing a ton of Jesus flicks, so I want everyone to be as unhappy as me. I'm gonna lie and say that the Easter Bunny is evil, and force everyone to stop being happy to see him."

"Why is everyone celebrating today with bunnies? TCH that's SO stupid. Everyone knows dramas are what's really REAL. We need to be REAL. Bright colors are fake. Everything should be brown, black and fugly. GAWD nobody understands me."

Dear Jesus munching boiled Easter eggs, WHERE ARE ALL THE ADULTS???

Oh sure, your driver's license says you're above the legal age of drinking, but you're Facebook posts suggest you're 13 and a half. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Let me start by addressing those of you who won't shut up about Jesus.

Easter as we know it today was originally Spring Solstice. A happy time to celebrate spring and fertility, hence the baby animals.

Jesus's coming back from the dead historically took place closer to his birthday ~ which originally was April 17th. If you're looking to celebrate his return from the cave, you're at least two weeks early. Please, take down your crosses and wait the fortnight until the ACTUAL event.

He was also liberal, believed in free, universal healthcare, and wanted people to LOVE each other, and feel all of society's sins being erased through him. So I doubt very highly he'd like seeing you treat my Gay friends with such ignorance.

Also, his dad, you know... GOD? He flooded the entire world during Noah's day, and also enlisted Moses to take out the Canaanites and a few other towns of people ~ starting with the pregnant women and children. So there goes the fake myth of "God and Jesus are anti abortion" because for freaking crying out loud, we've never had that many since!! Those two segments of the Old testament are the biggest mass abortions I've ever heard about ~ and those fetuses WERE wanted.

And one more thing, "traditional" marriage as dictated by the Bible is ILLEGAL. Traditional bible marriages were based on slavery, business tactics and bargaining. NONE of the marriages in the Bible have anything to do with love.

I'll be clear. Straight or Gay, marriage should only be about LOVE. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now please, stop spamming my feed.

And now I want to talk to you hipsters a moment.

First of all, dreary colors, 1970's filters and the overuse of the "contrast" tab on Final Cut Pro does NOT make your show feel "real". When I go outside, I see COLORS. A wide spectrum of blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and red, and the only time I see your usual color choices of beige, baby puke, puce and cardboard, they only seem to appear on GRANDMA CLOTHES.

Second, there is NOTHING "real" about a cast of characters that use each other, sleep with each other, yet haven't evolved to the point of trusting each other yet. Absolutely not! The amount of Emo fights and questioning that goes on in these shows is unbelievable. And you know what? Since everyone's on a permanent "retro" kick lately, putting older shows back on the air and making reboots of them, let me make this VERY clear. Anybody who thinks that the relationship between Mr. Big and Carrie on Sex in the City is what a "real" relationship is "supposed" to be like, needs to be placed in a straight jacket.

Third, do you even know what "real" is? Trust me on this one, you can put all the PicMonkey filters on a photo as you like. Walking Dead is still going to look about as realistic as the Sparklepires in the Twilight series. If you think fugly zombies and Sparklepires are "real", it's time you join the bozo in the straight jacket over there, who doesn't get relationships and thinks that $700 for a pair of shoes is somehow "normal".

Easter should be a time to enjoy the Easter Bunny and sweets. let's all act like ADULTS for once and go back to that.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anime-zing: NRA Tweens, Deadly Teens and Dominating Frogs?

The last time I wrote an Anime-zing article, I was feeling upbeat about finding Toriko, which is set to have it's own anime movie this year, and a crossover special with Dragonball Z and One Piece. I've gotten further into the series, and so far I like Rin. When I wrote the article, she hadn't debuted in the episodes I had seen yet, but not that I'm further in, I like her and I hope Toriko can figure out she likes him.

I've only been able to catch a few more titles since then. But before I get to two great things I've seen, I want to get two specific titles out of the way. Think of this as a public service announcement.

I want to like Kenichi. I reeeeeally want to. And right at the start, there's a few things that easily drew me in.

For starters, this is the first anime I've seen in ages where the females are drawn healthy. Gone are the anorexic waifs I so often see in anime, instead the females look like they've actually enjoyed food. They're curvy, and the main girl Miu is kind, smart, an incredible fighter, and is completely devoid of any emotional outbursts that would otherwise mar her character. If there were more girl oriented programs with characters like Miu (pictured), we'd see a positive, global attitude change in young girls. She's self-assured and strong, without jamming "Girl Power" down your throat.

Kenichi (also pictured) starts off as a wimp, but unlike other anime wimps like Tenchi in Tenchi Muyo, who end up being controlling and whiny, Kenichi actively tries hard to do the right thing, even when he knows it could end in his swift demise. His only downfall is that he over-thinks things and worries too much about what everyone thinks of him. Too much social pressure for a high school student.

And unfortunately, half of the cast takes advantage of that.

If I could re-edit this show, I'd erase Kenichi and Miu ever attending school. The people at Miu's family dojo are pretty cool, minus the brooding swordswoman Shigure, lecherous Kensei and Shio ~ who has a nasty attitude. Apachai is very sweet and brings out the best in Kenichi. Hayato and Akisame are perfect parodies of every martial arts teacher I've ever seen in films, and help to round out an eclectic cast for a show that should be an action comedy. I'm even starting to like Kenichi's mother, who tries to keep the rest of the family out of his way.

... But the other half of the cast ruins it.

For starters, Kenichi's baby sister and father have sincere control issues. They both want him to be stronger and independent, but when he complies with these desires and enters the dojo to better himself, they try to butt in and control him. His father especially wants him to be a more obedient version of himself, and every time he doesn't get his way, he reaches for a gun.

His sister Honoka is 13, but looks like a 9 year old and acts like a 3 year old. She has an awkward jealousy towards Miu that seems to suggest that Honoka wants to keep her brother for herself. EW!!

But it's his school I detest the most. Kenichi is endlessly bullied and being stalked by people he has never even met before. Every episode, there seems to be a new group of assassins, trying to murder him, simply because they see something in him. I suppose this is realistic in the sense that real life bullies and stalkers start off this way, choosing a random target to turn into a mortal enemy, but when it's being thrown in your face every five seconds, it detracts from what could be a good comedy, and just turns it into a stressful drama. And just when you think Kenichi has problems, Miu starts having issues of her own. Everything from a butthurt gymnast creating an imaginary rivalry by which to base her plot to kill Miu on, to a snake-like stalker, who also gets creepy-close to Kenichi, to creepy boys in the back of the classroom, trying to bully and manipulate Kenichi so that they can have sex with Miu. The school system plays virtually no role in trying to stop murder and rape attempts, and Kenichi seems to be the only high schooler with concerned parents. It's too stressful to watch, and after a while, you just wonder why the two kids don't just abandon these people and stay put at the dojo.

A few years ago, I was at a bookstore and read about a then new series coming to America, called Gunslinger Girl. The premise seemed intriguing. The government starts taking in tween girls, just as puberty strikes them, and turns them into human weapons. It sounds like a Hollywood film just begging to be made.

I finally saw an episode on Hulu, and I have to say... this is one of the creepiest, darkest, most unemotional Noir shows I've ever seen. I felt unclean seeing this.

Triela (pictured) is one of the elders in this group of assassins. And trust me when I say the weird factor is driven home when I say elder. She's about 10 or 11 when she's rescued from being the victim of a snuff film, but as payment for the rescue, she's turned into a cyborg and ends up with an arsenal of guns taller than she is. At the time of her reconstruct, she was about to have her first period, so now she's almost always PMS'ing, only she has about the same total of emotions as a robot ~ making her all the more creepy. She dresses like a man, distrusts adults and when not cleaning her gun, collects teddy bears.

The series doesn't really let you get too attached to these girls either. As a result of becoming weapons, each girl ends up with a tween version of Alzheimer's Disease and ends up dying horribly. Triela dies in a nuclear plant, and her eggs are later harvested by the people who turned her into a killing machine. Because of this, she ends up having a daughter postmortem, carried to term by a woman Triela saved. Gunslinger Girl is actually so dark, hopeless and depressing, it makes Big O look like Sesame Street:
I went there. An entire show done in dark grey and black is actually more CHEERFUL than Gunslinger Girl. And speaking of dreary, underage members of the NRA in pigtails:
It's not every day you see a real person, let alone a WWE wrestler that looks so much like an anime character come to life. But when I first saw NXT's Paige (who actually is an incredible wrestler) I remembered seeing a 30 second ad for a new anime called Black Rock Shooter, with a theme song "sung" by a computer, using the Vocaloid software Miku Hatsune. So I gave BRS a shot.

FYI: Do not attempt to watch this without caffeine.

On paper, BRS seems like it would make for a fun show. Mato is a 14 year old basketball playing girl, who is linked in an alternate world to a creature known as the Black Rock Shooter. Every single time Mato befriends another girl her own age, an alternate of often psycho version of that girl, appears in BRS's world, and ends up becoming the protagonist's enemy. Reading a premise like this, I expected the OVA and 8 episode show to be an action comedy. The trailer for it even looked exciting. There's even a video game!

... Upon watching it, I see why it ends at 8 episodes and an OVA.

The OVA should have been billed as a movie, because it feels like one. I'm pretty sure it clocks in at 50 minutes but this feels like 3 hours. Most of the film is just Mato living a very boring and ordinary life, while BRS is fighting another underage gun owner named Dead Master, who is linked to a 14 year old named Yomi. The action segments are decent, except for two very obvious issues:
1. The colors are FUGLY

2. There is ZERO explanation given as to why these two girls are fighting.
The full anime series adds a sub-plot with Mato and a children's book, and the video game turns one of the evil (should I say that?) girls into a lover for BRS in one of the alternate endings, but the series is largely without a plot.

Karate-Robo Zabogar isn't an anime, but is based on the 1974-75 series Denjin Zaborger, and is strange yet also very funny.

The adult comedy focuses on Yutaka Daimon, who controls and operates his "brother" the robot Zabogar. Initially the film follows a violent and funny "good vs. evil" concept, with Yutaka and Zabogar killing members of an evil syndicate, and the movie has a distinct "Power Rangers" feel to it ~ largely due to much of the cast also being in Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Even the original TV show actor for Yutaka was in Kamen Rider in the 70's. 

But soon the film introduces heartbreak, when Yutaka falls in love with Miss Cyborg, a tool being abused by the syndicate's ring leader. Just as she tries to leave and prove to the police she is not a bad woman, she and Zabogar are blown up, leaving the evil boss to abduct her uterus, which contains the twin children of Cyborg and Yutaka.

The film picks back up after the children have grown, and Yutaka must rebuild Zabogar and finally take down the man who cost him everything.

It sounds much darker than it really is. For every bit of tragedy, there is a very adult but goofy comedy behind it. At one point, Yutaka and Cyborg's daughter is turned into an evil mecha against her will, and she destroys a town, just by answering a cell phone call. The film is on Netflix and worth a few viewings.

I saved the best for last. I recently went on a SGT Frog binge, and this bright, colorful and violent anime is well worth a watch.

SGT Frog follows Sergent Keroro and his team of misfit frogs, as they try to take over Planet Pekopon. Their mission is complete world domination, but they fail at every single turn.

Their base is set inside the home of an ordinary family, and seemingly the eldest child (Natsumi) is the only person who cares about the frogs trying to take over the world, and trying to stop them. Her mother and brother are just fine having the frogs as friends.

Keroro's other weakness, aside from Natsumi's temper and attacks aimed at his soft, unprotected face, is his sincere love of everything Gundam. He loves to spend money on Gundam models, often at the expense of the world domination budget ~ which is small to begin with.

The five movies are long and a bit creepy at times, but the TV show is endlessly funny. The Japanese version relies more on at-home humor, while the English version is loaded with American pop culture references. Both have writing that is on par with Samurai Pizza Cats, only less insulting and with more violence.

Another thing that endears me to SGT Frog is the music. While I can do without the first season's opening theme, the ending themes are catchy, and done in a 70's soul vibe. Just listen to Afuro Gunso:
Other songs mix joke-filled lyrics with lyrics about the series objective. If you're looking for a nonsensical laugh, I recommend SGT Frog.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

PokeCreep GO!!

Today's lesson: Always listen to your inner warning flags and be careful of who you think you know on Facebook.

So on an anti-harassment page on Facebook, I saw somebody reporting a few trolls who were going out of their way to be horrifying human beings. One of them was posting really disgusting things about kids, so I wasted no time in reporting the bastards.

Well then the person who initially made the warning post about the horrid wastes of space posted another message to the anti-harassment page's wall, about this one psycho bitch that won't stop stalking him.

Eerily enough, his psycho stalker bitch's email sounds exactly like a piece of hate mail I got two years ago, right down to the bad grammar. So I asked who the stalker bitch was.

Turns out, she's not one of the same psychos that went after me, but a fangirl of my former psycho. Wow, you find all kinds online, don't you?

Most girls under the age of 21 are fangirls for celebrities, this one is a fangirl of an 18 year old DeviantArt troll, who sends death threats,photoshops strangers' heads onto porn, and then posts pictures she draws in MS Paint of Jak and Daxter making out. Being a fangirl of this creep is about as low as you can get.

So after reporting the fangirl, I offered a supportive comment to this guy. Keep your chin up, block and ignore.

He sends a friend request. I see that he's another anime fan, so I accept.

Next lesson, when looking through friend requests ~ BE SELECTIVE!! Not all anime fans are crazy... BUT!!

So he sends a friendly "thank you for the help" email, and starts talking about anime.

It's about here that I notice that while his Facebook name is Dialga (that's a Pokemon name) his picture is of Meloetta. (A totally different Pokemon.) You'd think this would be an oversight, or part of a group photo, but this continues for several more pictures, where he's Poke-swapping names. That may not seem like an issue to you, but I'm sure there's a few Pokemon fans reading this and starting to have misgivings. I'd forgive it if they both looked alike (Pikachu and Pichu for example) but Dialga is people sized and dark blue, while Meloetta is green. A "Pokemon fan" that swaps names? Biiiig warning.

Another warning? All of his profile pictures are of this Pokemon and young anime characters. Hmm...

So we talk about Pokemon and rumors and which games we've seen, and it all seems regular. We talk about different anime and then he shows me his very innocent looking website.

On said website, I notice that he has expensive software, rare My Little Pony dolls and a ton of American Girl dolls. So I ask what kind of job does he have where he can just buy them like crazy, because as I've blogged before, the girls start at $102, sans accessories.

"I don't have a job. My mom pays for it all since I live with her. My favorite AG is Chrissa."

Now I'm not going to judge people who still live with their parents. The economy has kicked everyone in the ass, and everybody else with a blog at this point has done the "loser needs to move" post, so I'm trying not to be too much of a copycat.

But AG dolls start at $102. The rare Ponies on eBay go for $52 and above. The software starts at $83. I know moms can be generous, but this mom has to be pretty loaded to spend this much on her 21+ year old son. There's a good $855 worth of merchandise in the first photo alone ~ and there's a website worth of them. And this is a "regular" thing, where she just hands him this kind of money while he's still living at home with her. Holy cow.

My next red flag though is that he likes Chrissa best. I'll be honest, I had to Google her. A few years ago, American Girl ran a contest to find a real life story worth turning into a film. The winner was a 9 year old little girl named Chrissa, who went on to have a film made about her life as a bullied swimmer in the 4th grade. He says this is one of his favorite films.............. um red flag.

So he lives at home watching American Girl films while his mom buys him expensive dolls. Okaaaaay...

So then he shows me part of his website where he talks about his views on life. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, until he asks me to re-read part of his page about marriage.

Um... why?

"Well I saw a blog you posted before about people, and I just can't agree with your views on monogamy. You're pretty closed minded when it comes to what love actually is."

Folks, if I have blogged about marriage at all, please do remind me. I can't remember.

I will say this. I view having a relationship the same way I view having a chocolate bar. If I have one that's really good, all natural, tastes delicious and makes me feel happy, then screw you, this is my candy bar and you can't have any. That's why I like monogamy. I'm selfish.

Now if that's not your bag, fine. I just like monogamy.

"Well, maybe you're selfish because of something in your life, alot of girls are afraid of being replaced."

Well yeah, my dad fostered those insecurities onto me as I was growing up, but mostly I like monogamy because I don't wanna share. I'm uncomfortable, so I ask him a few times to stop asking me.

"Well maybe you just don't get it because of your age. How old are you, anyway?"


"Oh.... You're that OLD already? That's a little older than me. I'm 23."

Old huh... well fuck you too.

"Well you're not like my girlfriend, she at least understands where I'm coming from with free love. Maybe you'd like her too though, she likes anime too."

"Oh really?"

"yeah, she's real mature for 16."

O_O HAH????

I could not continue this conversation. This is the only time I've been happy my Facebook started acting up on me. Knowing it was going to cut me off of chat anyway, I took advantage of this glitch and reported him.

Be careful of who you add online.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fox hates kids ~ The fight against preschool

I didn't even have the chance to drink my coffee yet, when I heard something that should boil your blood if you are a true American.

Let me start by saying that I love kids. Don't have any yet, but I really love the idea of being a mom one day. I watched my brother as he was growing up, all the times our mom was out and our dad was useless, I've babysat kids, and I'll tell ya. If given a choice between sitting with a screaming, crying, tantrum and barf throwing toddler and sitting with a Fox News analyst ~ the toddler is going to win my favor. Why? Well it's not because he or she is tiny, cute and easily bribed, it's because at the age of just three, the tot is more mature and better able of comprehending abstract concepts than any of the bozos on Fox. I'm also pretty confident that the toddler would better understand Dora the Explorer not being a real person, while the Fox team quibbles over whether or not she has a work visa, but I digress.

So before I had the chance to have my daily cup of Nowicandealwitchu, I overhear The Daily Show showing un-doctored clips from Fox. The debate was about free and high quality preschool to United States children.

Now let me pause here a second. Why is this a debate? If you have kids, don't you want them to get an education? If you are a real mom or dad, you should want your kids to have access to an education. This is a basic, American right, for American born children. We're Americans! Surely, we want our American kids to have an American education, right?? RIGHT??????

Well some ancient-aged man gets on and says he doesn't feel our American kids have the right to this American education, because he's heard that after the 3rd grade.... preschool stops working.

.... After the 3rd grade, preschool stops working.

Ah, gee. Could it be because after the 3rd grade... kids are no longer in preschool??

Could it be because after grade 3 they're like um... TWEENS and in the 4th grade???

But no! He feels your American children should never have access to ANY preschool, because they can't use it in 3rd grade.

Some lady came on, and said that some "teacher" complained to her that free preschool and government money to the schools just means "Ew, more paperwork for me".

Did I just hear "Ew" out of a teacher at the thought of receiving more money??? EW???

Yes, there is paperwork involved. It takes less than an hour to get it all done though.

But screw an hour of actually doing your job, obtaining free money to use on the children we've entrusted you with. no, go ahead lazy bitch. EWW away all the money you want. Keep the kids stupid.

Is anybody paying attention??

I've read other comments from people online that just scare me.

"These lazy kids don't DESERVE preschool, they should work for it like the rest of us."

United States child labor laws frown on putting 3 and 4 year olds to work, especially if said work is only obtained to make butthurt old Walmart workers happy.

And yes, these kids DO deserve preschool. How else will they get the education they need to get through the rest of the 12+ years of schooling we force them through, to get a diploma, to get a degree, to get that "hard work" of a job you have at Walmart?

They deserve preschool like you deserve a good slap for ever suggestion they're not worth it.

"Preschool doesn't teach anything mah kids need in the real world"

Oh... do you mean the alphabet? Yes, I can't possibly see how Junior can ever use the alphabet in the "real" world. Or numbers or colors or shapes, how dare President Obama suggest that American kids learn how to read before the 4th grade. Oh yes, shame on hi-ARE YOU HIGH???

More scary? I've heard parents ~ including the moms and dads of the rug-rats I've watched ~ whine and complain "Ew, I don't want my kids to get taller or smarter than me. How would I look to people?" Ah I dunno, maybe you'd look like a GOOD parent. But perish the thought, we don't want that, now do we?

I was taught that when you have kids, you want them to have the best in life.

You want them to have an education, a better one than what you had maybe, so that they can go father in their lives than you did.

You want them to have all the toys and playground access you were denied.

You want them to have better, cleaner food than what your parents could afford for you.

The longer they live, the better you want for them.

But these child hating freaks at fox news have already blasted through by helping to promote and fund far too many anti-humanity bills, you'd wonder if this was all a wag-the-dog.

Think about it. The government routinely now attacks women's rights, internet freedom, Social Security, voting rights, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid and now the education system on a whole, calling these basic, American rights "stupid" and "draining" while they are hell bent on forking over more liberties and cash to big business and frivolous wars. They even force the food industry to put bromide, corn syrup and bisphenols into our food ~ chemicals known to cause human retardation and cancer.

And now they want to downgrade preschool? The most basic and benign form of American education? They want to steal away your American child's right to a future? 

Why are they trying to keep us all dead, dying and stupid. What's the point of this?

Shouldn't you demand better for your American children?

Personally, if I start popping out a couple of 6 foot kids that are smarter than me and have full time careers paying them 6 figures, I'm not going to think "OMG what will people say about me, I look like a dummy" nor am I going to accuse their higher education of being a drain on me. 

Instead, I'm gonna think "WOOT I actually did something RIGHT!!" 

I believe that if I feed my kids real-people sized meals and start handing them a higher education, I'll have a better chance at raising a couple of Pulitzer prize winners and athletes, than if I were to allow a government that has already slashed any hope I had for Social Security for my grandparents, to tell me what a board of money-hungry old strangers thinks is best for my kids.

And that is part of the American dream right there.

Don't let Fox downgrade our American life.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's 2013, where the grown folks at?

Okay, it's 2013 people. We need to stop acting like 11 year olds.

This is aimed at all the adults who don't seem to get that what you post online is PUBLIC.

It's time to stop telling people to "Keep Calm and ______" because trust me when I say that hardly anybody on Facebook is willing to do any such thing.

It's also time to stop threatening people.

I just saw my 5th "Comment here or like my status RIGHT NAO or by Friday I'm deleting you from my friends list" post in under a week.

Let me be clear. If you feel that threatening people is the only way you can communicate with them, odds are good you were never friends to begin with.

I'm serious, if you can't stand someone, delete them from your timeline. Threats just make you sound like a crazy, self-centered, whiny, Emo troll. Posting "I'M GONNA START DELETING PEOPLE!!!!" doesn't scare anybody anymore.

While we're at it, posting pictures and things that you know piss people off? Yeah, put that back in 2011's shame cupboard. Again, you're not 11 years old anymore, so you posting non-stop about dicks and drinking isn't "shock value" anymore.

Same goes for openly whining about how angry you are people don't like their timeline being cluttered with nothing but how you wish people would unfriend you, instead of openly praising you for every joke you ripped from a Google image search.

And every "I feel oppressed because not everyone on planet Earth agrees with my views on God, so ergo I want your rights taken away" and every "You should be an atheist like me" post. I'm sick of the both of you.

You can stop seeing how badly you can piss people off before they unfriend you. Don't like somebody? Just unfriend them already, and stop acting like an ass.

And stop posting about pot. Please.

Do you understand that everything you post is PUBLIC?? Everyone can see you, your boss, your potential boss (COUGH WWE COUGH) your family and friends, total strangers, EVERYONE. Everyone in the world can see you smoking a largely illegal substance.

And if you don't have a medical license to smoke pot, you could go to jail for posting about how often you use it. Don't believe me? Try and post this pro-pot crap to a cop's wall. Post as often as you do on your regular timeline about how awesome it is you had a bong before work. See what happens. Hell, they arrest kids now for playing with bubble guns.

Yeah yeah I get it. Cancer killing live saving blah blah blah. ENOUGH!!!

I don't get the logic here. If I blab on and on about the value of being clean, sober and straight edge, I catch hell from people, chastising me for being a "Nazi".

But I'm supposed to accept you posting on your Timeline 100 times a day about cannabis?? NO!!! Sorry, I'm not going to accept this behavior anymore. It's 2013. I don't care if you want to smoke yourself stupid and smell like a skunk, but please don't think it's alright to bombard me with messages about your bad choices.

I find it droll and offensive that in 2013, we still have fully grown adults acting worse than tweens. I'm sure Mark Zuckerburg didn't bank on this happening when he made Facebook, but then what he does bank on can feed a small country for a year ~ and he doesn't have to pay taxes on it. But I digress.

If aliens do exist, and they ever discovered Facebook, I'm pretty sure they'd nuke us before we have a chance to infect the rest of the galaxy.

Don't accept this from big business.

Why do we allow this nonsense?

Why do we nod our heads and accept businesses toying with our right to work?

Why do we blindly accept, that while every job out there requires multiple degrees and years of servitude that is impossible to obtain, they in return don't even have to show us the common courtesy of a phone call?

You want me to give up my personal accounts, let you into my personal off-the-clock life, you want me to have extra degrees, extra experience, a lengthy resume ~ yet you don't want me to have had more than three jobs in my entire life, send in a cover letter and forward by Morgan Freeman, yet because you have money, I'm supposed to accept and even like that you don't have the balls to call me back and hire me?


We wouldn't accept this out of our nation's children. So why accept it out of big business?

Here's a "job" listing I just got. I'll add my notes in bold blue as we go along:

AT&T Consultant - Professional Services 3 
AT&T - Chicago, IL (Greater Chicago Area) 

Job Description

AT&T Consulting Solutions
Microsoft Unified Communications Architect (That's a buzz term meaning "Customer Service".)

General Qualifications

A seasoned and strategic thought leader in large scale multi-vendor Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Require full life cycle architecture, design and deployment expertise.

Role Overview

Engage in key engagements (Engage in engagements? As opposed to what, engaging in on engagements? Of serious? I'm supposed to accept a grammar error that BIG in the opening line, just because AT&T is a company? Bullshit!

and lead teams in the delivery of AT&T Consulting UC service portfolio (No period, or other way to end or otherwise convert the sentence. "Delivery of consulting" again means "Customer Service")

Ability to manage and exceed client expectations for delivery (Be here before we need you, do more than what we ask you to.) including facilitated meetings, whiteboard sessions, presentations, deliverables and weekly communications with client and engagement managers on status and health of the projects. (Missing commas. More fancy buzzwords that mean "Show up to meetings" and "Customer service". A chimp can be trained to do the same thing.)

Strong business acumen and strategic customer interaction, including workshops and Strategy and Roadmap deliverables is key. (Where do I start on the grammatical errors with this? "Road" and "Map" for starters are two different words.)

Deliver and lead strategy, readiness (deliver readiness? What is that? Deliver readiness, like "Hi ♥ I brought your desire to work today ~ it's cherry flavored!") and other assessments, architecture and complex multi-vendor integration services. (I'm to deliver architecture? Ah don't we hire an architect for that?? That's like saying "I need you to deliver surgery!" Sorry, but I'm not a surgeon.)

Support Unified Communications Practice initiatives as a collaborative team. (This is a SOLO application. You are not asking for a team, you are asking for ONE person only.)

Foster the development of standardized templates and Knowledge Management artifacts (Knowledge artifacts, apparently I am to develop ancient knowledge artifacts. Let that seep in a minute.

 to improve field self-sufficiency. (Now you want me to improve self sufficiency? Which is it? Are we a team or individual??)

Education and Certifications

Hands-on experience in UC on large, complex, and multi-vendor environments. (In person Customer Service.)
15+ years industry experience and 5 years experience in Microsoft Technologies Consulting.(By this math, the applicant should be 35+ ~ but you know they really want someone fresh out of college.)
Strategic IT Consulting experience. (Customer service.)
Bachelors Degree or Equivalent. (For customer service.)
Industry certifications applicable to UC.
Microsoft UC Voice Specialization
Microsoft Certified Master and/or Microsoft Certified Architect (desired) 

Business and Technical Skills

Microsoft OCS R2 and Lync 2010 architecture, design and deployment expertise
Participate in Voice Partner Program, TAP and other Microsoft Programs
OCS R2/Lync 2010 Architecture, Design and Integration experience
Multi-vendor integration with:
TDM to IP based voice solutions, including Cisco, Avaya, Siemens
Conferencing Solutions such as Tandberg and Polycom
Voice and messaging integration with Microsoft OCS and Lync
Unified Messaging experience with Microsoft, Avaya and Cisco solutions.
Deployment experience with media gateway including AudioCodes, Net Quintum and Dialogic
SIP Trunking (That's alot of crap for customer service. 3 quarters of this you won't use while on the job, they just want you to have it.)
Customer use case scenarios
Data center network re-engineering
Internet access engineering
WAN acceleration and content distribution
QoS, Multicast, IP traffic engineering (desired)
Outstanding written and verbal communications skills with experience in VP and CxO level interaction and facilitation of diverse groups and stakeholders. (Have good grammar, be polite and speak well.)
Ability to travel up to 75%. (You will spend 6 days a week on the road.)
Distinguished interpersonal skills and responsiveness supporting customers (Have good grammar, be fast, polite and speak well.)
Ability and wiliness to assist sales and field management in expanding and development of new business opportunities (Be willing to do everyone else's job, plus yours.)

Company Description

The largest communications company in the United States. And the world. We are the industry leaders in providing wireless service, high speed internet access, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services across the US. We are also developing our business to include next-generation television services with our new AT&T U-VerseSM TV. (Any customer of AT&T can tell you this is utter bullshit.)

Join our incredibly diverse company of more than 250,000 people and help drive the innovation that keeps AT&T at the leading edge of technology and service. (When a company says they are diverse, that means they have 3-5 Black people per building unit, and they outsource to Brazil, Malaysia and Taiwan.)

Expect big things from the company that created the communications industry. AT&T (Expect it, but of course they won't deliver.)

Additional Information

Posted: March 2, 2013 
Type: Full-time 
Experience: Not Applicable 
Functions: General Business, Business Development, Research 
Industries: Information Technology and Services, Telecommunications, Wireless 
Employer Job ID: 1232284
Job ID: 4518331

Translation: We want 15+ years of experience, and for you to meet these requirements, but IF you do, we're gonna tell you you're "over-qualified" and then hire some kid in Brazil instead.

So they want you to meet all of these requirements, work above and beyond your job, work crazy hours, and yet they don't even have the manners to correct the grammar?

Lesson here, don't accept BS based on who has what money. We're Americans, let's act like it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What if you did marry Justin Bieber?

Anytime I put something in bold font, please read it slowly, and let it sink in. Ready? Let's go!

Last Friday night, my brother went on a block-fest on Twitter, reporting and ejecting a ton of really rude tween and teen girls, who were spamming him messages about Justin Bieber.

Apparently saying "No offense, but I am not personally a fan of his work" translates to adolescent speak as "I hope Justin Bieber gets hit repeatedly by a School Bus full of Llamas" as suddenly he was bombarded with "UR JUST GEALOUS" troll messages.

Bieber actually went on to trend for an hour after that, as a bunch of horny kids decided to post their praise in the name of Da Biebs.

Now that same day, my brother's daily Twitter Giveadamn Machine busted. He had read in the newspaper (Yes, they still print those) that Bieber was sad. To understand why, I'll need to break this down very carefully.

It was Bieber's Birthday.

He wanted to go to a nightclub with 14 year old Jayden Smith.

The club does not allow people under the age of 21 inside.

Bieber's bodyguard threw a hissy fit with the management of the club.

Bieber opted not to hit that club that would not have allowed him in anyway.

Bieber tweeted that this event made this the worst birthday ever.

Feel free to re-read that. I certainly had to.

My brother's argument?

There are kids his age who DIE on their birthdays, some via gunfire at their own birthday parties. There are people who become homeless on their birthdays. There's kids in Africa right now that will spend their birthdays alone, in a tent, with no food, water or living relatives as they will all be dead.

Ergo, you and your underage friend not being allowed into an adult's nightclub, cannot and will not make your day eligible for the title "worst birthday ever".

Especially not after you spent the rest of the day tweeting that you were on a shoe shopping spree.

Ladies, I said, Justin Bieber went on a shoe shopping spree ~ for himself. Let that sink in for me.

Now, I know a lot of young ladies are reading this right now, and would still be willing to trade their immortal souls, if it meant being with Bieber for the rest of their lives.

Alright, I'm going to play along, and deliver a few facts about marrying Bieber, and I'd love it if you shared this with other Beliebers as well, it's excellent food for thought.

Let's pretend that Justin Bieber some how, some way, found YOUR tweet, out of the 80,000,000 he gets every day from around the world. Let's pretend that he finds you, and wants to be your man. He's crazy about you, wants to wake up with you every day for the rest of his life. Let's look into your life with Bieber.

Now first we have to examine Da Biebs's mentality.

Now Bieber is open minded when it comes to the rights of the LBGT community, so your Gay/Bi friends have nothing to worry about. They can sleep over with you guys, and he'll be totally cool with it. Nice!

... Unless you want your Gay/Bi friends to get married someday. Then he'll tell your Gay friends they're going to Hell. Not cool. Isn't that bullying?


Bieber puts his religion over women's rights.

He does not believe in a woman's right to birth control or abortion.

Meaning that even if (God forbid) you got raped by another man, he'd expect you to carry that thing to full term, whether you like it or not. He actually said that abortion "is like killing a baby, except different" meaning that he doesn't buy the idea that a person isn't really "born" until the day they actually are born.

Now if you believe that women are supposed to just blindly accept whatever a man wants to do to her body, then you might not be upset by this. If however you like having the right to make decisions for your own body that you have to live with for the rest of your life, this might be the start of a few arguments. Your call.

Another thing? He would want you to move to Canada with him, because he himself has said he does not ever want to become an American citizen, and that he does not believe in America's politics or health care. He "Bieliebs" that Canada is the best country in the world. Despite the fact that he owns a large property in California, United States.

Canada by the way is gorgeous and has great healthcare, so if you don't live there, plan a move and say goodbye to your non-Canadian family. That is of course, if you want to be his girlfriend.

Now a ton of girls are concerned about sex. Your parents can rest easy. Bieber has spoken, and he feels that "I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them." So it's likely he won't want you to have sex with him, until he feels you truthfully love him.... or until marriage. Whatever happens, right?

Now that all this political stuff is out of the way, let's look into the future.

Let's say he does want to marry you.

Depending upon your state, your parents will have to sign paperwork to allow you to marry him, if you are under the age of 18.

If you are right now ages 10-13 or younger, your relationship ~ as innocent as it is ~ will get Bieber investigated by the police as a potential pedophile, and will have your parents investigated by The Dept. of Child Services. Why you ask? Because you are not 18 years old yet. Even if he hasn't even kissed you yet, the police will want to question Bieber and your parents as to why they would allow a minor to go out with an adult. If the police decide this is all "okay" your troubles are over. BUT if the police decide to get Bieber and your parents on pedophile and sex trafficking charges, they will go to prison and you will be sent into the Foster Care system. And that would delay his next tour.

Now let's say everything is okay. Relationship is normal, and wedding bells are on the way.

... You still have to deal with paparazzi stalking you at all hours of the day and night and crazy fangirls, hacking, trolling, stalking and trying to kill you, because you dared to take Bieber out of their grasp. Google Selena Gomez, see what she went through.

You also have to deal with his busy schedule.

He will be on the road at least 6 days a week. There will be MONTHS where you cannot ever travel with him, as it will hurt his image.

You will also have to deal with the idea of him questioning his own faithfulness to you. Guys on the road get horny. Even when they have wives, they are tempted to sleep with other people they say they love, because they feel "lonely".

He also smokes pot, and is not afraid to get more tattoos. Can you deal with it?

He will be doing tours, concerts, publicity events, filming and recordings, while you are at home, by yourself, in Canada, far away from anybody you ever knew in America.

Now like most wives, at some point, you will have children. Sounds pretty cool right? A bunch of little Biebettes and Bieblings running around, maybe they'll even sing like him too. Hey, maybe you'll wait a few years until Bieber's ready for a big family, or maybe you'll start having them as soon as you say "I do"? Who knows, but at some point, nature decides to throw you a few little ones. Nice!

And after several years of dirty diapers, 1 a.m. barfings, blown noses, pooped pants and lost teeth, those cute lil' Biebkins will grow into wide eyed, impressionable & opinionated tweens ~ just like you! Awww..

Now like all kids/tweens/teens, you will have to answer questions you may not be ready for. All parents have to deal with this, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them, and that's fine. It happens.

So let's say that in 10-30 years from now, you have a tween-aged daughter or son with Justin Bieber.

Your kids have their own favorite pop idols.

And just like you're doing to your parents, your tweens roll their eyes at you and say "Ma-AAAOOOOOM my idol is nothing like YOOOOOOOOOOOuuuuuurrrsss! GAWD!!"

And they will listen to dear old Daddy's "Mistletoe" or "Baby" and say "TCH Dad's music SUCKS" and they will post something embarrassing about you both online.

How will you respond?

Beat them up and insist their father's music is "forever"? That'll get you a good 20 years in jail for child abuse.

Take away their internet tools? (Computer, I-product, ect.) Great, now you're just like YOUR parents.

Post something equally embarrassing about them online? Sure, then you can explain to a therapist why your kids disowned you or killed themselves. Great going.

Yell and scream at them how "forever" their dad's music is? Yeah, I bet that works when your parents do it.

Or will you shake your head, roll your eyes and wonder where the time went?

It's fun to imagine what it would be like to marry your favorite pop star, but just remember, time flies....
I made that graphic here. It's the same software the police use when they're looking for missing kids.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nobody asks for abuse ~ you can't will someone to beat you

I've been on radio shows off and on since 2009 or 2010 and while I try to do my best, there are times where you hear me being completely silent.

There's two reasons for this. One is that I'm not always confident in my abilities as a host, and two ~ and more importantly ~ I like to listen to our guest's stories. I feel I can learn more from listening than I can from talking. I honestly do feel like a little kid again, not wanting the story to end.

But today's guest really had me in a tight spot, and I want to apologize to anybody listening.

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Ms. Maxwell as you can hear on the show, has no love lost for Tina Turner.

Now to be very fair, I don't know very much about what all happened or who did what, but she said a few things that really bothered me, and went against her otherwise, seemingly positive, message.

"Tina Turner liked to be beaten"

O_O Um... WHAT??

"If you're REALLY a strong woman, you would never be beaten. If you're beaten, you're probably not that strong, and subconsciously you asked for it!"

As I tried to state on the show, I disagree.

Now first and foremost, I do not believe in spousal abuse. I don't believe a woman should hit a man, nor should a man hit a woman.

The only times this can be allowed are if the combatants are being paid to wrestle, box or participate in some other form of paid sport and competition, or if one person is fighting in self defense after the first blow has landed.

Backstage before a show, does not ever fall into the category of acceptable violence.

As for the notion that "if you're strong you can't be beaten" I beg to differ.

My mother's mother is a very strong woman. She actually knows how to box and while not a veteran, does have moderate military training under her belt.

Her second husband beat her.

I sincerely doubt that quietly boiling carrots while preparing dinner would ever "subconsciously" call out to an assailant "please come beat me".

My mom is a strong woman.

The same asshole that beat her mom, beat her as well.

I know for a fact that there is no child on this planet that uses brain waves or "energy" of any kind, to manipulate a drunk man into beating her unconscious while she's doing her homework.

My mom's friend (for her safety, I'm re-naming her "Janet") was just honorably discharged from the Navy about a year ago. A fighter from the United States Navy, this woman has had gun and hand-to-hand training. She is literally G.I. Jane in a sailor suit.

Janet just left an abusive relationship two weeks ago. Janet's boyfriend liked to take out his aggression about his lot in life on her, usually while she was minding her own business.

My neighbor across the street was set on fire, over $5 Wal*Mart jewelry that her ex-husband wanted to wear. It was the middle of the night, during a meteor shower. I'm fairly certain she wanted to enjoy the shooting stars before bed, rather than to deal with someone who she cared about, beating her.

And I have met guys who were beaten by their girlfriends, usually over stupid things like television and time spent playing video games, or walking the dog instead of shopping with her. (Actual excuse.) It's a sad and sorry sight, to see a human being, reduced to tears and bruises, because someone else found fault with their daily habits.

The truth is that men and women can be very strong, both mentally and physically, and still get beaten by the people who are supposed to love them.

It's not your fault, and you can't subconsciously "will" anybody to beat you. You have no control over your subconscious  and scientifically speaking, the body is more apt to head into "fight or flight" mode subconsciously than it is to give off an "abuse me please" signal.

Bottom line, the human body is not capable of psychically asking another human being to attack it.

So to anybody who chose to listen to the show with Holly Maxwell, I sincerely apologize if you felt offended by anything either she or I have said.

I hate this song, so why does it fit??

When I first started a Blogger/BlogSpot account, I intended to use it for a few of my more personal tales. This almost counts as one.
I miss these days.

I miss Indy ticket prices being no more than $15 in the Chicago market, sans a sale. Hell, when I started going, it was $10 per ticket, and shipping was minimal. I hate my economy. I shouldn't have to work a once-every-three-to-six-month show around food and bills. 

I miss not hearing a super-jaded crowd, nitpicking to death every move, and reciting the same, lame catch phrase "He'd be better if he was in Double Double Eeee". Where are all the positive people??

And more than anything, I miss seeing happy wrestlers, wrestlers that are happy to be where they are. The anime-like style I draw wrestlers with? I took the idea from watching their faces. I know there's companies out there, where the wrestlers are happy with what they do, and boy would I love to see that in person about now. Wrestlers feeling goofy and having fun are a great sight for sore eyes, seeing that makes me crave picking up the pen to draw.

I don't know. Maybe planning a move has made me a little nostalgic? Maybe too much.

Which brings me to a question. have you ever heard a song that just annoys you, but at the same time you feel like you could semi-relate to it?

Today I remembered a James Taylor song. Now for the record, I'm no fan of the oldies. I have precious little in my collection from 1958-1989, as all the radio stations tend to play that era into the ground non-stop, and then once in a while throw in a Maroon 5 or Rhianna song. Yeah. Easy listening this is NOT.

But anyway, the lyrics kind of stuck out to me:

James Taylor Used to be her town

She's been afraid to go out
She's afraid of the knock on her door
There's always a shade of a doubt
She can never be sure
Who comes to call
Maybe the friend of a friend of a friend
Anyone at all
Anything but nothing again

It used to be her town
It used to be her town, too
It used to be her town
It used to be her town, too

Seems like even her old girlfriends
Might be talking her down
She's got her name on the grapevine
Running up and down
The telephone line
Talking 'bout
Someone said, someone said
Something 'bout, something else
Someone might have said about her
She always figured that they were her friends
But maybe they can live without her

It used to be her town
It used to be her town,
It used to be her town
It used to be her town, too

Well, people got used to seeing them both together
But now he's gone and life goes on
Nothing lasts forever, oh no
She gets the house and the garden
He gets the boys in the band
Some of them his friends
Some of them her friends
Some of them understand
Lord knows that this is just a small town city
Yes, and everyone can see you fall
It's got nothing to do with pity
I just wanted to give you a call

It used to be your town
It used to be my town, too
You never know 'till it all falls down
Somebody loves you
Somebody loves you
Darling, somebody still loves you

I can still remember

When it used to be her town, too
It used to be your town
It used to be my town, too
Used to be my town. I feel like the area I've always called home has turned into something I can't afford to live in full time anymore, and not just in the sense of money. So much has changed.

But most of all, I felt the need to highlight that one part. "Somebody still loves you" it's not so much a sentiment I want to feel, but rather a feeling I already have. Like this is all leading to a better spot in my life.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. You're pulled and pushed all over the place, but usually there's a reason. There are changes going on all over the place, maybe I just don't have all the details yet.

Maybe... I just need a hug.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The naming of the wrestlers must STOP

When I was a little girl, wrestlers had powerful names. Some were even menacing. They brought excitement and intimidation to the ring, and you could hold your head up high when reciting their titles.

Hawk, Animal, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Ax, Smash, Crush, Hitman, Anvil, Undertaker, I don't even have to describe them to you. When you Google "Pro Wrestling" or at the very least "WWF" those are usually the first few pictures you get to see.

Before them, there were names like Crusher, Killer, Sheik and Baron. You didn't even have to see what they looked like to know they brought an immeasurable force to the ring.

As a tween, I remember names like Stone Cold (see left), Rock, Kane, Raven, Gangrel, Spike, Crash and Rhino. These were names that got you interested, made you care that there is a match scheduled for tonight.

A great wrestling name can do just about everything. It sells tickets, action figures, video games and looks mighty impressive on a poster. It's a boost to the morale of the wrestler, and it makes the fans proud to say "I Love wrestling" and tell their friends all about it.

>< I really wish more people knew all of this.

I watched NXT today, and I saw a boy on the ramp that just screamed "I AM A WRESTLER" to me. This boy looked like he was ready to bypass NXT completely, and just walk onto Wrestlemania.

Over 6 feet tall, ring vest made of spikes and dead beast, chains, proper wrestling gear, and dare I say the boy looks like he sees the gym no less than 5 times a week. Dude had an entrance that rivals The Undertaker. The crowd just sat in awe of the boy as he walked to the ring.

Slowly, the boy looks into the camera, gritting his teeth as if to say "I am here to cause fear and mayhem" as he draped his arms over the top rope. Boy looks like a total badass.

But just as he turns his head to the referee, I hear the announcer call out in a shrill tone...

"And the challenger, weighing in at 280 pounds.................................. CONOR O'BRIAN!!!!"

... Conor?

... Conor.

.................................... CONOR????

Conor is not a menacing, wrestler name. And furthermore the boy doesn't even look like a Conor, who the hell picked such a dull name for him???

But Conor isn't alone. Walk down any K-Mart aisle and you are bound to find a few new friends for Conor. Names like Evan, Justin, Heath, Wade, Dolph and Darren.

Who keeps allowing these unmarketable names to be used??

Last time I walked past a toy aisle, I caught a couple of boys making fun of the WWE figures, specifically because of these names. The boys couldn't accept the names as being "cool" so clearly you can't tell me this is for the kids.

It's like a bucket of cold water to the veins of every wrestling fan.

Just think about it. Would a team like Demolition have worked, if Ax and Smash were introduced as "Brad" and "Cameron"?? I doubt very highly Hasbro would have been able to sell more than five figures with names like that.

Or here's a good one. "And now approaching the ring, weighing in at 295 lbs. The Bionic Redneck ~ CAMRY WEBBER!!!!" See it just doesn't work so well!

If any of you reading this right now is either a wrestler allowed to create his own persona, or a booker/writer for a wrestling company, I beg of you PLEASE ~ stop picking these lifeless, PTA soccer parent names.

I beg you, think of the action figures.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why do you want what is Taboo?

There's an old law of human nature that I see in action every day. But I only first learned about it when I was 12.

I used to know a girl named Steph, she lived down the street from me in my old neighborhood for about two years. She was a weird one, but her creepy uncle was weirder. I don't mean "weird" as in "quirky" either. Trust me, when I say they were weird, I mean Carrot Top's movie weird. Anyway.

One day my mom and I caught the creepy uncle having a fist fight with Steph in front of their house. Even though Steph was strong enough to hold her own after that nice, big growth spurt, I called out to her uncle to break up the fight, and I asked her what the fight was about.

The fight started when Steph had asked a general question about sex. Her parents pretty much skipped out on her, so that left her with just Captain Creepy to look to for answers.

Like any other spoiled brat parent/guardian, not only did he fail to answer her, he tried to punish her for even thinking about it.

My mom explained to Captain Creepy that you have to explain to your kids what the hell sex is. Explaining takes the proverbial fizz out of their soda pop, prompting them to make rational choices in their lives. Most kids end up thinking it's not really all that and a bag of chips, and end up abstaining after you tell them about it.

Bullying them into abstinence by making them believe that sex is "taboo" is wrong. You give them an unhealthy image of sex, and if you fail to explain it to them, they will find someone else who will. And you DON'T want that.

Well of course, Captain Creepy dismissed Mama's advice. "If yew tell yer kids about sex ~ they're gonna DO IT!! But if you keep 'em ignorant about it, they won't know whut it is and they won't want any. Furthermore it ain't Ka-RISSS-Tian to talk about being carnal." He then left with the standard "This is MY business" retort, which is adult speak for "Yes I am screwing up royally, but don't stop me."

Steph wound up flunking every class that had anything to do with science and human anatomy. She was left back a few years and wound up having her first child just in time for her 14th birthday. So much for keeping it taboo!

I didn't realize it at the time, but my mom is right. It's basic human nature. The more taboo you make something, the harder and faster people go out of their way to grasp it. It's a test of human curiosity.

I'll just bet that if I tell you DO NOT EVER CLICK THIS LINK BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP you may at least be tempted to do so. Who knows? Maybe I was lying to you just now, and you should click it? Or maybe I'm telling you the God's honest truth, and that clicking this link will scare you badly. Whatever your reason is, you may just feel tempted to touch that which I just told you is TABOO.

This is definitely why curious young ones get into things they shouldn't. As long as you make something forbidden, it's the first thing he or she wants to try or at least learn about.

It also seems to be leading to some very disturbing behavior in adults.

For example, after the murder of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary, people, including proud gun owners, came together to discuss pulling 3 different assault riffles from store shelves.

I said three.

Not a hundred, not a thousand, and certainly not "all" guns forever. Just THREE.

Outside of the killing spree, the main reason for two of them being pulled? They were heading for the recall list anyway. Why? Because the gun tends to backfire on the owner, even when he's being careful.

Yeah, when even members of the NRA want a gun recalled for safety reasons, it's time to sit down and think about it.

And there are a lot of responsible gun owners, talking about tightening up the laws. And some of these folks have guns bigger than they are!

But did anybody pay attention to that? NOPE!!

Since the shooting, people have been buying the soon to be illegal guns like crazy, and there has been more than 2100 more gun related fatalities ever since. Most involving multiple victims.

It's not even been three months yet!!

The people who purchased these large, cumbersome, clumsy, defective guns?

These were people who until a ban was proposed either:
a) Didn't own a gun
b) Only owned smaller or better known guns because they're easier to use, or
c) Actually did not like guns of that caliber.

And out of 2100 shooters, not a responsible one in the bunch ~ pissing off the actual responsible gun owners left and right.

A better example? Pot.

Pot is said to have a cancer cure-all as an ingredient, but since the plant causes the smoker to hallucinate worse than if he/she were to get drunk, the plant has been listed as an illegal substance. In order to use it legally, you need a special, medical permit.

In some states, the ban on pot is being lifted slightly.

You might never know that if you have a Facebook account.

Since the pot debate heated up, people have been hyper posting about cannabis, some going so far as to post photos of themselves baking it into foods for the whole family.

Fully grown adults are trolling each other, blasting every one of us who chooses not to smoke it.

Their excuse? "It should be legal because it's healthy."

A plant that causes you to hallucinate is healthy? Fine.

Guess what else is healthy? Milk.

Milk has calcium and vitamins A and D.

Carrots are healthy. Apples are healthy.

Log onto Facebook, you may never see anything about milk, carrots or apples.

But they're healthy, maybe healthier than pot!

But carrots, milk and apples are all 100% legal. So of course, nobody wants any.

But pot is illegal, and has a bad reputation. So naturally, people want it.

And not only do people want what is labeled "forbidden" they are willing to fight for it. Even when there's no real reason to. Just try and tell them "maybe you don't need a gun with a magazine clip" or "let's put the blunt down for 10 minutes" and watch the fireworks fly. HO BOY you'll hear more about the loss of American rights and freedoms than if Adolf Hitler came back from the dead and annexed us all.

But if pot and these defective guns were not listed as taboo anymore, who would want them?

Judging by how milk is treated on Facebook, I suppose nobody.