Tuesday, October 9, 2012

They are trying to kill Punk's push.

In case you are wondering, NO this is NOT about the fan incident. In fact, this is all I will say on the matter:

Self Defense. There, that's that. Moving on.

Now if you recall, I gave up on WWE last year, and I gave up on regular television services last week. But of course, when you have friends in the wrestling world, you're going to hear about them, one way or another. You don't actually get to have a choice here, it just happens.

And if you followed me on MySpace, then you know I have an odd sense about things. I can feel when something is wrong, especially in the ring. Which takes me to last night.

The wiring in my house was nutty at 7:25 my time. So jokingly, I posted on Twitter:

"The lights flickered. Who did Punk slap?"

Right away I got 4 tweets back, with the same message.

"Vince McMahon"

Say what?

Now on paper, this seems like the set up to a simple match. Like Austin and McMahon, Hogan and McMahon or Bret Hart and McMahon, this should all boil down to a "beat your boss" match. It's SIMPLE. A child could book this.

Now mind you, I saw two backstage clips and of course, the match. And I couldn't help but notice that there was a constant theme.

Paul Heyman, telling people that this match was a BAD idea, and that it should NOT be happening.

If that is not a screeching, glaring warning to you, then I just can't help you. If I have learned anything at all, it's that if Paul doesn't have a good feeling about a match, heed the warning. I don't think I can be any more clear than that.

Well nobody is listening, so I know the match will actually happen. Despite the obvious, glaring warnings. Now if you follow me on Twitter, you will see that I played along. I tweeted to Punk to "Beat Vince like he owes you money" and I'm sure he saw the many times I did this, but I already saw a problem going into the match, outside of the blatant warning from Paul.

They turned Punk heel.

See, if you work at WWE, and you become popular, but it was NOT Vince's idea, or the idea of his approved elites, then he will do whatever it takes to KILL your push.

And this is something Punk will back me up on. I dare you to buy his DVD and actually watch the whole documentary portion.

Already discounted, and the set isn't even a week old yet?? Oh very nice, thanks for playing along with me, Vince!!

Punk himself has made it clear they have NEVER wanted him to "make it" and if you don't think they routinely take and then mis-book people from Ring of honor, just to keep them down, you are not paying attention.

Punk's DVD just came out. Punk is on the cover of the new video game.

But Punk is NOT what Vince wants.

And if you don't think Vince will drop a clear and obvious payday, just to keep somebody else down, I got two words for ya.

Stone Cold.

Go ahead. Google Stone Cold's career from 1998-2001. Tell me how many times they tried to de-push him, turn him heel in the middle of a merchandise boom, or otherwise make him look as stupid and goofy as possible. Trust me when I say Vince will do this again.

And he has.

So right at the head of another merchandise boom ~ before the holiday season starts I might add ~ Punk is turned Heel.

Vince last night has himself booked as a face.

Yeah, a 167 year old promoter who routinely screws up, and has even exploited his own kids is somehow the "good guy" and the guy who calls him out on it is the "bad guy". If that makes no sense to you, don't worry. The crowd didn't buy it either.

I look at the clock and ascertain that even with overtime, this match is too short. It will only be allotted a measly 15 minutes. but I figure "Okay, Punk will aim for the head and kill McMahon before then."

So amid chants for Punk, Vince walks down to the ring. Punk chases after him and starts to beat him like he is owed money. (See? I told you Punk got my tweet!)

Vince's head rams into the ring, and it looks like the beating will be as simple as Austin vs. McMahon was.

Brawl outside the ring, it looks like Punk will just KO McMahon, there's a slip up at the commentary booth.

The two go over the table, and Vince tries to stab Punk in the head with a microphone.

I lean forward, because I see Vince TRYING to give Punk a legit concussion, but thank God Punk put his wrists up in time.

I wonder where Chris Nowinski is?

Battle continues, it looks like Punk will be just fine and destroy the boss.

Vince grabs a kendo stick..... (ECW??)

.... And Punk stalls????

The match quickly goes to Hell.

Suddenly, Punk won't fight. He's motioning like he's ready to leave.

Vince walks up to Paul.


Vince slaps Paul.

Punk... stands there??? WHO BOOKED THIS???

Vince is back in the ring. And after I dunno, 100 years of stalling, Punk grabs a kendo stick of his own. There's back and forth. Vince falls. Punk tries to beat him Sandman style.

... And then stalls.

Then Ryback runs out.

Punk tries to leave.

Cena ~ Who is NOT medically cleared and had JUST bitched about WWE trying to make him work through injury AGAIN ~ pushes Punk into the ring.

Punk gets attacked.

Punk goes through the crowd.

Vince tells Punk "Next week, you need to make a pick. Either you fight Cena, Ryback, or I'LL pick FOR YOU."

Cena climbs into the ring, screaming at Vince. Not in a "I'm John Cena and I sound like a robot" way, but in a "Bitch!! Can't you see I be injured?? What part of no medical clearance did you miss??" kind of way.

Episode closes.

Paul is right. This match should not have happened. The timing was horrible, the stalling and extra people involved killed whatever magic this could have had, and right from the bell it was anti-climactic. Not only was this a feud squashed without warning, it's one that leaves much unresolved.

And worse? Any moron can see this sets Punk up to drop the belt as soon as possible, to either a man not medically cleared (oh that's a lawsuit begging to happen) or to a man with barely enough steam to carry him past November. (Ryback is not spelled "Goldberg". It's spelled J-A-C-K-S-W-A-G-G-E-R. Wait for it.)

The plan here is not to build Punk for any feud. They're killing his push. Assuming they let him loose and send him back to where he came from, Vince is banking on him being less of a draw for his competitors, than if he had just kept walking a year ago, after the Pipe Bomb incident.

Wait for it. I've been here before.

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