Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Koriander Books Wrestlemania? HBK vs. Daniel Bryan!

Back in 2010, I was slamming my head into a desk, trying to figure out why... why in the name of Frank Gotch did NXT (not the Hulu show, which is actually GOOD) exist. I'm talking about the not-quite reality show that took the place of Not-ECW on SyFy. I'm no Heath Slater fan, but I imagine that the entire roster deserved better than (I'm not making this up) soda drinking competitions and pillows on sticks.

I saw a row of people with potential, Wade Barrett could have been WWE champion 2 times over by now if anybody paid attention to him, Justin Gabriel had the potential of being on more than just one episode of Superstars a month, but then there was Daniel Bryan. And more and more I could see that WWE was missing out on the best idea they had sitting on the roster.

Teacher vs. Student.

Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels.

C'mon people it books itself!!

Now granted, I didn't see the "psycho Bryan" story so far into the future, and Team Hell No has sort of been dropped on those who still watch on a regular basis with little warning, but back then I was thinking of something more simple.

Shawn was getting ready to retire. It made no blithering sense to throw him at The Undertaker again, knowing full well 'Taker was going to beat him half to death AGAIN. But Shawn was in between heel and face mode (tweener) which gave them all the chance in the world to book the match I was thinking of. Here, let me give you a sample:
I wrote out a story too:

Shawn Michaels is feeling jealous that his former pupil Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) may take his spot in the WWE. So Shawn has secretly nudged "The Powers That Be" to hold Bryan back. Shawn's influence over the corporate WWE backstage crew, forces Bryan onto the low-cards and into a vicious make-over. Shawn believes erroneously that this will teach the boy "a lesson". Meanwhile, Bryan has had it with WWE forcing him down, and downplaying his abilities. He's figured out Shawn's plot and now seeks to dethrone the so-called "Mr. Wrestlemania" on the grandest stage of them all. Shawn is freaking out over the prospect of one day fading away as Bryan fights through the ranks. Bryan begins to see just how different he is from Shawn, and is upset that his former trainer does not hold the same morals as he does. The two set to face off at (fantasy) Wrestlemania. 

It's simple. A chimp can book it. A child on Red Bull can book it. It's really really SIMPLE.

I sent the idea to Bryan, and then shopped it around to anybody with an ear. 

I was adamant this had to happen. It works, makes sense, and if you set the stipulation to "loser leaves WWE" it gives Shawn a glorious Wrestlemania moment and a respectful exit.

Bryan spent Wrestlemania that year behind the curtain. Shawn was slaughtered by The Undertaker. Nobody at Creative bought the idea.

... Until now??

I crack open the Chicago Sun-Times from this past Sunday to see Blackjack Brown's column. Here's what he says:

Now if BlackJack Brown is telling the truth... that means I just booked Wrestlemania.

And WWE isn't paying me a dime for it.

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  1. Blackjack Brown is gossip...I'd take it with a grain of salt.

    But damn, a Bryan/HBK match with Bryan going over would be a hell of a match.