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Stupidity about a shooting

I promise the next blog will not have anything to do with shootings, but I want to address a problem I have.

I didn't even get the chance to hit "post" on my last blog, before catching the most stupid, ignorant posts possible. But before I get to that, let me share a piece of information I received.

The mother of the shooter in Connecticut, not only owned the gun her son used to kill 20 children, she owned SEVERAL ~ including a military grade glock. She was one of those Fox News fans, and was 100% into the fear propaganda I'm still trying to wipe from my page. Yeah you know the kind, the one that is one tin foil hat away from believing that every guy with a tan is a terrorist.

Worse? She had a volunteer job at the school.

Why didn't the school do a background check ~ specifically looking for behavioral problems like this??

I can see her passing the criminal check, but if there are KIDS involved, shouldn't you be running personality checks too?? If this was my school, I'd be running mental checks on the family, just to keep the kids safe. Have we not learned from the many decades worth of stories about school faculty abusing and killing kids?

So with that in mind, onto the stupidity!

Here's what I'll do. I'm going to post in red the stupid things I've read, and in blue will be my response to them. Ready? Here goes!

Bryan Fischer claims that legalizing gay marriage is proof of 'sacrificing the well-being of children.
Where in the hell did you get that from?? First of all, you just committed blasphemy by declaring that God would kill children, based on Gays being allowed marriage. There is NO passage in the Bible that says God would have said "In the event that you allow Gays to live as Straight people, I will strike down a random school in CT." There wasn't even a CT when that book was written, and even if there was, I'm really sure God is against the smiting of innocence in cases like this. Second, the shooter and the victims have NOTHING to do with Gay anything, so why did you bother bringing that up??

Guns save lives, we should support the NRA.
I read this right as the death toll rose to 19 children. My eyes watered at how ignorant this statement was. These parents aren't even ready to claim the bodies yet, and already you're out here, praying to the all mighty gun?? What the hell is wrong with you??? There are DEAD children being pulled from the school, and all you can think about is what an awesome tool a gun is.

While I can buy the idea that it's not the weapon, but the psycho wielding it, (after all, the same day in China, another psychopath randomly slashed 22 kids with a knife for no reason) this is 100% NOT EVER AT ALL the time to post garbage like this!! Do you understand how bad that comes across?? That's like telling me how great MacGyver is on 9-12-01. And if you get the reference, have a cookie.

Public school is ALWAYS the better option. If they were homeschooled, they'd only be sheltered. Homeschooling is dumb, it keeps kids from the REAL world. They were better off in public school.
Ever since I was 8 years old, I have had these public school nimrods try to tell me how "Stupid" I am, because I was homeschooled. With the exception of two, most of them barely managed a C in school and are no better employed than their other Twitter trolls ~ who still live in Mommy's basement. 

You pick NOW to say this? Let's explore why you just offended me beyond all hope of recovery.

When I was homeschooled, I had access to more books, and all were unabridged. That's a big word that means "uncensored". Unlike the public school system ~ which teaches kids today that slavery was just a sad event, and that cotton grows on trees ~ I had access to books we now deem college ready. This also means that I had to read the uncensored cut of Mark Twain's novels, so while I read about characters he used the N word for, most schools just have him describing these persons of fiction as "kind slave with feelings". 

Furthermore, contrary to popular fiction, homeschooled kids are NOT:
1. Hobbits, holed up at home
2. Cave dwellers who wear tin foil hats
3. Stupid
4. 100% friendless and die alone
5. Incapable of understanding society and how to REALLY act around people.
6. Evangelical, religious nut cases, who refuse to hold hands with a guy/girl for fear of setting off "The Devil".

And our degrees are just as valid as yours.

Please do tell me where these fake, insensitive stereotypes come from. And please refrain from saying "I know people" because that is a very old excuse. Name names.

As far as this goes, the fact that you think that "sheltering" them was somehow "better" than letting them die by the hands of a madman, is truly scary. I'd rather teach a kid at home than to see his/her name come up as "of the dead".

And could you have picked a worse time to spout this rhetoric?? 

Think about it. Think really hard. This school FAILED these kids. They had a security system that sure, may have locked THEM in, but it didn't stop a madman from waltzing in and killing a whole floor of them.

The school FAILED to check and see if the woman "helping" at said school was a fear mongering gun nut, with a kid who was clinically insane.

The school FAILED to protect the kids and their teachers, and the survivors thereof had to rely on themselves ALONE. Saw in the paper today about a 6 year old boy who ALONE saved himself and a good number of children by ushering kids to safety. Two teachers risked their lives to shield the kids as well. One by locking everyone into a room, the other by acting as a shield. She died. Where was school security during this?? This was an expensive school, with tons of funding, you can't tell me they were without guards.

How can you champion a system that obviously FAILED these kids??

Video games and social media are to blame.
This comes from the fan-fiction writers at Fox News. Forbes already had a field day on this one. Wanna know why?


Why? Because he had Asperger’s syndrome. And you don't hand a kid with Asperger’s syndrome anything that would stimulate them.

So how can you blame a video game he NEVER HAD on the shooting? 

Answer? You can't. Way to not do your research there, Fox.

Furthermore, I have several social media outlets. I have no desire to pick up a gun.

Movies caused this!
Again, nobody yet has said if the killer was into movies. And even if he was, there are NO current blockbusters about this type of thing.

It's God's Will.
God does not condone the slaughtering of 20 kids in a school. The people who spout this type of blasphemy are also the type that goes to church twice a week. That's really upsetting. You go to church, which teaches people that God is loving. And yet, you just said that. Out loud. What are you thinking??

It's because there are fewer women at home.
WOW when did Jerry Falwell get a Twitter? That's impressive for a dead guy. I didn't think they handed iPhones out in Hell. Well I'm pretty certain that if Gay marriage, video games and movies didn't cause this, a woman trying to earn enough to pay the light bill didn't cause this either.

It's because there is no God in school.
Once more, this is blasphemy. Now let me explain a few things about the Public School System and God.

1. The public school system is just that. PUBLIC. Meaning that like our government, it is free of the church. We have the separation of church and state, so we don't end up like the Taliban, forcing everyone to follow one God, and one way only of thinking.

2. We have the term "In God We Trust" on our money ~ which you need to pay for school lunches in school. Technically, He never left.

3. If you really are dumb enough to think He is absent from school, wait until test time. You might never see as much prayer in your whole life.

It's because women have abortions, even in cases of rape.
That is horrifying, disgusting, and makes NO sense. God would never allow the killing of 20 children, just because a woman who was raped chose not to carry to term her rapists's fetus, allowing it to re-shape and forever scar her body. Nor would he kill children who are alive, because a woman maybe had an abortion because it was eggtopic and they BOTH would have died, it was ill/injured beyond hope and would have been born dead, or because she doesn't have the money ti afford nine months of prenatal care our Government won't pay for, and her job won't either. Abortion is NEVER something a woman "just has" and to accuse God of murder because of it is blasphemy.

The Westboro Baptist Church blames the super Christian Carrie Underwood for "pimping Gay marriage".
... WOW that's actually the worst excuse I have heard all day. I just had to edit this blog to add that one. Seriously, where did that come from?? So... because some random singer happens to believe in equal rights, God decided to-THAT IS BLASPHEMY!!! Not only that, it makes NO blithering sense! There is no passage in the Bible, that says that if you support your gay friends, God will strike a school with violence. There is no logic at all behind that!

What I I noticed is that 98% of these comments are coming from the internet. People who feel secure and safe, arguing from behind a monitor. The same keyboard warriors that likely would cower under a table if they saw anybody they attack face-to-face.

I doubt any of you Twitter jocks would dare walk up to the grieving parents, and spout this. But go ahead, I dare you. Film yourself telling one of those parents how "guns save" or how much better off their kids were at that school, instead of home safe with them.

Tell me what they say. Let's put your money where your mouth is.

UPDATE: Well I guess someone took that seriously. Just a few minutes after this was posted, I got an email from my friend, Bill:

By the way, the Westboro Baptist Church is picketing the Sandy Hook school on Monday.
The official statement from Rev. Evil's daughter: "Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment”

.... Wow, so these clowns just tried to not only justify, but praise God for the murder of 20 children?!?! And this cult hasn't been taken into custody yet???

He adds that in the past, they have blamed other shootings on Jews and Blacks. Here are a few more excerpts he shared with me:

In an interview, Margie Phelps said that her church was targeting the American Jewish community because church members had "testified" to Gentiles for 19 years that "America is doomed" and that "Now it's too late. We're done with them." Phelps also claimed Jews were "one of the loudest voices" in favor of homosexuality and abortion and that "[Jews] claim to be God's chosen people. Do you think that God is going to wink at that forever?" Phelps concluded by stating, in an apparent reference to the Book of Revelation, that all the nations of the world would soon march on Israel, and that they would be led by President Barack Obama, whom she called the "Antichrist"

11-year-old brain tumor victim Harry Moseley raised £500,000 for charity but Marge Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church criticized his family for not teaching him to "obey God". This comment within a few hours of the boy's death caused great distress to the bereaved

... Truly these are a Godless people, for they fail to realize something Bill and I both discovered.

Religion teaches us that God created man in his image. So that means God must be bi then since he created gay and straight man.

If you read the book of Genesis, you'd find that to be TRUE.

In an addendum, he informs me:

Fox won't be airing tomorrow night's Christmas episodes of Family Guy and American Dad for fear of offending the Sandy Hook victims despite neither episode having to do with gun violence. 

... So let me understand this. You are removing two comedy shows ~ unrelated to the shooting ~ because of the shooting. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's because Joe (Family Guy) and the American Dad both carry guns..... no sorry, I can't think of why they would do this.

UPDATE #2: Anonymous just hacked the Westboro Baptist Church, after they announced they had plans to picket the funerals of each of the 20 children, accusing them of "having to die" because Gays want to marry. They were also planning to picket the funeral of a woman who was killed by the father of her child in a murder suicide. They claim she deserved to die because the father of her child was a football player, and thus an idol, so they were stupid enough to think she worshiped him more than God. Anonymous has since posted their personal information all over the internet.

They also plan to picket Obama's visit, claiming that he is the "Black Devil" and sign of the apocalypse  They don't get that this is racism and not just slander, but since he's the president, slander punishable in federal court as TREASON.

Therefore, God must have angels working in Anonymous. Thank you Anons. Keep up the good fight.

UPDATE #3 My brother had to process this news, he didn't take it well.:

UPDATE #4 The KKK, Anonymous and even UgNazi's now hate the Westboro Baptist Church, with the latter two having hacked the Twitter and website thereof.

Better? The hacker is a 15 year old Nazi. I seriously can't make this up.

He allegedly hacked the Twitter after the WBC posted a video claiming that "God" sent the shooter. I really can't blame their enemies on this.

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