Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cartoons & shows for the children born BEFORE 1988

If you were born BEFORE 1988, you're probably old enough to remember a time where characters could drink, smoke & sometimes swear on children's programming, & it was generally considered OK, since a child at age 4 is old enough to understand that these thigns are ADULT in nature, & only ADULTS do them.

You're also old enough to remember when Bugs Bunny & Tom & Jerry shorts still had racial stereotypes and when Looney Tunes made it a habit to try and see how fast they could shoot themselves in the head before the "That's all folks" banner aired.

Nowadays it's called "imitative behavior" & is even restricted in adult programs. :P

Think about it! We can't even discuss WHY children shouldn't drink or do drugs or smoke. We don't even show them things like guns or talk about suicide or much in the ways of violence.

We just take away all the images of those things now, and we provide them with NO education.

Another thing to? We used to adress the fact that teenagers get HORNEY. Teens have emmotions too. Today's world? If you're watching the cartoon series "Family Guy" (which is aimed at adults usually) the concept of teenaged Meg or Chris coming home with a signifigant other is greeted as a "special episode". It's no longer considered a "normal" topic!

Of course as kids, we were greeted with even more content now deemed quenstionable. Take a look at the pre-2000 world I grew up in:

GI Joe ~ Sexism:

Jessica Rabbit:

Captain Lou Albano as Mario ~ Do drugs and you'll go to Hell when you die:

Inspector Gadget ~ Gadget gets Drunk:

Captain Planet ~ How to buy the right make-up:

Fraggle Rock ~ One of MANY discussions on death:

Pee Wee's Playhouse ~ Randy smoking:

Pee Wee ~ Cocaine:

Penny ~ Drugs:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ~ Pot PSA:

Tiny Toons ~ Julie Bruin:

Power Rangers ~ Anti Beating:

Sonic ~ The bad touch:

Sonic ~ Smoking:

Sonic the Hedgehog ~ How nasty was he?

Sonic and Sally:

Sonic the Movie ~ Um...

Animaniacs ~ WHAT should you do with Prince?

Power Rangers Turbo ~ How many ways you can say NO:


Sailor Moon ~ Don't be an aenorexic but lose weight:

Sailor Moon ~ Injury PSA

Sailormoon R ~ Serena and Darien make out (edited)

Sailormoon S ~ Serena/Usagi drunk (edited)

Sailormoon SuperS ~ Helios kisses a passed out Rini (edited)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bryan concussed by WWE fool booking


I'm not just speaking as one who misses Bryan greatly. I speak as a woman who has been concussed.

When you have a concussion, everything is WRONG to you. Things that would normally be normal to you, such as brushing your teeth or reading a newspaper become monumental chores to you. And the damage is lifelong.

As for today's news? Yes, I know. Bryan was concussed on the Indies too, more times than I even remember.


Each time it was an accident. Fuck, I was in Chicago the day Byson Smith overshot a move and dropped Bryan on his head.

Do you know what Byson did? He APOLOGIZED after the fact. Why? Because he is a MAN. That's what grown men do.

WWE? They booked Bryan's first 3 nights of European matches, so that they ALL ended with Sheamus kicking him in the head.

They thought this would be "great fun" for the crowd.


Wanna know why they want to be a "soap opera" and not a "wrestling/sports" show?

It's so Vince can get around the athletic codes!

An Actor does NOT have to go under the same battery of tests and stipulations as a fighter, nor would McMahon have to answer for the shit his team of doctors pull on these guys.

In short, he can book them to get INJURED, send them all over like cattle, and NOT have to deal with the Government over it.

FACT: Actors are not attacked over steroids, nor are their bosses taken into custody should they have a starlet injured. Exact opposite story in the sports world.

Doubt me? Google this shit.

From lords of Pain:

Why Daniel Bryan Wasn't on RAW, WWE NXT Winners Not Getting Their Shots
By Marc Middleton
Apr 21, 2011 - 10:18:54 PM

- Daniel Bryan suffered what was believed to be a concussion at the April 16th RAW live event in Birmingham, England. Bryan was kept off of the RAW tapings in London for precautionary reasons. Bryan was apparently examined and it was determined he was able to compete as he wrestled Sheamus at the April 19th show in Wales.


The WWE has decided that 5 days is "enough time" to heal from a concussion. Bryan is heading to the ring in Qatar today.

FACT: Most people take at least 2 months to heal. Fuck, even TNA gives you at least a month to a month and a half. (Did I just champion them? WTF?)

Sheamus's finisher is the Celtic Cross. It's on the man's t-shirt.

Randy Orton punts people in the head.

So WHY did WWE ask Sheamus to use a tactic that is generally reserved for ORTON??

Sheamus is 6'6 and close to 300 lbs. of pure muscle. (All natural, no roids.)

Bryan is 5'9 (with boots) and 185 lbs.

WTF were they thinking?

That's like if Batista were to try a hurrincanrana on Paul London. Do you see how this would NOT work out?


This is for those who do not understand the severity of a concussion.

A concussion is a DEEP, and DANGEROUS bruise to the brain, caused by the brain slamming into the bone of the skull.

When you get a bruise, like on your arm, it turns colors, because the capillaries beneath your skin have BROKEN and are BLEEDING OUT.

When you have a concussion, aka DEEP BRAIN BRUISE, your brain’s deep capillaries BLEED OUT into your skull cavity.

You need TIME for the blood to be properly re-absorbed by the body.

If you do NOT get this proper time, you may experience a blood clot, which could lead to stroke or death. (See Bret Hart)

Because of the damage to the brain, proper thinking is almost always SERIOUSLY IMPAIRED. (I.E. You think you’re Superman.)

Economically Challenged?

I was watching Looney Tunes during my afternoon coffee. It’s only been back on Cartoon Network for a little while, but it just feels natural for it to be on. Now, I expected the shorts to be edited, and I knew most of what to expect… except for this.

Now at 7:19, Bugs Bunny (as heard above) says “He robs from the rich and gives to the poor!” a rather harmless line for 1949.

But in 2011, the word “poor” is deleted.


I sat up straight when the cue for the word “poor” was deleted. I just couldn’t believe it.

The word had also gone missing from several other points in the cartoon. At first I thought my dish was glitching, but right at that last point, I realized it was being bleeped out.

Mama explained to me that “poor” is no longer an acceptable word. Apparently if you say the word “poor” it will make children upset. Instead, you should say that the poor are just “Economically challenged”.

You probably can’t tell that I edit my blog using Microsoft Word, but as I typed that just now, my software hiccupped. Even my computer can’t believe I just typed that.

Economically challenged?? So, it’s cool and copasetic to teach children that Robin Hood “robs” from the rich (take that corporate Nazis) but it’s NOT ok to say he gives to the poor.

When you go to the Goodwill to make a donation, do you donate your old clothes and whatnot to the Economically challenged? Do the signs read “please give to the economically less fortunate”?? NO!! You give to the poor. Hell, I was 3 when I realized I was less than Economically endowed, and yet I was ok with it. I doubt very highly that the neighbor kids would panic and start a riot if I were to say “Yo poor shit! Off my lawn!!” Are we really this afraid of hurting people’s tender widdle feewings?

The dumbing down of America started a LONG time ago. Hey, this actually reminds me of a funny story.

Before my mother started homeschooling me, there was one day I came home BALLING with my report card in hand. The sheet looked like this:







I was convinced that I was so stupid, they had to go to letters WAY past F to grade me.

Pissed, Mama took my hand and marched right back to school with me.

The teacher explained that I had a new grade system.

In Art, Math, Reading and Writing, I got a Satisfactory. (S)

In socialization and sharing, (Are these even real classes??) I got an Unsatisfactory. (U)

Mama gave the teacher F and B for FAKING BOOLSHEEEEET!!

It seems we are raising a generation or two of emotionally compromised, ethically challenged persons.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

WRESTLING returns to Tuesday Night!

Ok, I'm not bullshitting here. WWN has a clearer stream than GoFightLive (I've watched wrestling on both) and it doesn't cut out every other match like GFL does on occassion. Also, intermission on a WWN stream is usually filled with video content, instead of a blank logo screen, so you really get your $14.99's worth.

With that said, if you're tired of watching "Action Soap Operas" I encourage you to give EVOLVE a try. They've got ROH and DGUSA stars, as well as a who's who of Japanese and American Indy WRESTLERS.

It's WRESTLING for only $14.99!

And the show is on Tuesday. Now you REALLY don't have ANY lame excuses not to watch this, because NOTHING comes on Tuesdays. iPPV

World Wrestling Network Presents
EVOLVE 7: Aries vs. Moxley
April 19th, 2011
Belltime: 8pm
Doors: 6pm
BB King Blues Club & Grill
237 W. 42nd Street (located in Times Square)
Manhattan, NY 10036

The Main Event
Austin Aries (1-0) vs. Jon Moxley (1-1)

Spoiler Match #1 (Win Leader vs. New Debut)
Chuck Taylor (4-2) vs. Akira Tozawa (0-0)

Spoiler Match #2 (Win Leader vs. New Debut)
Jimmy Jacobs (4-2) vs. Shiima Xion (0-0)

Spoiler Match #3 (Win Leader vs. New Debut)
Johnny Gargano (4-2) vs. Jon Davis (0-0)

Tag Team Challenge
Jigsaw & Frightmare (2-0) vs. Facade & Jason Gory (0-0)

International Challenge Match
Sami Callihan (2-1) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (0-0)

Special Challenge Match #1
AR Fox (0-0) vs. Rich Swann (0-1)

Special Challenge Match #2
Silas Young (1-1) vs. Tony Nese (0-1)

Plus: Reby Sky, Larry Dallas and others!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wrestling through Twitter

I am constantly being told that I’m an idiot or boring for sticking up for the Indies left and right. I’ve even had accounts hacked or trashed just because I CAN think outside the box.

I hear fake fans tell wrestlers all the time “Oh that was great. But if you’re not in WWE it doesn’t mean anything” if that is how you feel, you are NOT a REAL wrestling fan.

Is it stupid to like WWE? No. I never said that.

But if you’re putting down a wrestler’s merit just because he’s not McMahon’s little bitch, then you are a disrespectful MORON, and you don’t like wrestling.

Oh nobody cares about da Indies. If you don’t like WWE then um… just STOP watching! You’re negative and dumb. Stupid girl.” Is the sentiment I’m getting.

But people are caring about the Indies. Those guys DO matter. And now that we have the internet, you can’t deny it anymore.

4 hours. Do you know what that is?

That’s as long as the name Eddie Edwards was trending. I said Eddie Edwards!

Eddie had just won the ROH title, at an UN-televised show that was NOT on a PPV, in a place that had virtually NO advertising for it.

But that didn’t matter. What mattered was that Eddie had done the unthinkable, and had won a belt that people cared about. AN INDY BELT!

For four hours non-stop, Eddie remained on the WORLDWIDE Twitter trend list. People were talking about Eddie, long past that match, and long after he had put his travel clothes on, and left the building.

People CARED about Eddie.

A little INDY wrestler.

5 hours. Do you know what that is?

Five hours is the length of time devoted to Larry Sweeney. Larry had passed away this week, and people CARED.

I wish to God that Larry could have seen it. I wish he could have seen those five hours when nothing else mattered but Sweet n’ Sour.

The outpouring of support was too late perhaps, but it’s enough that I could see that these Indy wrestlers DO matter and that people DO care.

Now then, can anyone tell me what 2 hours is?

That’s right. That’s how long Edge had on Twitter when he retired. All those years of shoulder to the post moves ~ booked by the so-called “safer” WWE ~ had done him in.

2 hours on Twitter is all he got.

And NO respect went with that either! An hour and a half was devoted to Edge’s REAL name instead of his stage name! So the people who called themselves his “fans” couldn’t even grant him the respect of NOT using his real name, unless they had permission. TWO hours, and he was shown little respect.

SOME of the WWE or TNA wrestler will trend on Twitter for an hour to an hour 15, and that ONLY coincides with said wrestler being on TV. Most of the Mid to High carders last less than 10 minutes on Twitter.

10 minutes? If I was a TV wrestler, and I had just busted my ass in a tag team match ~ in my brand new ring gear ~ and people couldn’t care about what I had just done, I’d be miffed.

10 minutes is not 4 hours.

Looks like I was right and people DO care about the Indies as much ~ if not more ~ than the “big boys”

Now tell me.

Am I just a negative, boring, stipid GIRL?

Or am I just telling the TRUTH?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Moon Sisters update!

Okay, I'd like to update my fellow Sailormoon fans on something.

Now the last two weeks of April, you might see a few site issues. My HostMonster bill is looming closer, and they just shaved off around 8 days from my service. >_O I'm really pissed at them for this ~ BUT ~ they still offer everything I need/want for Moon Sisters AND a great Cpanel too, so I guess I'll take the good with the bad.

BUT!! After this mess gets straightened out, I have a few new things I want to add to Moon Sisters. While I'm keeping most of it QUIET for now, I would like to tell you guys that I'm adding something you've all begged me for for the last 6 years.

A fanfiction page!

Now before I get this off the ground, I need STORIES. I'm opening TWO pages for this, one for all ages, and one for 18+.

18+ does NOT mean porn. But it is for stories that contain cursing and adult themes.

Here's the Criteria for the fanfics, if you'd like to submit any:

Criteria for All Ages Fanfics:

Email your fanfic & pics to

1. NO cursing, nothing worse then Heck, darn or Dang.

2. NO sexual or genitalia references, not even words like “underwear” or “butt”.

3. Violence kept to a TVY7 limit

4. Death kept to Toei standard.

5. PLEASE have a happy ending!

6. NO drama

7. PLEASE include your name/pen-name

Okay, this is the Criteria for 18+ stories:

Criteria for 18+ Fanfics:

Email your fanfic & pics to

1. No rape.

2. No Blasphemy (using the term “God” along with a swear word.)

3. No tentacle stories. (You know who your are.)

4. No abortions/miscarriages (Though I am pro-choice)

5. PLEASE have a happy ending!

6. Keep Drama to a minimum.

7. Swear all you like!

PLEASE include your name/pen-name

There. I hope I was clear. Fan created characters are also accepted.

ALSO!! If you have pics or videos that go along with your story, PLEASE email them too! You can be as creative as you like. Hell I might be finishing a story or two too. ^_~

I might be opening two new pages as well. One will be for my cartooning, the other is a secret project I've been working on for the last 5 months.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why the Republicans AND the Democrats want America to DIE.

As I type this, we are less than a few hours away from a potential government shut down.

Should this happen, we will be in a state of anarchy.

I don’t usually dabble in political talk, but as a tax payer, I feel I must say something.

And since some of you are ready to debate with me, I will use SMALL words. I don’t want my words to be lost on you. While I will refrain from swearing this time, I will be using words that are pretty hard to hear. Pay attention anyway.

The Republicans want you to DIE. End of story.

They want all the funding forever GONE from your children’s schools, to fund needless wars that will cause YOUR adult children to either DIE, or come back with permanent deformities, that will cause their children to never procreate.

Your line will DIE.

They want you to eat in chemical laden pools that you and I call the supermarket.

FACT: There are currently ZERO foods at your local market that are FDA approved that have not been doused in some form of steroid, cancerous chemical or degenerative spray that WILL cause birth defects.

Yes, that does include the organic labeled foods.

They want ALL companies to be privatized.

Say goodbye forever to that quaint mom and pop store.

Say goodbye to EVER having money in the bank.

Your credit score will NEVER be good enough, you WILL lose your home, you WILL DIE on the streets.

You don’t want these chemicals in your system? You don’t want poverty to take you away from your already inflated mortgage ridden house that’s falling apart? TOO BAD. Be prepared to DIE, horridly and slowly.

If you’re a woman? They want you to DIE.

No more rights for you. Just shut up and go back to the kitchen, eating your chemical ridden bon bons.

Get pregnant but it’s a risk birth? You WILL die.

No more healthcare for you!

Want an abortion? They will force you to DIE.

Even if it’s their own daughter who was raped by her cousin. They actually want to see that happen. They are mad enough to want to see their children suffer and DIE if something that bad happens to them. “It serves you right. You asked for it!” Is what these fathers will say to their daughters’ graves.

They want to dictate who you can and cannot marry.

The girl/man of your dreams? Say goodbye forever to them. You will never get that chance.

If you marry outside your race, they WILL sterilize your children, kill them and then kill you.

If you enjoy sex before marriage? They want you to DIE in prison.

You’re Gay? You are sick and you need to DIE. That IS how they run.

Funny how these so-called “Christian” groups go AGAINST the Christian rule of “Turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor” isn’t it?

They pretend that Interracial marriage, teen pregnancy and Gay marriage will kill us all and cause us to become cave men.

Does this sound like a Christian belief to you?

That’s right. The pretend to be Holy rollers, but they themselves have NEVER read the Bible.

But they want America to be what they pretend is Christian.

So if you’re not a Christian? They will throw you in prison for being un-American and you will DIE.

Here’s another one! Donald Trump refuses to read Obama’s REAL US birth certificate. He’s pretending that Obama is Arab, yet he believes he isn’t racist?

By the way, Trump has been bankrupted more times than I can remember. You’re stupid enough to elect him? Guess what? Bankrupt America with DEAD brown people.

Why? Because he wants the ethnic people to DIE first.

Then the young White kids. Oh, these Tea partiers have a special death plan for their own children.

As for the Democrats? They also want you to DIE.

The Democrats cow-tow and obey every boo-boo face the Republicans make.

They will see you and your children DIE before they fight for you.

They will sooner hand over your right to work to an illegal immigrant before they EVER try to help you and your children get work or an education.

The Republicans and the Democrats are working around the clock to make sure that we all will DIE.

A vote for a Tea partyer is the same as telling your children “Just hang yourself now.”

A vote for a boo-boo faced Dem is quickly becoming the same.

Those who cannot see the writing on the political wall are the first who WILL suffer.

We need to grow up and take the country back.

They want to shut down government? Fine.

Let’s throw everyone out.

Everybody we voted in, we can impeach.

There are several BILLION of us, and only 900 of them.


Let’s impeach the Republicans and the Democrats. ALL of them.

Let’s try to rebuild a SANE government.

It’s better than dying, so NO EXCUSES!!