Sunday, April 28, 2013

Did Charles Schultz kill a Peanuts child? The life and times of Charlotte Braun.

When I was a very tiny tot, I used the comics in the newspaper as a way to better my ability to read. I remember at just-turned-four being very proud of myself for reading an entire Beetle Bailey strip by myself AND understanding the war related humor.

It shouldn't be a surprise that I also read The Peanuts. When I became serious about being a cartoonist, I drew (pun not intended) inspiration after reading a book by Charles Schultz, about his struggles with being accepted in the world of cartooning. Every time I've had a rejection letter sent my way, I remember his struggles getting into the newspaper, and stop feeling sorry for myself.

But around the time that I was learning to read AND understand bigger and bigger strips (I was probably the only toddler following Doonesbury and Bloom County) I started noticing that many of the comic strip characters started popping up on TV specials. Family Circus, For Better or for Worse, Garfield, Dennis the Menace and of course, The Peanuts gang, didn't just have TV shows, they had specials. And some of them were unsettling.

In 1990's "Why Charlie Brown Why" Linus befriends a little blonde girl named Janice, who has cancer. Pretty hefty stuff for kids' television. She comes close to dying, but ends up going into remission.... but then she never appears again. She's never spoken of again, never even appears in background scenes, and her ultimate fate is left to your imagination. This little episode garnered me a depressing and morbid view into the minds of those involved with Peanuts, and started making me question things.

Now for years, I've always just accepted that some of the kids in Charlie's life just move away, but I do have a morbid curiosity (thank you Disney >_O) with children's cartoons, and I started to wonder, did any of them die?

After all, Doonesbury has always been quick to kill characters, as has Dick Tracy and Funky Winkerbean. And Charles Schultz once voiced his angry disapproval, when the cartoonist behind For Better or for Worse had beloved dog Farley die, trying to save April, my least favorite character. (As a tween, I secretly hoped that it was April meeting her end instead of the dog. Probably not my finest hour reading the newspaper.) But could he have been a hypocrite when it comes to sketching the death of a comic strip character?

Well the firm answer is YES.

On November 30, 1954, Charlie Brown met up with a sassy little girl named Charlotte Braun.
Charlotte Braun was a loudmouth, who couldn't control the volume of her voice. Charlie Brown even remarks in one strip "She's the only girl I know who has a built-in High-Fidelity speaker" after a short exchange with her, left him wincing. 
Little did anybody know that her tenth ever appearance in the February 1, 1955 Peanuts strip... would be her final appearance alive....

Other children shunned her, because she was just too loud. Linus would hide under his blanket to avoid her. She was also bossy, rude and a bit of a bully, not unlike Lucy, who at the time still had a limited vocabulary, and was far younger than Charlie. Many readers disliked her. She was too serious, too brash, far too harsh for the series at that point.

Charlotte's loudmouth antics also peeked the ire of a reader named Elizabeth Swaim.

Elizabeth and her friends bombarded Charles Schultz with hate letters about Charlotte Braun. Elizabeth was the loudest voice among her group, pleading for an end to this little girl.

But as the hate letters were rolling in (Charles already had a second batch from unrelated people, many claiming to be in his business, insisting he would never be a "real" cartoonist and should hang it up now) Schultz realized that he was out of ideas for Charlotte Braun. All of the jokes he wanted to tell had been told, and he had already decided to age Lucy, and consolidate some of Charlotte Braun's mannerisms into Lucy, starting with the plain, blue dress.

So finally, having had enough of the letters about her, Charles sent Elizabeth a very dark letter:

                                                                                                               Jan, 5, 1955
Dear Miss Swain,
       I am taking your suggestion regarding Charlotte Braun and will eventually discard her. Remember, however, that you and your friends will have the death of an innocent child on your conscience. Are you prepared to accept such responsibility?

Thanks for writing, and I hope that future releases will please you.
Charles M. Schultz

He ended the letter with a new drawing of little Charlotte Braun, standing straight up on a grassy plain, looking very sad... with an ax, firmly placed deep inside of her skull.
Charlotte was about five or six at the time of her death, and being murdered made her very sad.

Her final appearance wouldn't be run until the following month, but Schultz had drawn the "High-Fidelity" strip at the same time he wrote this letter. With that said, there is a mystery as to who gave her the ax exactly, the world famous cartoonist Charles Schultz? Or was it Charlie Brown, just tired of this loudmouth following him everywhere, shattering his eardrums for her own, sick amusement.

But then she also had no control over her voice, making her death even worse, as this could have been her disability.

With that said, Charles Schultz killed a special needs Peanuts child off, just to make a women he did not know, shut up.

And shut up she did.

Two months after Schultz died in 2000, she donated the letter to the Smithsonian. As ABC reported:

“I am now enrolled in a hospice and do not expect to live much longer—and want to place what might loosely be called my treasures,” Swaim wrote. “...I would not be sending the letter until somewhat closer to my death, but I’d like to save my executor the trouble of disposing of it.”

Swaim died of cancer three weeks later, at the age of 66. Her younger sister, Kathleen Swaim, said that the framed response had hung in Elizabeth Swain’s bathroom.

“She was very pleased that he had answered,” Kathleen Swaim recalled. Elizabeth Swaim went on to become librarian of rare books and archivist at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn. Her first library job, ironically, had been at the Library of Congress.

But for the rest of her days, she had it hung over her head, that she was responsible for the death of a child in Peanuts. Friends, family, total strangers researching the little Peanuts character would be told of Charlotte's final days, and how Elizabeth's letters ended a member of Charlie Brown and Snoopy's team.

And now for the rest of eternity, the letter and envelope Schultz sent her are on display at the Smithsonian. Her family's descendants will forever be reminded of who killed Charlotte Braun.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Toe Up Day

Alright, so to recap, in the span of seven days, I've had a flood, cracks in my house's foundation, the city setting the date for the sale of my house, (now they can't decide between making it a Wal*Mart or another strip mall) frogs, toads, ants, a fight with the neighbors involving attack dogs and 6-8 year olds who drink and get high, my father bitching at me and his batshit girlfriend trying to convince me that Smurfs are a part of her soul.

But why stop there?

So as you can see in the video, I tried to hide it, but I do have psoriasis and a tinge of eczema, which are non-contagious and highly annoying auto-immune diseases. Now I tried to treat it by myself with over the counter remedies, but nothing worked. If anything it spread, so I went to see a doctor at a brand new clinic, just a mile up from my house. It's in a strip mall, just about the size of a hallway, and shares parking with the Chipotle, Five Guys and a tiny shoe store. Totally safe, right?

The entire visit didn't even last five minutes. A tiny woman from India really quickly gave me an examination from a distance with a pen, and jotted down my prescription. Seeing me in severe pain, she says "I want to give you a blood screening, but you have no insurance my darling! So this is all I can do." I never got her name. (That's not bad, right?)

Well the prescription strength Benadryl that took me for freaking ever to obtain, combined with a cream and a second pill worked a miracle. I stopped looking like Elmo and started looking like a regular person again. The next time I saw her, I only had a few small spots on my arm.

... Then 68 hours into the first blog link I posted, I get three new spots. So naturally I call the doctor.

She says she'll call in a prescription for me for an antibiotic cream. Did you know that stress and mold spore contact are both BAD things for psoriasis? Weeee.

So I figure that I'll get the cream and that will be that.

This morning I woke up to an interesting phonecall from my pharmacy.

They had a "glitch" with my prescription.

Guess what?

I don't have a doctor anymore.

Apparently she "went away" and don't work there anymore. They couldn't even verify if she was a real doctor. Awesomesauce.

Well stress and figuring out how a doctor could "go away" in the span of two weeks... kind of makes me hungry. So I took a walk to Walgreen's to pick up dinner. Along the way, I stopped at the car dealership that sold my mom a lemon of a Buick:

How that place stays in business I have no idea. But I saw they have a new car for sale:
Complete with bungee cords holding the bumper on.

 Sealed shut bottle of Spic n' Span in the drink compartment.

Those are USED boxers under that sign.

More used underwear.

Next to the car shop are a comic shop and a pizza place ~ both just went out of business the other day.

Moving is going to be awesome.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I think Jerry Springer knows my neighbors.

This post is going to have plenty of fowl language and bold text. Reader discretion is advised.

The following is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the stupid.

Dialogue is taken verbatim.

So picking up from my last blog, I never got my Indiana Government approved mop and bucket. My neighbors are still on the waiting list for theirs, and may not receive any until the end of May. My house is now much drier, but my mom discovered cracks in the foundation. I'm no house inspector, but I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing. Ah well, at least it's a bright and sunny day, and the weather is really nice, so really, what more can I ask for?

.... How about new neighbors? Yeah that would be rad.

Behind my house is an alley, where the entire cast of Jerry Springer circa 1998 lives. Which is funny, since I legit live four blocks down from a couple that really were on an episode of Jerry Springer. This was back when Jerry took cameras to peoples' houses, and there is an episode where he showed up, and his crew videotaped a brawl between two sisters fighting over the man they loved... who was also their cousin. It's both sad and thrilling to say "My neighbors were on Jerry Springer" and it's so true too.

Behind my house are three houses, crammed together really closely. Chain-link fences, yards full of old garbage, half empty pools, dilapidated garages, and each one is owned by a half dressed couple with about 3-5 children, under the age of 8. And each child has pockets full of little fireworks, cherry bombs, snappers, and the ring leader has a Budweiser bottle, lovingly strapped to his bike by dear old Daddy. I shit you not.

These are the people who've been getting drunk on and around my property the last few years I've lived here, and have some pretty mean dogs.

Now granted, these beasts are not as dangerous as Maria's Hell Beasts, but this is the third chain-link fence the neighbors have needed in two years. I was outside the day one of the dogs bent a fence almost completely open, as he was barking at me.

Generally, I adore dogs of all breeds ...It's just badly trained dogs and their dumbshit owners I can't stand.

So today I get up to take the trash out. But maybe I should have seen a mirror before I did that?

I was still in my pajamas, my hair was a wreck, and because the ground is still damp, I walked out in pink with blue polka-dotted galoshes. All I was missing was a pair of goggles and a fanny pack, and my Crazy Nut Freak costume would have been complete. Considering where this story is going, I can't decide if my Saturday Morning Cartoons attire works to my benefit or not.

So I head outside, feeling purdy an like I looks guuuud, and I put the trash into the trash bin. A novel concept really. Keeping trash inside of a trash can, it's a shame not many people here believe in not polluting.

Suddenly, the three dogs all zip out, bending the fences and barking like mad. And let me say that there's nothing quite like an early morning heart attack to start the day right. The tallest of the dogs at four feet in length, starts using his paws to leverage himself up, and he almost succeeds in climbing the damn fence for the second time since it was installed.

I don't know. Maybe fear brings out the worst in me. Fear and stress. Usually I either race back inside the house or I try using a few dog calls I learned in Kindergarten. Things like "sit" and "nice doggie" but instead of my usual polite fear, I took a deep breath, and released a very loud and commanding.....


All three dogs went "Yipe!!" and ran straight to their equally frightened owners.

With that I slammed the gate shut, erroneously thinking that this mess was done for today. When suddenly a group of kids start poking the fence, with one being so brave as to try and jump it.

"HEY!! I can see yew. I heard yew scream shut the fack up. It's not funny."

I don't know why they do this, but my neighbors and their kids speak with a very fake Virginia-New Jersey accent. It's probably the most annoying, self-racist, fake accent a person of Caucasian descent could have. What bothers me the most is that the entire lot of them were born and raised in Illinois and Indiana, and have boasted openly before about never even having traveled as far as (and I quote) "the far away country of Minnesota" so where did these accents come from??

Worse? You can hear them trying to have a "Chi-KAH-go" accent underneath. Want to see someone have a jaw workout? Ask them to say "milk". The fake Jerseyginia accent fights with the "Kahgo" one, producing the word "Mwaaaaaaaaahlk", it's rather hilarious to see them make a fool of themselves with dairy product.

Whatever. I see the kids poking and hanging on my fence.

So I storm over to the fence and rip the door open. "What you say to me BOY??"

The children hop onto scooters and the Bud Bike, and start speeding. I turn the corner, just as they make it halfway down the alley, only for them to stop, and check to see if I'm still back here.

"KEEP runnin' BOY!!" I boom. I am in no mood for this.

The children speed off.

Suddenly, all of the other Squidbillies pop over to bat at the fences. Here's a good shot of where this is going, I'll let you decide which one is me:
"Excuse you, what is yer problem?" Says a fat woman in a hoodie, hot pants, greasy hair, an ankle tattoo of a melted butterfly and no shoes, with again, a very fake and self-racist accent.

"Those kids were on my property!" I snap. I've learned that small words work best, but "property" is one of a handful of large words they seem to understand.

"They only did that because you were being mean to to these poor, defenseless dogs! You deserve it!" As she's reading me the Peta act, the dog jumps the fence and starts barking too loud for me to hear her. Soon the other over 30 year olds start barking with the dogs, so without hesitation, I bellow:


Two dogs bow their heads in shame, one runs to his porch and barks from there. In the distance, I spot two very small children, looking to their elder siblings, and in baby voices I hear "Fuck? Fuck? Fuck? Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck Fuck!! Motha Fuck!!" in a Jay and Silent Bob approved moment, while another child from across the street yells "HEY!! I didn't know Madea lived here?" I have been told that when I am pissed, I tend to sound like I belong on BET.

So of course I got the "you've got some nerve" speech, which is followed by another neighbor, Butterball.

Butterball, all 5'7 and 479 lbs. of him, comes out in a stained wifebeater and Old Navy shorts. Why he just has to have his two cents wafting in my direction too.

"Do yew even understand mah dwogs?" He says in a threatening tone.

"Apparently not, sir. Otherwise I wouldn't be screaming at them to shut the fuck up!!"

Lemme ask you if this argument sounds familiar? "These dogs is trained to protect our property, so when they see a burglur, they is trained tew bark real loud to scare away IN-trudurs." And yes folks, he said that as though somewhere exists a group of out-truders.

"I'm not on your fucking property!! I'm on MY property, taking out MY trash into MY can!!" I seriously can't believe he tried the "protecting my property" speech on me.

"Well they saw yew, and YEW scared 'em, and they was thinklin' yer probably gonna steal from MAH house!!"

By the way, he's three houses down from me. So there's enough of a distance to fit two to three cars from where my footses were placed, to his fence.

"FROM HERE???? *stamps feet* FROM HEEEEEEEEEEERE??? I'm a good several feet from your property, how the fuck am I supposed to steal diddly SHIT from your house, when I am three cars away???"

He stood there for a while, trying to contemplate the spacial distance between my feet and his dog, when joining the party was the mother of Budweiser Boy.

"Heyyyy!! Were you the one yellin' up at mah kiyeds?" growls a woman with clear skin damage from years of tanning. Matted blonde hair, blue raccoon makeup, gruff smoker's voice, crop top, hot pants, barefoot with a tramp stamp and a beer bottle in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. Perfect. "How dare yew yell at mah little angels!"

"Are you their mother?" I yell with a slightly delirious twinge of hope in my vocal chords.

"Why yes ah ahyum!"

"GOOD! Your little crotch rockets have been on my property many times, along with *pointing behind me* those little FREAKS across the street!!" Which is true. I've caught these kids before, sprawled out over my front lawn, playing in the bushes, setting off firecrackers and drinking their parents' beer. The ones across the street have even toked outside my window, stealing pot from their older brothers. Why the cops refuse to do something about it, I have no idea, but it's a sad, sorry and frightening sight to see a couple of 6-8 year olds getting high.

"Mah angels have dun nuffin wrong, they gots every right to do whut they want, an' if this is how yew act then you deserve it."

Seeing no end to the parade of stupidity before me, I decided to do what my mother told me to do as a child.

Tell the truth.

"REALLY? You think so? Well here's a news flash for ya. My fence has rusted nails sticking out all over, there's dangerous shit falling from the house into my lawn, and in a couple of months, this whole thing is going to be torn down. Pardon the FUCK out of me if I don't want your little bar room accidents getting TETANUS!!"

Now like I said, small words work, and telling the truth is a good thing. Because when I said the word "tetanus" Butterball straightened up, and tallied up the cost in his head for medical treatments for each kid, in case they got the terrible disease.

"Yes ma'am, I'll do something about the dogs and make sure the kids stay away from your house." His fake accent was almost totally gone. His shoulders dropped, and he motioned for his kids to move to the front of the property. He told the other neighbors that tetanus was a scary disease that causes your young ones to "grow mutant legs". Of course that's not what the disease can do, but if it prompts these people to ditch the fake accents and curb their kids and animals, then that's all that counts.

I offered an apology for yelling, in the exchange that they re-train the dogs and keep the kids OFF my property. I got a half assed "the dogs are really friendly" comment, with an added "well um um.. I'm friends with yer FAAAAThur" as if that was supposed to sound intimidating. But when they saw that wasn't going to scare me, the three sets motioned for the dogs to come back inside.

As I sat down to tell this story, I heard three more children walking past my house:

"HEY!! You don't wanna go near there. There's a wicked witch inside the house!! She'll turn your dog into a pussycat if you bother her."

Damn straight.

UPDATE: I couldn't sleep after sharing my story with the world. There were two things bothering me about this episode.

For starters, the fat Peta bitch in the hoodie. She got on me for being "mean" to her "poor defenseless dogs" and yet in the very next breath, she and the other clowns were talking about how they had raised these dogs to protect their property. These are attack dogs, trained to attack, yet they are living in the same homes as children.

Which is it? Is he a poor, defenseless puppy, or is he your weapon ~ or rather ~ your shield? Can you really read me the Peta riot after you've bred a dog to kill? And where the hell have you lived where you feel you "need" a dog to "protect" you?? If things are so bad that you feel you need to train an animal to kill, maybe you should MOVE.

The second thing is the children. Not one of them was above the age of eight, yet as I've said before, one had a Budweiser strapped to his bike, and the lot of them have been on my property before, shooting firecrackers while getting drunk and high.

If Junior is at a level where at the second grade, he's already toking, drinking and setting things on FIRE, I doubt very highly that my fowl language is the worst thing that can happen to him. I'm pretty sure we've reached the end of the line on how low this kid is going in life.

And what kind of a cop would openly see children engaging in pot and beer, and opt to do nothing about it?? My local law enforcers have been witness to this and still choose to do nothing about it. If I was a cop, and I saw Junior with a Bud strapped to his lil' bicycle, I'd pull him over, maybe have a chat with his mom and dad.

But the violent dogs and drug abusing children weren't what was the "problem" to these people in the alley. The fact that I yelled a bad word was. That scares me. Look, I know you're proud of your straight D- education, but since when is my saying "fuck" somehow worse than your 6-8 year olds getting high and drunk?

I wonder if any of this wound up on camera?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Application for a mop

Have you ever heard the phrase "when it rains it pours"? WELL this is what they were talking about.

So the other day, I woke up to the news that my house is going for Sheriff's auction in June, so I need to figure out how to be GONE by then. Awesome. The lawyer bought us until the first week of June.. and that's about all he's done. Lovely.

So I had a day and a half straight of listening to my parents kvetch. My mom is trying to figure out why nobody has gotten off their ass long enough to hire either of us long enough to pay for this move, and my father has regressed into re-denial about their divorce.

He spent several hours boasting about the leftover garbage he found at garage sales while pausing every few minutes to tell me how "I had better" get rid of everything I own, because my owning more than a handful of clothes and a bed is somehow a burden on him. This is the same clown who does not live with me AT ALL, yet has an apartment under my living area, where he lives alone as a hoarder. Go figure.

His batshit girlfriend Maryse also took time out of her busy day to phone him and tell him what a horrible human being I must be, because I don't go Smurf shopping with her. I am not kidding. She said (and I quote) that "Smurfs are a part of my soul, because they understand French children, so I must become one with them." She just spent $100 on the long recalled Smurfs cereal. The one from the 80's that pretty much made kids poop a Smurf. I shouldn't be surprised, since this is the same psycho I've blogged about before who spent $500 to bring a stray Hitler cat from Japan to America. She also performs "spells" and is still allowed around small children as a teacher.

By the way, Charles was spotted a month ago on the side of the highway, still very sick, but ran before he could be captured. This cat has legit died more times than those 9 lives allot.

Yesterday I was in a rotten mood. I couldn't handle anybody's bullshit when I couldn't even handle my own life. Surely, it can't get any-


Ah. Shame on me for even thinking that sentence.

Now, I live pretty close to the Calumet River. In fact I have to walk over it to get groceries. A little background here.

Before I moved to this lovely suburb in Hell, the city had decided to drill into the cement and add drains and dips all over the surrounding area. Why? "To defer flood waters" was the shameless excuse everyone was given.

Now before the drains were put in, the waters from the "Lil Cal" would wash through the streets, causing a lovely annoyance to people, but would subside on their own.

Now? Well thanks to the pipes, drains and dips all over my town and the town next to it, all that lovely, sewage filled water now backs up into my house, my neighbors' houses, and makes for a stinky swimming pool right by the shopping center. In fact, here's a shot of my local shopping center, courtesy of NBC 5:
Now after this was taken in 2008, and they started evacuating people by boat from the clinic (upper left corner) it took until last week to finish repairing all of the damages. Renovations on the Taco Bell (center) just wrapped up last week.

Guess what happened overnight?

Well it hasn't gotten this bad YET, but as my neighbor from across the street was bailing out his "downstairs lab" (Dear Jebus I can't move fast enough) he suggested calling the Calumet Trustee's office for aid.

So my mother did just that. This is what happened:

Mama: Ah hello? Is this the Calumet Trustee office for disaster relief?
Lady: What's your issue, honey?
Mama: Well my basement's flooded and my neighbors are trying to bail out their homes. The Little Calumet is still rising, and after the rains everyone is flooding. What sort of disaster relief funds may I apply for?
Lady: *Sucks in air* Ooooh yeah um... I dunnoooooooooooooooo what you mean by disaster fundage or anything. But we don't do that. Our aid is not monitary, m'kay?
Mama: Ah... I beg your pardon? I do not think I understand.
Lady: Well do you live in MUNSTER?? (She says with venom in her voice)
Mama: No.
Lady: Ah okay that's fine then.
Mama: See what happened was-
Mama: Yes yes! I don't live in Munster.
Lady: Ah good... good.......................................
Mama: So as I was saying-
Mama: For the last time I don't live in Munster, okay??
Lady: Well GOOD then.
Mama: Anyway, we're all flooding right now, what kind of emergency aid are my neighbors and I entitled to?
Lady: Well we don't exactly have any financial aaaaaaaid.
Mama: Um...
Lady: See what we can do is we can send each of you a form. You fill out the form and send it back to us, and if we approve you... we will send you a free mop and bucket.
Mama:.... I'm sorry say that again?
Lady: Now that's only IF you get approved. We have a process here. But → IF ← you are approved, we will send you a free mop and bucket.

When my mother recounted this story earlier today, my brother screamed "IT'S NOT POT, IT'S A FUCKING BUCKET!!" Alluding to the fact that it's actually quicker to obtain pot in the state of Indiana than it is to obtain a "free" mop and bucket.

And this isn't even a fancy mop and bucket either. This is one of those cheap, plastic $4 sets you find in every old person's home. It's not even a Swiffer.

Of the many types of Government aids out there, I never thought that they had such a strenuous process for a mop and bucket.

Dare I ask what would disqualify me from the process of gaining this mop and bucket?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Bombing has nothing to do with Guns, Gays, Women, Muslims or Obama

If you are stupid enough to link the Boston Bombing to an Obama agenda, punishment for Gays wanting to love who they want, Women having rights to their own uterus, an anti-Jesus Muslim attack, or as propaganda  against the almighty gun, you are no longer a human being. Trying to convince me otherwise will only prove it true. You are also unfit to be an American. Take your HATE and get the fuck off of my ancestor's land. NOW.

Three dead, including an 8 year old child. Over 100 injured at the Boston Bombing.

The Sandy Hook survivors were at the Marathon as VIP guests. The final lap of the race would have been in memory of the 20 children and 6 adults murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The Bomber(s) is/are still on the loose.

Yet I am seeing fully grown adults, praising their guns as though they were Gods, and using this as a platform to spread anti-Obama HATE, Liberal HATE, and as a springboard for their religious and political based HATE.

First of all, the gun restrictions everyone has gotten butthurt over? They're the SAME restrictions you face at the DMV getting a driver's license. If those restrictions didn't "boo hoo take away everyone's cars forevers and evers" then they WON'T "take away your guns forevers and evers" and there is NO excuse for what I have seen. GET A FUCKING GRIP ON REALITY!!

If you use this tragedy as an excuse to spread your anti-the-Black-Guy-In-Office-HATE, then you are NOT an American. You are classless and on the same level, as the waste of life that just rocked a marathon full of innocent people.

No, I'm not done with you. You want to be a keyboard jockey still? Take a good look at this:

This is Martin Richard, the 8 year old who died in the Boston Bombing yesterday.

This is the beautiful child who was murdered yesterday in the Boston Bombing. Before any of us had the chance to learn his identity, people on Facebook and Twitter were using the attack to fuel their anti-Obama, pro-Gun, anti-Muslim HATRED of total strangers.

The NRA praised their guns like they were God ~ angering the SANE gun owners in America I might add. While SANE gun owners were trying to make sense of it all, the NRA's jockeys were planning rallies, trying to convince the world that you are somehow less of a person, if you don't teach your kids to worship an AK-47.

The cult Westboro Baptist Church started making plans to picket the boy's funeral, spouting HATE and spreading LIES that his death was based on their God's HATE of other people, calling for the raping of the rights of Gays and Women, bringing humanity back to the dark ages of the 1800's.

This child's mother and father were seriously injured and almost died. His sister's leg was blown clean off, and all you could think about was politics??

What kills me the most, is seeing this child's poster, calling for PEACE Yet in his memory, people are spreading HATE.

This child died, after giving his father a hug for winning a race. He had no agenda other than to watch his father run a race ~ in which the final lap was in memory of the children murdered in Sandy Hook. He had a bright future ahead of him, and no sooner was his body recovered did I see so-called "adults" using his demise as a springboard for HATE.

If looking into this child's beautiful face prompts you to only think of how you can use this to praise the Almighty Gun, and spread hate against the President and anybody who is not a Super-White Christian, then forever more I want you branded by what you are.

Un-American and inhuman. You ARE a terrorist, for you exist to spread fear and hate, and you have no soul.

You are a rabid beast in my eyes, hardly worth my pity. But pity you I shall, for if you are so crass, classless, stupid and callous as to use a dead child for propaganda, then it is clear you have no ability to know what peace is.

This boy did. And he didn't deserve to die for it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How TNA got a 0.93 and fun facts about Gut Check

As I type this, we are slightly more than 24 hours removed from TNA quite literally, throwing away ratings, dropping the Nielsen score to a dismal, embarrassing 0.93.

Believe me when I say though that this article has not been the easiest thing for me to write, recently.

I don't usually rag on TNA very much, because it just feels like I'm kicking an injured animal. They want to have 10 different show concepts working at the same time, and yet they can barely work one. Last year at this time, they seemed to be on the recovery list, as those first few Russo-free months were actually fun to watch again. (Minus the Claire Lynch story.) There was decent action in the ring, and okay, the storylines made precious little sense, but hey, at least we had a pretty amazing champion in Austin Aries.

Gut Check in the beginning didn't seem like a bad concept either, but the execution needed aid.

For starters, it's just a sign of disrespect to tell pre-established wrestlers that just because they aren't with YOUR company, that their years of experience just magically "don't exist" and thus they are worth nothing more than a game show contestant. That's crass. You can lie and hide behind the fake and very weak excuses of "business" and "money" but the truth is that saying their experience only exists if YOU deem it so, is unprofessional, tacky, cruel, demeaning and above all else, disrespectful. It's the same BS I refuse to tolerate from the WWE, so don't expect me to tolerate it here.

Second, it's folly to let the judges wait an entire week for a decision. You need to judge while the wrestlers are still fresh in the minds of the fans. Otherwise, the judges can easily be swayed by anything from politics, personal (and childish) grudges, ect. If you need 7 days to say "yes" or "no" then you are unfit to tell anybody if they're good enough for TNA.

Originally though, these were the only two, major flaws. Each month, an Indy wrestler would jump in the ring with an established TNA wrestler of his choice, do his best and then await the judges' opinions. It was exciting, and a reason to tune in.

... And then in the blink of an eye, this promising contest became convoluted.

Suddenly the rules changed. Now instead of wrestling someone of your choice, you get to wrestle yet another Indy wrestler, also vying for the spot you want. Then you get to come back in a week, and like a reality show, one of you gets sent home backstage, while the other is judged in the ring.

Then as I've blogged before, they opened up a website. They register you without your notification, publicly posting your real name, photo, hometown and resume on the internet, for people to vote. Get enough votes and you may see yourself in the televised Gut Check contest ~ of course this is after you've paid $250 for a "seminar" to teach you what you already know about wrestling, and after you pay for multiple flights to and from the show, out of your pocket. (No refunds, m'kay?)

Then comes a fatal blow. "If" you win, they ship you to OVW to be re-trained. Only in most causes you are not being trained. In fact, you may not even be booked at all. you just sit in limbo, until either you are fired or TNA decides they need a filler for a triangle match.

Also, you only get paid IF you are booked. So if you're not on Impact, you're not getting paid.

And while even the freshest fan knows that it's the booking/writing department's job to figure out how to use you, TNA will blame YOU for why THEY aren't booking you.

Not much of a prize, is it?

Still, I watched every week, waiting to see what would happen. Of the Gut Check contestants, Christian York has had a select handful of matches, while Gut Check "loser" Joey Ryan is still fighting to keep the tiny low-card spot they gave him. But still they dangle that (seemingly) false promise that one week, one special day, a Gut Check winner will truthfully get his due.

Last night was far from your typical judging night.

This month's competitors were not even on the Gut Check ballot. The fans were never given the choice to vote for them. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, keep reading.

We had Adam Pearce, a world renowned wrestler and five time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, taking on Magno, who in his own right has a following.

The two appeared live for week one, in a 10 second backstage shot of them looking into the camera, week two had a five minute match that initially was taped as match #1 ~ but did NOT air until halfway through the episode, and then came week three, and if what I just typed didn't sound suspicious, it will soon.

We cut to the three judges. But wait! Since some of you out there might be a little late to the party, let me fill you in on who they are.

Danny Davis: An off and on wrestler in the 1970's, he initially had temporary work as "Nightmare" Danny Davis in Tennessee and in WCW, wrestling as one half of The Nightmares and The Galaxians respectively. He also used Tiger Mask's name and mask in Kansas, but it ultimately known as being WWF's least liked referee in the late 1980's. When he was done screwing up matches, he became owner of OVW in 1997, and has recently used his "fame" as the promoter of the ex-WWE developmental to promote himself to television, while his students and core roster remained untapped and unused in Louisville.

Bruce Pritchard: An ex ring announcer and referee under Paul Boesch in Houston, Texas, Bruce found himself in the WWF as Brother Love, a loud, obnoxious manager, who imitated Evangelical preachers. Briefly, he had side jobs as a heel commentator known as "The Wizard" and as Reo Rodgers, a shameful parody of Dusty Rhodes. But by the time he started annoying fans as Reo, Bruce was already a member of Vince McMahon's writing team, and was front and center when the team became known as "WWE Creative". After a few yo-yo firings and re-hirings, he was shown the door for good in 2008, and just two years later became one of TNA's writers. He is currently their Senior VP of Talent.

Al Snow: Starting his training under Jim Lancaster in 1982, Al first made Ohio headlines after defeating Lancaster for the belt belonging to his own promotion. An ECW alumni, Al has held the WWF Hardcore, European and Tag Team Belts, was the head trainer for WWF/WWE Tough Enough series 1-4, was an OVW trainer and has been producer and road agent for TNA for the last two years. Al also was the head trainer for a group called "Body Slammers" where he co-trained young wrestlers from 1995-97 with current Aces and Eights member, D'Lo Brown. Al still takes Indy bookings, having just dropped the GLCW title in Wisconsin back in October after a very long reign.

Pretty amazing backgrounds right? A referee, a ring announcer turned manager and writer, and a mid card wrestler. They totally know what makes a future star and champion, right?

These three were chosen to judge Gut Check in a fair manner, that would benefit TNA. So imagine my shock, when Al Snow says aloud, in front of the TNA cameras:

"CAN Adam Pearce even TALK? Does he HAVE a persona?"

Al, who the fans know has likely run into Adam more than once, knows already that the answer is "yes". Even TNA itself has acknowledged Adam's past, so you can't tell me this was said "just for TV" in this case. This was a dig to Adam.

But more angering was Bruce Pritchard. After they had already told Adam to go home, Bruce told Magno ~ in front of God and everyone with working ears ~ the following:

"You're having no experience is just as
→ BAD ← as Adam having extra experience!

I could not believe my ears. Let me get this right.

You want a wrestler that doesn't have alot of experience, but has more training than a guy just starting out.

... You want someone who's smart... but not really.

..... What??

No really I mean that. WHAT???

But I doubt many of you heard Bruce say that to Magno, as the fans legit stopped watching. As soon as Adam Pearce had left the screen, Nielsen says TNA LOST ratings. By the time Magno went out, Impact Wrestling was down to a 0.93.

Now don't mistake my words. I am not going to tell you to tell TNA to #OpenYourEyes on Twitter. They've made their decision, and the alternative is for these two men to be sent to OVW to NOT be used, NOT be booked, and to NOT be paid even minimum wage.

If you actually like wrestling at all, or at least Magno and Adam, then you should be smart enough to know that both men deserve better than several months of  → NOT BEING PAID AT ALL ← while they sit at home, waiting for TNA to do something.

They deserve better than a random spot in a triangle match everyone will forget ever happened in an hour, or a Rob Terry squash match while Hulk Hogan whines and cries about people he doesn't like.

If this is the best TNA can offer any Gut Check winner or loser, then it's just not worth it.

But I'll end this with an answer to Al Snow's question:
Yes Al, he CAN talk and he DOES have a persona. Just ask your audience.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tumblr thinks harassment is cool

I got an email yesterday from a friend of mine on YouTube, who told me that there were total strangers posting hateful things about her on Tumblr. These are people she's never spoken to before and didn't know existed, until the hate started going viral.

I got onto the Tumblr page and found they were also stalking another friend of mine, without her knowledge.

The page also has people jumping on there, telling other Tumblr users as young as 13, that they "need to" and "had better" kill themselves.

Why did these Tumblrs want my two friends and these teenagers to kill themselves? 

Because these butthurt wastes of life (The Tumblr trolls) hated that my two friends made some cool CGI videos, using a freeware called MikuMikuDance. 

Yeah for real. Videos of CGI girls dancing makes trolls wish you were dead.

And I should know, I love that software.

But after I started getting "not too bad" with it in 2010-11, a bunch of strangers went after me, hacked me, posted a hate shrine against me on ED, stalked me, stalked my family, sent me death threats and even hacked my Facebook, so they could tag my entire friends and family in sick porn pictures in my name.

I've been where my friends have been before, with sick bastards trying to ruin my life.

So I went ahead and used Tumblr's "contact us" feature to report the two Tumblr pages.

This is what "Danii" from Tumblr support says:
from: Tumblr Support
reply-to: Tumblr Support  
Danii (Tumblr Support)
Apr 10 08:29 pm (EDT)
We realize this content may be very upsetting. However, sometimes content posted by a blogger may be mean-spirited or upsetting but does not violate the law. In order to maintain freedom of expression, we won't remove that material right now.
I strongly suggest you add that user to your Ignore list at This way, the blogger can't see your posts on his/her Dashboard, and you won't see the blogger listed in post notes or Dashboard notifications. You also won't get Asks or Fan Mail from users you've ignored.
Keep in mind that we don’t notify bloggers that you’ve ignored them, although they may realize it once they stop hearing from you altogether.
Thank you for taking the time to share your concern with us.
Tumblr Support

No, Danii. This is NOT acceptable. You have failed to do your job.

The TOS agreement for Tumblr expressly says that you are not to use the site to harass, belittle or post hate against anybody for any reason. Yet that is just what these people have done.

And yet the Tumblr team didn't think that this was worth their time. 

That it's "freedom of expression" for total strangers to name-call and ask people to kill themselves.... over a CGI.

This complacent attitude, when suicides are on the rise due to cyber stalking and harassment, is NOT acceptable.

What would it take, Danii? A few more suicides from the harassment? A lawsuit against Tumblr? Would you like it if people trolled you like this? 

How much is too much?

At what point as a society did we start to mollycoddle and accept stalking, slander, harassment and threats as "innocent bullying"? 

This is as bad as when a cop ignores a spouse who's been beaten, and says 'Meh, domestic dispute" and refuses to take into custody the criminal.

Should I be surprised? After all, we have so many news stations, cheering rapists and lamenting over their spoiled careers while at the same time, shaming rape victims and making it out like the attack is all their fault. If this is how our society treats violent, even deadly crimes, I shouldn't be surprised when a company like Tumblr openly supports cyber harassment.

We are in a society that accepts people being bullied as "Well you better learn how to deal with it, ya PANSY!" when strangers are spreading rumors and being malicious to people they have never met.


I hereby urge people to drop Tumblr like the bad habit it is. If you have tweens/teens order them to do the same.

Flood their inbox with your concern over this blind acceptance of hate. 

We need to make a change.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Mark in the Ring and the Business Elders

It was the night of Wrestlemania 29, and the first WWE PPV I've seen all the way through since I gave up on them in 2011. I have my reasons for why I watched, but suffice to say I am happiest still with Independent Wrestling ~ my home.

Now usually, when there's a major event from the corporate conglomerate, my Facebook and Twitter feed blow up, as even rival promotion TNA drops everything to pay homage and respect to the Stamford based entity.

... This was NOT one of those nights.

Oh sure, there were some supporters from wrestlers of all ages, and plenty of "WTF was THAT" comments from those waking up, but those comments weren't the "Top" stories on my Facebook news feed.

Hmm, I wonder how I'm going to tell this story in the future to any of my potential offspring? Considering the fate of MySpace, I may have to explain what a Timeline is. Eh, I'll just say "it was trending" so moving on.

On my news feed were about a dozen or so comments from people who've been in wrestling for more than a decade. Half of them, more than two decades. The comments all looked about the same too.

"If you're a wrestler, and you're actually marking out for this show, YOU'RE A MARK, I'm gonna so delete you right now, and tell everyone in the world what a big old FANBOY you really are. You are NEVER gonna make it in wrestling EVER again!! Oh and PS? I'm NOT gonna vote for you on Gut Check."

I feel like I should have added "So there, nyah!!" to the tirade, but you get the idea.

Now I'm not going to name names, because each of the guys who said this:
a.) Knows who I am and how short I am
b.) Knows kinda where in the world I actually am
c.) Are still spry enough at their advanced age to whoop my ass and make it look like an accident.

In short, I am not stupid.

But suffice to say that they've been in wrestling long enough to know better than to Facebook troll the young ones, and yet troll they did. They flipped out completely, and have been keeping it up for the last two days now.

So I point blank asked a few of them a simple question. And I meant this with the honesty of my heart, as I had zero intention of coming across as someone snarky.

"Mick Foley said he really likes Punk's match, and he admitted to watching as a fan tonight. Are you gonna say he's a mark too?"

The Answer?

"Well no, because he's a WWE Hall of Famer now. He's earned it."

"Okay, so where exactly is the cutoff age for a wrestler, where it starts being okay to watch as a fan again? No really, nobody put that into a book, and I can't find it on Google, how should a wrestler know the boundary?"

I meant that honestly, but I never got a reply back.

But this entire episode reminds me of a friend of mine, somebody I look up to as a twin brother. I haven't been able to speak to him in ages, due to his schedule. It wasn't so long ago that my adopted twin was being told the exact same thing.

"My Twinnie" was one of the first 12 people I ever added to my MySpace friends list. He remembered seeing me in the crowd at Ring of Honor, and knew I was drawing a cartoon about his upcoming feud with his then tag team partner and currently close, respected friend.

Now like me, my Twinnie questioned the WWE ~ a whole lot. Publicly. In interviews. On the internet. And he was never afraid to directly email certain people and say "HEY! That storyline SUCKS!!" And when he saw me being pestered on MySpace and Twitter, because I dared to speak out against things I didn't like, he defended me. Didn't have to, he chose to.

He also praised them where it was deserved. If he saw a match that was good, he'd say so. "That was a badass match" or "that was pretty cool" was never out of his vocabulary. He treated the show the way a fan would.

And lord did he hear all about it from the elders.

"What's WRONG with you?? GAWD your attitude SUCKS, You keep it up, you are NEVER getting into the WWE. Your career is pretty much dead right now. Just hang up your boots, buy a ticket and sit down, you MARK. You will NEVER make it in wrestling!! If I was the promoter, I would NEVER book you. I'mma tell everyone what a prick you really are, and see to it you're never booked outside of ROH's VFW halls again, you whiny little MARK!!"

He would get people talking behind his back all the time. Have people spreading all sorts of stories about him, trying to kill his career, simply because he watched wrestling as a fan, and expected better. people spread lies about him, and tried to slander him.

And some of these people had the nerve to turn around and defend this bad behavior, chiding on MySpace and Facebook that "this is how you pay your dues" and the standard "HEY I'm just telling it like it is" comment.

But my twin was brave and very bold. He refused to stop. If he saw something he liked, he said so. If he saw something he didn't like, he said so. He used his online presence to try and wake people up.

But the elders never stopped. "He's never gonna make it if he keeps acting like a fanboy" they all chided.

Fast forward from 2009 to 2013.

My Twinnie, would you like to know what happened to him? The "little mark" that everyone said would never make it, because he loves wrestling as a fan and stood up to the WWE?

Well, here he is now:
He's on the middle-left of the image. Oh right I forgot to mention this. My Twinnie? Yeah, he's SETH ROLLINS right now.

Oh an lemme clue you in. This picture? It's of Seth's very first ever Wrestlemania win. That's right! The "little mark" who was told to hang up his boots and go home, simply because he talked about WWE the way a fan would? He won a match against three ex-World Heavyweight Champions within the WWE: Big Show, Sheamus and Randy Orton. this picture is of my adopted twin, having his hand raised in victory at freaking Wrestlemania.

As for the elders that chidied him on MySpace and Facebook? The ones who "knew everything" about the business, and were insistent he'd "never" make it in wrestling because he's a fan? Wanna know where they were?

On Facebook. AT HOME. Far far away from even the tiniest VFW hall.

And while my "fanboy" Twinnie is having his face plastered onto posters and trading cards, the elders who put him down at every turn, are currently threatening and mocking all of the other young wrestlers, who are just as determined as Seth is to see a change in the sport they grew up with.

I was never told that this would happen.

I've always been told to respect the elders, and that something like this was nearly impossible.

And yet, Seth is not by himself. 

There's one more boy I met at Ring of Honor many years ago, who was told that because of his "attitude problem" he too should "hang up his boots, and sit with the other marks" as I heard behind me. Hang on, I have a picture of him:
Yeah, there he is. That's the boy.... on the Undertaker's arm.... at Wrestlemania.

Just like Seth, Punk was told that because he still enjoyed wrestling, and was quick to publicly criticize the WWE, that his career was DEAD. I find that really funny. I see him wrestling the DEADman here, but his career seems to be alive and well.

It seems to me that these elders, with all their years of experience in "the business" have forgotten all about the one thing that separates the wrestlers from the legends.


Passion, is actually the evolved form of fandom.

The wrestlers I am closest to now all say the same thing. 

"The day I stop loving this like a fan is the day I retire.

They know that if they cough up that fandom, and start treating wrestling the same as they do a boring 9-to-5 cubicle job, their work will suffer, their matches will feel routine, and they will become bitter, angry, depressed, and ultimately without hope.

And it's not the "young punks" I have heard this fandom-passion connection from either. There's one more guy I met, who was also told he "needed to retire" because he was being "a mark for this business". Here's a recent photo of him:
Oh I forgot to mention. That's WWE Hall of Famer............. Mick Foley.
You know what? For being "marks" for wrestling, I just don't think my Twinnie, Punkles and Mick did too badly. Nope, actually... I think they did pretty damn well.
Who knew that back in 2009-10 when I drew these, that I was drawing a future Wrestlemania star:


That's my Twinnie.
Eeeeeesh, glad I've lost weight since then.

US Government wants to control what's in YOUR pants.

Dudes, the last part of this piece if about YOUR reproductive health too. There are acts in congress that if passed, can criminalize you for even touching yourself. You could end up with even your own state barring you from the acts you enjoy. Stay with me, please.

Dudes, I don't want you to end up like me...

A woman.

We are becoming a third world nation.

Our children's academics are 21 steps behind Singapore ~ a country where you can be caned almost to death if you dabble in chewing gum and graffiti. Don't believe me? GOOGLE IT.

We have people placing more value on low-grade plastic than on the human heart.

We slander, belittle and bully each other, well into old age.

We burn to death our on freedom in the name of "what if". "Oh, somebody flew a plane into a building and killed innocent people? That means that at any time we could have anthrax apples, KILL HALLOWEEN" screams Fox News..... no really, they actually posted that back in 2001. I didn't make that up.

We have a society built around cults, making us no better than the terror-ridden countries we call heathens.

And just like the Taliban, Americans want women to be subservient ~ or die.

And please, die as horribly as you can, bitch.

Let me take you through a normal day for a woman ages 0-115. This is exactly what I have heard in public places my whole life. And once, in a church. Stay with me.

We tell little girls from day one that they are replaceable. Your worth is locked up in your beauty.

But don't be too beautiful, or you'll be raped.

Then it will be all your fault. We'll post hateful lies about you on Facebook, and sob over how tormented your attacker is, now that his school sports career is D.O.A. because you dared to speak against him. It's not his fault you were pretty, how dare you!

But if you're not keeping up with your beauty, you may as well hang yourself.

And try not to go on Government aid, or we'll say you're a drug addict, sleeping around.

Get a job.

But don't take MY job, you Jezebel!!

We let big business send your job overseas. Now we'll blame YOU for not getting a job, when clearly we send that thing away.

Oh, and please have a bachelor's degree if you're going to apply at McDonald's. Eww. McDonald's, you have anything to do with them? You must be a bum.

Hey don't be too smart! WHOOPS! Now you're overqualified, so we can't hire you. GAWD what a loser you are.

What's that? Oh, you're pregnant? Fucking welfare WHORE!!! You're a drain on my society, you're gonna suck up MY tax dollars on school for YOUR brat. And clothes through the Angel program, and food through S.N.A.P. and whatever medicare program exists for kids. GAWD why didn't you get an abortion, you stupid whore??

Oh, you DO want an abortion? Well um um.. it's against MY beliefs!! Yeah, that's it! You're infringing on MY way of thinking.

Never mind that with the exception of Mary protecting the unborn Jesus, and the spot in the Bible where God told Moses to have his people murder the Canaanites ~ starting with the unborn ~ the Bible does not include the unborn as real people. You're making me lose my religion here!!

So let me kiss Roe vs. Wade and force you to have a baby you can't afford. Just put it up for adoption if you don't like it, whore.

Oh what's that? 9 months of prenatal care, clothing, food and pre-baby products are not covered by most Government programs and most businesses won't hire you if you're pregnant, because you're a liability?

Well fuck you. Serves you right for getting pregnant, BITCH. Let me make my state pass a "Let Women Die" act, so even if this is egg-topic, and you really need surgery, you still can't get it.

Go starve to death on the street, or die on a table, because I let Congress rape you of your rights to pick and choose whether or not the kid lives and what medical procedures you want. JUST DIE ALREADY!! You're wasting my valuable Facebook time.

This is how we treat women in our own society. We're becoming worse than our enemies.

No really, have you seen North Korea's labor law? Let me point something out:

"The North Korean Labor Law defined women’s rights at work. Articles 14 through 17 stipulated the rights of mothers and pregnant women, including seventy-seven days of maternity leave with full pay, paid baby-feeding breaks during work, a prohibition against overtime or night work for pregnant or nursing women, and the transfer of pregnant women to easier work with equal pay.""

We don't even allow our moms a whole week off from work after birth.

We are behind a chubby, misogynistic, nuclear waste making OTAKU. He hates women and we are still behind him?!?!?! 

And don't start thinking this is all about the females. DUDES!! There are acts in congress right now, that could have you imprisoned for buying a condom, have you stripped of your freedom if you have ANY type of contraceptive whatsoever. Make it illegal to buy erection medication.

Dudes, you are one step away from the Government telling you what you can do with your own body.


Call your congress people, get your friends involved.

Don't let me wake up in a third world cult.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whores and Losers?

Now, I've been fighting back against cruel labels for a while, but I think this past week royally took the cake. There were two labels I saw that just drove me right up a wall.

It all started when I re-edited my moving Amazon wish list. I don't usually share these unless it's my birthday, but since I'm preparing to move, I figured making one with packing supplies, luggage and a few house goods to spread between my mom (A Dragonball Z fan) and my brother (a gamer) wouldn't be such a bad thing. I try to keep things cheap, so right now, the packing box kit and one of the Space Bags are the most expensive things on there. Everything else is cheaper, with some items being under $5.

Before I had the chance to re-post the list to my Timeline (and nowhere else) I saw some dudes jump all over the trend of Amazon sharing.

"Women who re-post Amazon wish lists are fucking WHORES!!"

O_O Say WHAT??

Well I had to get to the bottom of this revelation. And what I found let me to seethe for three days, and then finally start typing this blog.

A handful of females who want very badly to be WWE Divas, decided it would be funny to spam their wish lists onto each and every one of their fans' Facebook timelines.

So because 8 women decided to be as obnoxious as possible, every woman in the world is now a "whore" if they share their wish lists.

Oh, stupid me. How dare I try to share a wish list to make this move go a little faster?

Now I had every intention of saying something profound about this very moment, or at the very least providing a Facebooker who asked me with a valuable response to his question on how I feel about this. But instead I chose to mull it over. The urge to flip the keyboard over my head and scream was just to great for me to peel out more than a full sentence. I found myself drowning my anger in a few songs by Disturbed.

Now don't get me wrong. What these wannabe Divas did was annoying. It's fine to post a wish list once in a while, provided it's just on Timeline and NOT on every single Facebook account under the sun, but when you're spamming Facebook with the damn lists every few minutes, it just comes across as desperate.

Also, it's just plain rude to beg people for Lady Gaga tickets ~ when the people you are begging can't even afford Gaga's relatively inexpensive MP3's.

But this repeated act of shame out of 8 women, got every single one of us with a wish list branded as a "whore". So now if I ~ or any other woman EVER ~ share a wish list, people are going to think I/we sleep around.

REALLY?? Is this considered normal now??

And that smug, shoulder shrugging "DERP that's just how it is. Ya share the list, you're a whore" mentality out of the men I saw whining about it the most, only makes me lose even more faith in humanity. This is a testament to how far we have degraded as a society.

This is also not the first time this has happened.

A few years ago, I started saving up my change for a spiked bracelet. I really liked this once bracelet that also came with a collar. I was thinking about how cool I'd look wearing it.

... Okay, if you know me, you might be wondering where the hell this comes from.
I'm almost always wearing bright pink, and it's still my destiny to wear an adorable Japanese schoolgirl outfit, so it may sound scary that I once came close to changing my look so drastically.

 But I was determined. I had a few pages set aside so I could price check, and I was set on getting that bracelet-choker combo.

Finally, I was just two dollars shy of affording the shipping. I was almost there!

... When all of a sudden, everyone on MySpace was chiding that because a couple of ring rats decided to wear spiked bracelets, that ALL women who wear them must be whores.

Afraid to lose face, I never got my bracelet-choker combo.

There have been times that I've thought a top looked cool, thought a pair of shoes looked cool, and just as I go to save up for it, a few trollops start thinking it's trendy, and the thing I want is now a brand for women who sleep around.

This is the same as when you're in school, and ONE kid decides to be a jerk. So rather than just punishing that ONE jerk, the teacher tells you ALL to put your heads on your desks.

It's disgusting. ONE person decides to act up, so we all have to pay.

But alas, it doesn't stop at fashion. We have turned into a childish lot of name-callers.

A Facebook friend of mine got a good education from me recently about his behavior. Let's call him "Skippy". There's no need to share any details about him.

When President Obama refused to cut Social Security, Skippy (A Republican) called him a socialist. "How dare he not cut that wasteful garbage? It's a drain on my society!!" He blasted.

When Obama thought about cutting Social Security, Skippy called him a terrorist. "How dare he cut that? My grandma relies on it!!" Blasted Skippy.

Hang on a minute there, Skippy! If he DOES cut Social Security, he's a socialist, if he doesn't he's a terrorist? What if he leaves Social Security alone then and doesn't even mention it?

"That makes him a loser, since he won't deal with it." Said Skippy.

By your own logic, he's wrong no matter what he does, good or bad!

Is this because he's Half Black??

Skippy tried to backtrack. "No!! It's because he's um um.. a DEMOCRAT!! Yeah, they're all a bunch of liberal, socialist Nazis!!"

Really? You never say anything bad about Carter, Clinton or FDR. In fact, you don't even say anything bad about ANY Democrat. You even praised Hillary Clinton last week for being a forward thinker.

Skippy got quiet, in case you are curious. In fact, he now says that all politics are dumb, and he's told his two kids to stop voting, and just accept everybody in the whole wide world of politics as being "stupid" forever and ever. He told his kids never to vote again, ever, because only losers and whores vote.

Skippy couldn't even give me a straight answer without name calling again, did you see that?

It's out of control. Fully grown adults, sticking labels onto every single person who dares to breathe. And it's the SAME two labels, over and over again.

Do you like rap music? Oh, you're a gang-banger on drugs. Guy: Loser. Woman: Video whore.
Are you on welfare or food stamps? YUCK!! You're a loser if your a guy, and a whore if you're a woman.
Do you have more than 2 kids? Welfare Whore and Loser Dad!
Do you have zero kids? Eww you're a loser, or a whore who likes partying too much.
Are you single? LOSER!!
Are you a wrestling fan? You're either a fat loser or a ring rat whore.
Are you into pop music? Pathetic Loser or groupie whore.
Are you into rock, punk or metal? Loser.
Did you vote for Obama? Ewwwwwwww bleeding heart dummy loser liberal!
Are you into anime? LOSER!!

Notice how often the same names keep coming up? Here, let me whip out the dictionary. Let's see what these words actually mean.

1. A person, team, nation, etc., that loses: The visiting team was the loser in the series.

2. Informal:
a.a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or, especially, a felony: a two-time loser.
b.a person who has failed at a particular activity: a loser at marriage.
c.someone or something that is marked by consistently or thoroughly bad quality, performance, etc.: Don't bother to see that film, it's a real loser.

3.Slang. a misfit, especially someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.

A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

Did you see anything there about voting for Obama? Food stamps? Music? TV? Fashion?

No, you did not.

But we use these two words to describe 99% of humanity.

This is how we think of people on a whole, and trust me when I say that if you dig deep enough, you'll find that modern media itself has fostered the hate. Behold the doctrine we have assigned for ourselves in the Bible of the future:

Viacom: 8-1, 81; And low it was that the almighty Big Businesses of the world, conspired with ancient, archaic Churches, both ripe with misogyny and greed, and remade humanity into MTV's own image. 

Hearst: 1-1, 65: Losers and Whores were they named, and Losers and Whores shall they be. And thus it was decreed, that in the event you take enjoyment of something outside of conformity itself, you will be forever labeled a woman who sleeps around, or a man who fails at sports. 

Morgan: 18-71: And in the event thou partakes of Government aid, ye shall be stoned to death, and ye shall have thine family charged 6,000 sheckles for thine coffin, elst they go through life branded Losers and Whores by association with you.

Is this level of intolerant degeneration something to be proud of? Should we be happy about this?

Should we be teaching our youth that it's normal to name-call?

That's it's expected of you, to use words like "Loser" and "Whore" out of context, to describe people who maybe are down on their luck or not 100% able to conform?

Should we be cluttering Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr and all these other, so-called "Social" sites with hate?


We're adults. We're not three years old anymore, and it's not okay to clutter the internet with hate.

It's also not okay to label ALL people of a gender a "Loser" or a "Whore" just because a handful of people decide to be obnoxious.

We were all taught better than this as children, we've all been educated as to WHY this is shameful behavior.

It's time we start acting like it.

Drop the labels.