Saturday, May 25, 2013

When I was 12, I was DRINKING Coke, not doing "coke"!!!

April 20th, I wrote about screaming at the neighbors again, after dealing with their dogs and their pot smoking, beer drinking 6-8 year olds. I had until today to NOT deal with them again. A month and five days has to be a record for me not to have to scream at people. I was very pleased to have a tiny bit of peace.

.... Too bad that had to stop.

As I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with my mom, we hear banging against the house. Imagine a woodpecker with a hammer, and that's about the sound I heard.

I dash to the window to see two blonde boys, under MY bushes, no older than 12, in new jackets from The Gap....... dealing.

Mama beat me to racing to the door, and started screaming for the boys to buzz off. They had little bags of white and green crap, and I can assure you that there is NO candy currently on the market, that needs you to consume it with a razor blade.

Good, so pot smoking 8 year olds and beer drinking 6 year olds just aren't bad enough. Now it has to be cocaine snorting 12 year olds. Great.

The boys ran past their mom, who saw nothing wrong with the boys "having their fun" and everything wrong with my mom defending our house.

What happened?

I remember being 12 years old, and okay, I wasn't the greatest 12 year old girl, but at least I wasn't selling drugs! *Pulls up pants, makes "old people" frowny face*

When I was their age, I thought I was a little badass.

... Ok not too little maybe. I was almost my adult size... I'm 5'4 so maybe little is... WHO CARES!

I found humor with sticking a naked troll figure on the top of my pencil, and then going to use the electric sharpener with the doll still on.

I listened to Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Disturbed and I can't tell you how many sugary pop songs, that were really all about sex and drinking. Pick up a pop CD from 1999 once in a while, READ the lyrics. I'm not kidding!

I hand sewed my own Digimon and Pokemon whenever I couldn't "Catch 'em All" at the local K-Mart. I didn't even care about bootleg goods, thinking that every underground anime VHS was just one more way for me to stick it to "The Man" who wanted $100 per tape at the local Suncoast Video, Coconuts Video and Entertainment, Hollywood Video or Blockbuster.

.... Wow I just dated myself.

I watched MTV and actually thought it was a window to the world.

I had a small chain in my pocket, and knew how to whip it around. (It's rather thin, but still.)

I played Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on the SNES with all of the blood and gore turned ON. I even used a cheat code to unlock bigger characters like Shao Kahn, so I could really increase the violence. When I wasn't playing that, I was playing War Gods on the N64 or Rampage World Tour on Playstation 1, letting my monster step on nuns, eat handfuls of children and puke cigarettes.

ECW was my heart and my soul, I couldn't sleep well unless I thought about someone's head being cracked with a kendo stick.

But do you know what I was dealing at age 12?


I was listening to some heavy adult stuff, but at 12, I wasn't dumb enough to do drugs, deal drugs or have anything to do with drugs.


Because my mom would have beat the crap out of me if I had.

These parents behind my house?

They won't even say the word "no" to their kids. Not even in a NICE tone of voice.

What happened?

Did I fall asleep when I was 12, and just missed the congressional hearing, where it was determined that parents should be permissive twats? Did I miss the day, when every pre-1980 born adult just suddenly decided that parenting is "too hard" for their wee little senses to take?

Why is it so many parents are so quick to bully their kids out of a meal, in fear of the "Obesity Fairy", scream at them for licking lollipops, but when it comes to swearing, (another thing I actually didn't do at 12) begging for electronics, hanging around obviously BAD kids and apparently trying drugs or the bottle, do these idiots shrug their shoulders and say 'DERP ohhhh well?" when obviously this is the point where the word "NO" is actually appropriate for a change??

At 12 years old, I was content to have a Jell-O pudding cup, a carton of whoppers and a Coca-Cola.

I drank Coke, I never DID coke.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May I speak to a human being in HUMAN relations please?

I am convinced businesses are being run by angry, hormonal tween girls. Why? Because only a tween girl the day she realizes Justin Bieber will never date her would act this badly.

And even then, I'd rather talk to the little girl than these people.

This is how my last few days have been lately:

I have a move coming up. I don't accept this BS.

I called on the job I drew these cartoons for yesterday. By the way, there's no magical pen and paper fairy for we cartoonists, so in case you are wondering, that's part of why I'm even bothering to get a monkey job at this point. The other of course being that I'm trying to pay for a move. There's no magic Government money available to those wanting to move out of state.

I got on the phone promptly at 8 this morning, to talk to a company I applied to two months ago. For the sake of the article, let's pretend their name is the "Quacker Ducky Group". No that's not their real name, but any group that can't be bothered to actually do their job is not worthy of a professional name.

The first number I dialed told me to dial a second number. The second number told me that I had mistakenly reached the Virginia office, and offered me a third number. The third transferred me to a fourth, who transferred me to a fifth.

Each person told me the exact same thing. "Oh noooooooooooooooooo darlin'! You don't want to talk to meeeeeee, you need to talk to THAT person, it's THEIR job to fix this mess. Not meeeee."

Caller number five sent me to a robot, who gave me HALF of an email address.

So I dialed them back right away.


"WHAT? Whatdoyouwant?? Oh? You applied and nobody got back to you? GAWD okay I guess if you really want to talk to someone in HR about it, you can call this number. Someone will totally talk to you about it." (Actual conversation)

*Calls number*

Robot: Thank you for calling. Please leave a message for *CLICK dooooooooot*

This is insane. I dialed them back AGAIN.


"May I speak to a human being in Human Relations?"

"... Didn't you just call? GAWD what is your problem??"

Oh... I get it Mr. Customer Service Representative. I'm supposed to be taking YOUR job. I see. No wonder you're being a little pissy pants today.

So I sweetly explain that the number I was sent to is run by a robot that hung up on me.

"GAWD just use the website."

"The website is broken."

"UGH fine, okay, just hold on, alright??"

I listen to what sounds to be a rendition on acoustic guitar of the "Save File in a Cave" theme from Final Fantasy three... as done by a drunk Taylor Swift and three homeless hipsters after group stubbing their toes at a busy Starbucks. A very melancholy sound.

"Hello thank yew fer calling Quacker Ducky Group, my name is Sheila, how many I help yew?" Says the nicest voice I've heard all morning.

"Hello, who may I speak to about obtaining employment?"

"Didja use the website?"

"I did. It's broken. It tells me on the front that I have no applications on file, but when I click on my name, I can read my application and each place I have applied to."

"Oh no that won't do! Okay, all of the Human Relations people? They've gone away. So what I can suggest is that you call us again at 2:30 our time, which is Eastern. M'Kay? Have a nice day now!"

So I take a nap. A sleep deprived Kori is not a very nice Kori to deal with after all of this, but as I fell asleep, I hoped that this last person gets a bonus for dealing with the ogre I did.

I later call back at the specified time.

"WHAT?? Why do you keep calling? GAWD hold on!!!"

I got sent to another robot. Who again hung up on me. This is insane.

I call back.


"Hello, may I speak to a human being in Human Relations, please?" I explain the damage thus far.

"Hold on, OKAY??"

Ah, Taylor Swift and the Homeless Hipsters ripping apart another Final Fantasy theme. See if you can guess this little diddy? ♫ DAH DAH DAH DAAAAAH DAAAAH DEE DAH DEEEEEE ♪ Now imagine that being yelled out by Florence and the Machines at the top of their lungs, m'kay? And they're sad. Really pouring their souls into it, like a hipster whining about their feelings during a breakup at Starbucks.

*CLICK* "There's nobody here. Here's an answering machine, OKAY??"


The woman for whom I was to leave a message for, has a name made entirely our of consonants. How can i even address this person?

I called one more time, and was given an email address to voice my issue.

What I got back three hours later was a Mailer-Demon:
Kori is livid and speaking in third person now.

Kori is seeing red.

Kori suddenly get why people want to buy guns.

So I called back again.


"Yes, I am calling back because the people you keep sending me to are robots. Your website is broken, your system is broken and your email address sent me back a Mailer-Demon. Now may I please speak to an actual human being about this?"

"Grr........................... Hang on."

So I am sent to another customer service rep.

"Thank you for calling Quacker Ducky Group. My name is Droopy. *cheeks flap* Please state your business."

I explain the problem.

"Fhmmmmhm... Okay ma'am. Give me oooone second."

Ah. Now the Hipsters are doing that weird chanting thing I hear at coffee shops. Ah, but in the Final Fantasy "somebody died and it's kinda sad" theme. There are some sincere SNES Final Fantasy 3 fans here.

"Okay ma'am are you still there? *cheek flap cheek flap* I think I found the right person, just hang on on hold until I get her back."

You know, you can just about hear the acoustic guitarist cutting himself on the strings while he plays.

"Hellew thank yew fer callin'. This is Bethurz for Quacker Ducky Group, how may I assist yew?"

"Hello, who may I speak to about gaining employment with your company?"

"Well yew can go onliiiine"

"Your website is broken. May I speak to a human being in Human Relations please?"

"I'm the head of Human Relatioooooons."

"Splendid!" I tell her all about the broken website, the broken email and the fact that it's taken two whole months for me NOT to be called back. I hear her type my name one....... letter........... at ......... a..... time.

"Well I see yer in the system... Are you aware that the last two jobs you applied to are in Kansas and Arizona?"


I explain that the website sais they were in the area I'm aiming for. NOT Kansas and Arizona.

"Well I dun't buleeve the website is busted."

"I choose to disagree, ma'am. I know what it said."

"Well I can see the url, and it does say the wrong place is listed, but i fail to see how that makes it broken."


"I see on yer resume that yew are a website designer............ is that a real job, web maintenance?"

"Yes ma'am it is. It takes a long time to build a website so it both looks nice and works properly." I stopped myself from explaining that there is no HTML fairy that grants me templates with a song, JAVA pixies that magically weave together image-slider codes on my behalf, or graphics gnomes that make the images appear out of my ass. A real-life human being has to build those.

"Well I guess I can take yer wurd for it then, but I dunnooooooooooo. Are yew even willing to show UP for this jawb?"

"Of course I am, I'm relocating to the area, I can be as close as you need to the position. I can be there early if you want me to."

"Well unfortunately few yeeewww we just now filled up our training classes until Ju-lyyyyy. And if you're a very good girl and say yer prayers tonight, then maaaaybe, juuuust maaaaaaaybe, yew will get a cawl back next week after the Holiday, m'kaaaay? Also this is a $10.50 an hour job."

"Out of curiosity, do you do relocation?"

"Ewwww why would I do that? If yer gonna move, do it yourself!"

I asked her for a specific time in which to expect a phonecall, and was told "MAYBE" next week. Also, by sending in my cell and my home number, it makes me seem out of touch and desperate.

I thanked her for her time, sat down and screamed as loud as I could.

For once, the neighbors understood.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Did Chicagoland kill itself when I was sleeping?

Have you ever had one of those days, where you see something that hurts you, and it makes you want to type a rant online?

WELL this is one of those days.

I'm not going to tell you this is even a half-good piece, and I won't blame you if you hate this post.

But please believe me when I tell you, I am telling the truth and being honest.

Maybe honesty is my biggest downfall. It's the honest who die broke in the end.

I took this photo at 8:55 this morning. Anytime I am this far north, I try to get at least one nice shot of Chicago's Willis Tower... fuck that. It's the Sears Tower to me.

Sears was first on my mind.

The Sears in River Oaks Mall is closing. 

The Sears I grew up with. The Sears that granted me a business savvy look the very first time I went to apply for work ANYWHERE. The Sears my grandparents shopped at when my mom was a baby. The Sears my Great Grandpa saw being built. The very store my grandmother used to proudly live behind, before moving to a nicer place.

It's closing. And it's not alone.

See this picture? It's of a giant building I've always driven past in Oak Park. It used to house about 20 stories worth of lawyers, and the bottom of it was a big store.

Now? It's totally empty.

I woke up early this morning to a loud and sickening "THUD" sound. The lights flickered and some books flew from the shelf.

Was it an earthquake?


It was the sound of my neighbor's house being demolished.

Six houses are GONE now on the blocks away from the church. Funny that. Last November, everybody within five blocks of my house was at the church, praying for their homes and for this area. Now? Everyone's being foreclosed on, and the houses are dropping like flies.

Every third store from Northwest Indiana all the way through to Oak Park had a "For Lease" or "For Sale" sign. Many of the stores I grew up with in Chicago Ridge, Crestwood, Lansing and Calumet City are now boarded up or emptying out.

I want to be sad, I really do. I've never known a day without these places.

Can you imagine a Disney movie opening like this? No, really picture that.
1991, I remember seeing Beauty and the Beast on opening day. I leaned my face into my mom's stomach, telling my future baby brother all about this film.

The theater I saw this movie in? It's been closed since 1994. Nobody purchased it, so if you drive slow enough at the River Oaks Mall, you can still see a "Four Weddings and a Funeral" banner in the lobby.

Getting back to Beauty and the Beast, can you imagine Belle opening this film in Chicagoland?

♫ Little Town... it's a quiet village...
♪ Every day... like the one befooooooore
♫ Little town ~ full of little people....
♪ Waking uuuuup tooo saaaaayyy ..........


"Oh GAWD it's the welfare queen again!!"

"Get lost"

"Get a job!"

"Fucking whore!"

♫ There goes the racist with his Bush 89 sticker ~
♪ The balding mullet with a smeeeeelllll
♫ Every morning just the same ~
♪ Since the morning that we came
♫ To this poor provincial Hell

"What the fuck are YOU looking at?"

"Morning sir!"

"Where you think YOU'RE going?"

"To the Walgreen's. I just had the most wonderful ice cream, with chocolate and vanilla and-"

"The Walgreen's got torn down yesterday."

"Oh.. um oh dear... (Is this in the script) Ehm.. suppose you could show me where the K-Mart-"

"That's gone too."

".. The Dominick's?"

"It's an Ultra now, and they're closing."

"... Cub Food?"


"Oh um hmm... Maybe I could try the Jewel Osc-"

"It's an empty lot now, you want it? $50,000 cash foreclosure."

Worst.......... Disney opening...... ever, wouldn't it?

I wish to God that every single moron that has ever doubted me ~ even my own maternal grandmother ~ when I said "Nobody is hiring me" could see this.

Especially the selfish, lazy pricks at the WorkOne (which is now a Family Dollar) unemployment office, the food stamp assholes and the Government aid camps, who called me a "Lazy, stupid, good for nothing, wannabe welfare whore" could be forced to see the images I have today and eat shit.

That includes everyone who spends their days bitching and whining about people on food stamps ~ when they themselves are on the damn things!!

"MEH just get a job MEH MEH MEH Whore" I want them to take a drive though Chicagoland with me, and see these places. Every third building is gone, don't you think that is excessive?

I AM trying, I AM applying, these places are dying. Where the Hell am I supposed to get work from??

How the fuck is this "my" fault, when I've sent in application after application after application, only for these so-called businessmen to NEVER call or email me back, and then have these places fall backwards into the sea?

This shit started when Bush was in office.

During the Clinton era, there were open businesses open on every block, and everyone was hiring. You didn't need a credit score of 820 or a bachelor's degree in modern art, you needed to get your lazy ass off the couch, march down and apply. I'd kill for this to come back!

Now? Good lord, have you heard the excuses I've gotten?? I am not a religious person AT ALL, but I pray for anybody who has gotten the same excuses I have.

I'm over qualified.
I'm too skilled.
What do I mean I want to work hard? I must be a stalker bitch. CREEP!!
I have the right degree but not enough experience.
I have too much experience.
I dress too conservatively.
I don't dress conservative enough, what am I? A hooker?
I show up too early.
I didn't apply soon enough.
I applied too soon.
I call too often.
I don't call enough.

This is what I keep getting. Over and over.

So I try to make it as a cartoonist. Be unconventional, do what I love.

And always I'm told I'm not good enough ~ only to have another artists hired instead of me ~ who produces stick figures.

Yeah, those little doodles you did on a notepad when you wanted to leave school early as a child. The same design on the back of every soccer mom's car. THOSE things.

My "anime hybrid" style is not good enough, but your stick figures are??

Sorry, getting back to Chicagoland.

I was out of the house from 7 this morning until 6 this evening, looking at all of the towns I grew up in, when I wasn't on the East Coast.

My first apartment? Semi-exists with new owners. The floor I lived on burnt down years ago, so in it's place is a replica.

My second home? Boarded up when I was a teenager. It was a Sears home, built from a Sears kit in the 1920's. (Has Sears always been part of my life or what?)

My third home? There's a highway right where I used to have neighbors.... ok good riddance, that place was falling apart. But you see my point.

Everything, even wrestling tickets have doubled. Even the smallest shows want $25 for GA seats. Wrestling, my love and my vice. I can't even see my #1 sport around here. Ah, this is what it feels like to be stabbed in the heart.

After seeing so many "for sale" signs, dilapidated buildings, houses being torn down, and desolate areas where once was a bustling life, I tried looking for hope.

Instead? I found this, plastered all over Chicagoland:
On every fourth building, every 10th car.

This is what my Chicagoland is reduced to.

I want to be sad, I want to mourn the memories lost here.

But I wonder, did my Chicagoland do this to itself?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

White Mulan and Sexy Disney

I link two earlier Disney Princess blogs in this. If you are a parent, I encourage you to read them. Thank you.

It's barely been 19 hours since Disney removed a "sexy" Merida from their website. For those who haven't seen Brave yet, Merida is almost like an anti-princess.

For starters, in the film, she looks like a regular, normal, clean, teenage girl.
Off topic, isn't it nice to see a mom who is ALIVE in a Disney film? I digress. Merida doesn't wear makeup, hardly does her hair, and doesn't wear anything revealing. Her "comfort" clothes are rather conservative when compared to other princesses, and above all, the smart young lass is all about being herself and being a warrior. In fact she's so ensconced in wanting her freedom that she is the very first Disney Princess to exist without a boyfriend. Even equally independent Tiana and Mulan have had love interests forced onto them, late into their movies, but Merida stands out as a self-sufficient heroine, that seemingly everyone adores.

So when Disney opted to change the girl into being all dolled up in cakes of makeup and skin-tight dresses, people were enraged.
Gone were her bow and arrow, replaced with a Revlon inspired remake, pointy bird nose, a badly drawn on "crazy eye" effect for what Disney approves of as "stalker whimsy" and a "Grr I have an attitude" pose for each drawing, the new look drew nothing but ire. A petition sprang up, and Disney was urged to remove the "fake" Merida at once.

But they only pulled her from the website, and added a snarky, unapologetic "SOME people just don't get it. It's ONLY for select products" response, much like a tween in need of a backhand.

But the trouble with screwing up on a royal scale like this, is that once people call you out on this one fault, they start looking for all of your others. Angry parents visited the Disney Princess website, and were shocked to find that their beloved Merida was NOT the only Princess sporting a sexier look.

Of all the remade images, I doubt it's possible to find one more offensive and insensitive than this:
A WHITE Chinese princess?? REALLY?? The only Asian girl in the line up, and you gave her blue eyes, and skin whiter than Snow White??? You can't even tell me she could be mixed-race, as we see in the film that her entire family is pure Chinese!

As I've hinted at before, Disney has been trying to Whitewash their own princesses for years. They even went so far as to remove their only mixed-race "Princess" Esmeralda, and actually blamed the cartoon character for being "too sexy". Really, what kind of crazy person blames a cartoon drawing for how she is drawn?? And if being "sexy" was really a problem, wouldn't Ariel have been drawn totally clothed in "The Little Mermaid" during the scene where Ursula turns her human?

The truth is that sexy has never been an issue for Disney. It seems that Disney has always wanted princesses they can compartmentalize. They want the princesses to all appear to be the same, but with different colored dresses. They seem bent on making every princess look as close to a fashion model as possible.
And nobody is buying it anymore, including White families.

The sentiment Disney is sending little girls is that they need to be sexy, skinny, pointy-nosed, angular and White. They need to be obedient, unquestioning, and subdued. Being anything else, makes you "unruly" and unwanted. 

This is proven by the fact that for years, the top three princesses they've been hawking are Cinderella (servant to her step-family despite owning the house they live in), Ariel (who augments her body and drops everything that makes her special for Eric) and Sleeping Beauty (who has zero initiative and lets life happen to her.) and before the holidays if you're very lucky, Snow White. (The world's cutest house maid.) The other princesses are shoved into the background. 

They produce videos, that supposedly "celebrate" little girls with ambition, yet their products paint the opposite picture. The more ambitious you are, the more like a rabid animal they make you seem:
What's more is that Disney is PROUD of all of this. Take a look at their next Princess, who is supposed to be Inuit:
Yeah, I'm about 90% sure that Eskimos and the Inuit DON'T look like that.

They've even produced sub-Princesses for international markets. Take a gander at Latina Princess, Sofia, who's mother and step-family have been on everything from backpacks to blankets:
I've met tons and tons of Hispanic families. Not even ONCE have I seen a Mexican, Cuban or Puerto Rican little girl with a full face of makeup, light brown hair, milky skin and blue-green eyes.

Disney also has Kilala, a Japanese princess, who had a manga sold about her through Tokyopop:
Oh c'mon Disney REALLY??? Is THAT what you think a Japanese princess should look like?!?! 

A mom started a petition about Mulan's new image, and I was all too happy to sign it. But we can't stop here. Boycott their products, start petitions for each of the princesses. SPEAK UP! We need to tell Disney that we're not going to allow them to continue to sell this kind of nonsense to little girls anymore.

UPDATE: Need more reasons? How about a song where Cinderella tells Sofia that she wishes she would have made friends with her evil step-sisters. You remember them, the two women who bullied, tortured and abused Cinderella in the 1950 film?
Or how about a passage on the Disney Princess website, where they suggest that maybe it was Belle who wasn't so pretty until after she started to live with an emotional abuser like the Beast?
Maybe I'll let Tumblr writer Nikki Ward sum it up:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

No, they didn't "have to" die, you're just a puppy killer.

Just saw my trillionth picture of dead animals on Facebook (premier website of mutilated cute things) And it just angered me.

Once more, it was headed by a "concerned" shelter organizer, who posted how awful human beings are, when they give up a pet that was given to them as a gift, after it's no longer a baby. The blame for why this person "has to" kill these animals after 28-30 days was directed solely at the people who gave the dogs and such up.

Really puppy-killer? Here's some food for thought.

Let's get one thing straight. There are a ton of ugly reasons why a dog, cat, bunny, ect. ends up in your shelter.

Now it's true there are SOME wastes of space who ditch animals, because they grow up and stop resembling Pokemon. Alright, I'll grant you that.

But it's not the "only" reason. In fact, that represents less than 40% of the returns in America.

Most Americans are broke. They can't even afford to feed their kids, let alone an animal. So what do they do? They give the animals to a SHELTER.

Do you understand that word? Shelter? It implies that you will shelter them until they can find a new home. These people trust you not to let the animals get abused. They trust you with the animal's safe keeping.

Instead? You spit on the American people, and jam chemicals into the animal until his heart stops. You blame us for the needle or the gas chamber. And we're supposed to be dumb enough to buy it? REALLY?

Second, what gives you the right to charge upwards of $80-300 per shelter animal? This is not a creature made of gold here. It's a DOG. This is the same animal that has no problem eating it's own poop. I should pay you $300 plus extra for the chip, tags, shots and whether or not I'm going to sterilize it, so I can have a poop eater? Granted, I adore dogs, and money is the only reason why I don't yet have one, but REALLY $300???? Where is this money going to?

Judging by my local shelter............. I'd say the shelter owner's fancy Mercedes-Benz.

Pretty sure you don't really "need" that gas guzzler there.

Truth is they don't "have to" kill these animals unless the animal is a true danger to humans.

They could take the money out from the shelter owner's car payment budget, and use it to expand the shelter, so they can be housed safely until a new owner comes along.

While they're at it, you could kick down the prices from $300 a dog down to $50. MOST Americans are broke through no fault of their own, yet would love to take in a small pet as a four legged member of the family.

We need to stop accepting this idiocy from shelters. Quit letting them kill animals and then blame us for their actions.

Rise up.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Suicide Bating

I don't always recommend a Facebook page, but I feel it would be a disservice not to share this one.

There's a new Facebook page called Suicide Bating Prevention, and if you don't know what Suicide Bating is, let me tell you.

Suicide Bating is when someone (or a group of someones) continually harass an individual, until they become so depressed that they kill themselves.

We foolishly allow society to write this all off under the cute name of "bullying".

We ignore bullying and refuse to see it for what it is.

Bullying can be a combination of the following:

1. Physical Assault
2. Slander/Harassment/Mental Abuse
3. Stalking
4. Hacking

Yet we allow police enforcement to look the other way.

We say it's "kids being kids" and we put the blame on the victim.

We laugh at hate shrines on the internet, and call them "satire" and devote t-shirts and buttons to every website that slams random people on the internet, even laughing when a site posts a photo of a teenager, detailing a list of ways he or she can and "should" kill themselves.

We teach our children to name-call, and we glorify hateful people, by casting them as "the hero" in movies, TV shows and books. And I'm not talking about any violent pictures here, I mean shows like Sex in the City and Gossip Girl, which glorify women who spend their days judging people at random and exhibiting acts of misandry by having these characters treat men like dirt. And children's cartoons like Total Drama Island, Jem and 6Teen, which all promote intolerance, hatred of people based on differences, and in the case of Total Drama, physical bullying. And again, the characters doing the bullying, are the "good" guys.

We insist that there's something "wrong" with the victim, and we ignore their pleas for help, by spitting in his/her face, and saying they need to "just deal" with it.

When it's an adult victim? When adults bully other adults? We just say "not everyone is your friend" and then act surprised when another suicide happens.

Suicide Bating is something I'm too familiar with.

I was bullied as a child, but when I became homeschooled and then grew up, I figured that this was all water under the bridge. I figured this was part of my past now, and I didn't give bullying another thought.

Then a couple of years ago, a group of complete strangers started cyber stalking me. A hate shrine was posted about me, my inbox was flooded, my accounts were hacked and my family was harassed, all because I posted a 3 minute CGI video of Miku Hatsune in pink, dancing. For real.

I lost out on job opportunities and I didn't know a moment's peace. I seriously thought about ending it.

Then I cracked open my YouTube email, and I got a long email from a 10 year old named Susan. She was going through almost the same level of harassment I was, and needed help.

Susan wasn't alone. I nearly lost two friends to Suicide Bating that same year. All of us reported our cyber stalkers and hackers to the FBI, the police, anybody in law enforcement with an open ear.

Nobody helped.

The only reason why one of my stalkers is behind bars right now, is because he helped hack the FBI. But until they were attacked, my case was closed, and I was told that because I posted ANYTHING online ~ even in the form of a job application ~ that I "had better" understand that everything of me posted online is "permanent" and essentially by having an online presence at all, I left myself open to attacks. In short, if you post your real name online, people you have never met "have the right" to express their First Amendment rights to harass you. If you die by suicide because of it, it's your own fault for not being able to handle "the real world".

Something has to change.

I initially started a Facebook page, only to address harassment related to the freeware MikuMikuDance, which is what I used when I made my "evil" video of the girl dancing. I figured this was the root of the bullying problem for me and for the people on YouTube I was associated with. It's a small page, and I viewed it as a small step.

But soon I started adding all types of bullying articles to the page, to show people how widespread the problem is, and that most of the worst "bullying" is coming from adults ~ NOT kids. The page now has articles about many forms of bullying, even school related.

But no story cut me to the core like the story of Kathie Yount.

Her lovely son was a victim of Suicide bating.

As posted in this article, a group of people he did not know, bullied him non-stop. One day, as he stood on a ledge, not only did he have to deal with his own trauma, he looked down to see a sea of adults, cheering him on to jump. They laughed and heckled him as he lay dying.

Not a single police officer stepped in to do anything.

Not one soul has been taken into custody.

Nothing has been done.

It's time to change that.

Kathie has started her Facebook page, to warn others about Suicide Bating. If you must "Like" any page in the world today, please make it her page.

I want to see the world change.


When I was a kid, we had a ton of Fan Clubs and character related phone numbers you could dial. Parents used to shell out $20 a call it seems, just so their kids could hear tapes of TV characters, or join a fan club that would get you no closer to your favorite actor than you are right now.

I don't really miss them.

But what happens to the numbers when the character is no longer popular? Well.... here's a few.

Wally Bear

The number first debuted with an unauthorized NES game, titles "Wally and the No Gang". Kids playing the game would be told in every level about the dangers of drugs, and were encouraged to dial the number, and have Wally himself talk to them (via a pre-recorded message) about being straight edge.
Fate: The number stayed in service until 2008. It became the subject of an Angry video Game Nerd video, but just as Wally was having himself a comeback, the number went dormant.

Princess and the Goblin's Princess Irene Hotline
256 S. Robertson BLVD.
Beverly Hills, CA

The pitch what that along with this children's VHS, you got a "magic phone card" or a form to send away for one. With the prepaid phone card, you you "for free" call movie characters Irene, Great Great Grandmother Irene or Curdie, and they would give you safety instructions and a way to call your family.

Fate: The number is now defunct, while the building is being used as the home for the BEVERLY HILLS RESEARCH CENTER for the PROALUS Penile growth system.
Their website is

Sailor Moon Fan Club:
Sailor Moon Fan Club
Po Box 1379
Hollywood CA 90078

For a $35 membership and way too much in shipping, you could become a "Junior Sailor Scout" and receive in the mail a clear bag (either a sack or mini backpack) containing a small, random assortment of the following:
1. A paper doll
2. A piece of paper congratulating you and droning about the environment
3. A handful of trading cards with incorrect information on them
4. A certificate
5. A cardboard tag with a badly drawn Sailor Moon on it
6. A set of stick on earrings
7. A tiny notebook
8. A ruler
9. A pen that has enough ink for maybe 3 uses
10. Pencils
11. Sticky notes

Both the number and the P.O. Box became defunct in 1999, around the time that the three movies were released in the United States, DiC lost the bidding war for the post-R seasons and Cloverway began sending out Sailormoon S.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club
1-800-667-7321 (Main number from the VHS)
1-800-300-6993 (Credit Card ordering number)
P.O. Box 222
Hollywood, Ca. 90078
For $17.95 (and a few VHS slips from the Green Ranger arc) you could become a Junior Power Ranger ~ a few years ahead of Turbo's Justin, only the Pre-Bieber Brat got a Zord and super powers for his membership, while you just got a cardboard box. ($18.90 for California residents, $21.95 for Canada) Send a check or money order, no cash.

But inside that box was a random assortment of the following:
1. A "Power Lunch" sack (sometimes with a Fruit Roll-Up)
2. A 30 minute VHS tape featuring clips from the show and all six Power Rangers talking about being a part of D.A.R.E. to be drug free, junk food and their lives as Power Rangers, along with a trailer for V.R. Troopers
3. A congratulations letter, stressing that you should now live up to the high standards of MMPR living and reminding you to watch VR Troopers (I forgot how annoying they were plugging that failure of a show)
4. A certificate, proclaiming you an official Junior Ranger... because all Rangers have them, right? It has printed signatures of the cast, not really signed by them.
5. A form to share with a friend to get them to send $17.95 plus shipping
6. Ads telling you to buy more fan club stuff
7. Photos of the Power Rangers with printed signatures
8. A Power Rangers poster
9. A VR Troopers mini poster/ad
10. Iron-on Logos
11. MMPR Power Dollars to buy more stuff (Usually you'd get ONE. Only redeemable for the Fan Club.)
12. Logo Stickers
13. Logo Tattoos
14. ID Card with D.A.R.E. tips on the back (or on a second card)
15. Shoelaces
16. Window Clings
17. Morphin Times Newsletter (which could also be ordered seperately for free)
18. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers magazine (Sold by itself quarterly or as a subscription until late 1995. Was replaced with the Zeo magazine after the fan club folded, but that publication only lasted a few months.)
19. Local Fox Station ad
20. D.A.R.E. Power Rangers autographed card

For extra cash and a copy of your photo, you could also get your head Photoshopped onto a stock photo of a Power Ranger body. There were alternate boxes where you'd get the same stuff as before, but with an alternate VHS cover, and later a VHS tape of Tommy's Training, but that tape was also released in stores as a stand alone.

Fate: The P.O. Box is listed on the BBB as "MMPR Business", but it is currently being used as Twerp Creative Web Consulting:

The main phone number was used by HSBC's harassing collection agency. But after a number of complaints from the FCC involving workers at the agency violating telecommunication regulations and even harassing people who had never had a credit card with said bank, the number was recently dropped.

Many of the numbers we had as kids are now being used by telemarketers and collection agencies. But more often than not, the numbers end up as adult sex lines.

I can't recommend calling them now.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Catchy songs of death!

I haven't been sleeping, so to relax before bed, I find myself listening to music on YouTube while reading up on video game prototypes. An odd hobby I admit, but if I have to be addicted to something, I'd rather it be video game trivia.

Problem is, when I'm sleep deprived, I don't always make the greatest choices. And lately I've been finding some disturbing... and yet catchy songs.

This song still finds itself on many a dance floor today. It's a catchy Barry Manilow song, and I've even caught a few parents teaching it to their kids.

... Should they?

The song is about a dancer named Lola, who through no fault of her own, finds herself being propositioned by a man she's never met before. The dude takes it too far, and ends up in a fist fight with her boyfriend. The man then shoots and kills the boyfriend, and the song ends with Lola alone in the club 30 years later, still wearing the same dress she did the night her boyfriend was killed. And yet we dance to this?

If you look at all the happy people in the crowd of a Vocaloid concert, you might not know exactly what Rin Kagamine is singing about. When I first saw this, I bopped my head along. It sounds like one of those cheerful songs you used to hear on headphones on airplanes. As weird as it sounds, I can actually imagine the group Blondie singing this.

... Then I read the lyrics.

The song is about a young girl (that being 14 year old Rin) who wants to choke a man in her life, and then kill herself by throwing her body into a giant nuclear reactor. This cheerful song about murder-suicide is not only featured in concert, it's also popped up in a number of T (Ages 13+) rated video games by SEGA. I seriously can't decide whether I should be disturbed.... or hand the little computerized munchkin a cookie. D'awwwwww she's such a cute little self-murderer!

Other Vocaloid songs that are catchy yet are about death include Yuki Kaai's Meteor 36.0, Rin's Adult's Toy and Daughter of Evil.

Together Again
When I was a kid, I remember thinking this was a nice, happy dance beat........... and then VH1 made the announcement that this is actually a song about people who've died. The video also doesn't help, with scenes on Janet remembering her dead friends by... caressing a clone of herself?

Okay, I understand that people have a different way of expressing grief... but how is an image of you making out with yourself supposed to commemorate the dead? What's worse is that this isn't the only time she does this. Years later, she devoted an album of club songs to her dead dog. She remembered him with the following lyric in the single "All For You"

"All the girls at the party look at that body, shakin' that thing like you never did see, gotta nice package alright! Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight..."

PLEASE don't tell me what she did with the dog. ><

This really makes me curious, what is it about music that makes us ignore the lyrics altogether? I can't imagine these songs being too damaging............... and yet?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Human Relations Debacle

What happened, America?

Why did we allow lazy, good for nothing, whiny, birdbrained wastes of space, to not only get hired at "Human relations" people, but also get away with NOT hiring United States citizens, instead relying on scam artist corporations like Recruiterbox, Vector Marketing and PeopleScout to sift through "ew, icky resumes" for them??

If these names don't sound familiar to you, Google them. These companies are run in a fly-by-night fashion, offering software and a dedicated team of here today, gone tomorrow keyboard jockeys, trained to weed out everybody with an I.Q. above that of a brain damaged chimp, so you don't have to hire anybody.

And when they're done helping you ignore emails, sit on your duff and not let your pretty, little company hire anybody, and the work you actually do need done starts to pile up, what happens? That's right. Your company hires out illegal aliens and other non-US-born-people. Why? Because these people are so desperate to try and do well and earn an honest day's pay, and take care of their families, that they are willing to work below minimum wage. o these people almost work slave wages, while the actual US citizens that for serious wanted your shitty job, die homeless on the streets, because nobody had the balls to hire them.

Now I am NOT proud of this, and I highly discourage you from doing this, but these were my tweets after Twitter dropped RecruiterBox into my feed without my prior knowledge or consent.
Not my best, but when US jobs are on the line, I get pissed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's talk about Lil' Wayne, Justin Moore, Vivendi and Republic Records, M'Kay?

Wow, no sooner did I dress down what is wrong with Lil' Wayne's music do I hear about Justin Moore:

This is to country music what Lil' Wayne is to rap.

Actually, I mean that. His first single was "Back that thing up" which is named after Juvenile and Lil' Wayne's "Back Dat Azz Up". And if you watch the video, you'll notice that there are some striking similarities. Both are set in a rural, low-income setting with scantly clad women refusing to aspire to aim higher than the singer's dick.

But I will say this. At least Lil' Wayne and Juvenile didn't ask any of "Dem Bitches" to kiss a pig. Not only did Justin Moore's team ask their females to kiss a pig on the lips, some of them kissed the pig like he's a long lost lover, back from the war. It's very hard to infuriate me more than a Lil' Wayne video can, but my God, this video managed to do just that. I will accept a bootyclap over pig Frenching any day.

But what angers me at the core is seeing that Justin Moore is perpetuating the ugly, stupid and self-racist stereotype of the ignorant hick.

And he's proud of it.

He's proud of the image of the young man who chooses never to aim higher than the 5th grade.

He's proud of the image of the lazy bum, who blames everyone but himself for where he's at in life, chooses to get fat, drink, smoke and put his overall life at risk.

He's proud of the stereotype that every gun owner is a certifiable loon, worshiping the metal like it's the baby Jesus come back. He freaking sings a song that not only makes this seem acceptable, he encourages it.

And just like Lil' Wayne, no, dare I say it? More so with Moore than with Wayne, parents are encouraging their little White boys to listen to his music. Hell you'll spot a few of them in the videos.

We tell little White boys that if they're not treating woman like whores, putting deadly chemicals into their bodies, drinking Jack Daniels like it's Kool-Aid, running with hick gangs, shooting to kill and scaring people into believing every lie Fox News tells them, that they're something "wrong" with them.

We tell White boys that if they're not jerking off their guns, praising them as God himself, and shooting anybody that blinks funny, that they're not "Keepin' it 'Merica" and there's something wrong with them.

We tell little White girls to shut up, smut up, and that if they're not trying to win a wet t-shirt contest, that they must be losers.

We're telling our youth with every MP3 purchased that if you choose to speak properly, get a full education and carry themselves as something greater than a 1996 Jeff Foxworthy punchline, that they will amount to nothing in the eyes of their community.

But there's something more here that is really pissing me off, and I wouldn't be surprised if it pisses you off too.

Did you read my Lil' Wayne blog? Did you notice that the two are very similar?

GOOD. They should be.

Aren't you curious as to why Lil' Wayne and Justin Moore are choosing to release tracks, perpetuating negative stereotypes about Black and White youth? Keeping them both ghetto? I sure as Hell am!

So I researched Young Money which Lil' Wayne founded, and Big Machine Records, which Justin Moore is signed to. The tracks are just too similar, leading me to wonder if there's a link.

Young Money and Big Machine Records both share a distributor, Republic Records, an off and on subsidiary of Universal.

Republic has been behind the late Amy Winehouse, having helped her reach stardom by singing about how she refused to go to rehab, Taylor Swift's endless degrading, men-hating ballads, Florance + The Machines's  non-stop Hipster fare ~ which prompts people not to trust one another and view mundane chores as being "deep", and Nicki Minaj. I don't think I need to explain Nicki Minaj.

Maybe not all, but most of the hits Republic has been behind involve the following:
1. Drinking
2. Drugs
3. Avoiding education like it's the plague
4. Wallowing in the most stereotypical ghetto or other low-income areas of the United States to "keep it real"
5. Not trusting people
6. Shooting people as often as possible
7. Getting involved with groups of very stupid, ignorant, hateful and dangerous people
8. Fear mongering lies to your fellow man faster and with more fury than the Taliban
9. Accepting all 8 of the above as keeping it real and 'Merican.

And almost all of Republic Records's #1 hits can legit be found on Kidz Bop CDs, further teaching youth as young as five that all of the above is not only acceptable, but what they should aim for.

Republic is owned by Universal, which in turn is primarily owned by French company Vivendi, but has ties to NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast.

Vivendi used to be a water utility company, semi-created by Napoleon the third, nephew of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte. After a century supplying towns in France with water, Vivendi branched out to television in the 1980's, beginning with Pay-Per-View, and then in the 90's, heading into music.

Every single time you let your son or daughter listen to Justin Moore or Lil' Wayne, you are by proxy telling them that they need to aspire to live their lives around the negative Black and White ghetto stereotypes, that a giant corporate conglomerate in France believes is "American".

Let that sink in for a minute. We are telling our youth to smut up, shut up, stay stupid and behave like what a foreign conglomerate says American youth ought to live like.

We are actively encouraging not just big business ~ but foreign big business ~ dictate to the youth of America, that they are "worthless" if they are not acting like the douchebags and assholes in these music videos.

And what's the excuse here? If you're answer has anything to do with 'Well um um... they make money so shut up!! They know business and they know what they're doing" then congratulations my little plebeian cog, you ARE the problem.

I said this in my last blog, and I firmly stand behind it.

Stop buying these MP3s.

Stop telling your kids that this is okay. Make them get an education. Make them see that there is a far better life out there for them, than being a random thug, hick or dancer in a video.

Stop paying these people to promote this destructive, anti-American way of thinking.

Buy a Johnny Cash CD, get a Common CD, buy MP3s from people who promote living a complete life, instead of the ramblings of some trifling fool, who has the world handed to him, yet still bitches and complains about struggles he has NEVER had.

You want to keep it real? You want to be 'Merican?

Educate yourself. Aim higher.

Don't listen to Lil' Wayne and Justin Moore.

Let's talk about Lil' Wayne and Rap Culture, M'Kay?

I'm a big fan of The Rap Critic on He seems to be the voice of reason in the current culture of music, and certainly his voice was needed for this song:
Wow where can I start on this video? This video offended me on multiple levels, but Rap Critic does a fair job of summarizing what's wrong with this video. This song isn't what this blog is about.

Believe it or not, I actually do look up the biographies of people in music, especially when they've done a song that annoys me. Why do I do this? Simple. I want to count how many misgivings I may have had about someone.

A few years ago, I completely misunderstood Lady Gaga and wasn't a fan. But when I started reading about where her songs come from, I realized that they held more meaning than I ever gave them credit for. I stopped bitching and started reading the lyrics and learning her back story, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she's one of a dwindling handful of celebrities who truly does charity work because she wants to, and not because it's good for PR. I went from avoiding the radio to kind of enjoying "Just Dance" and I learned not to judge a singer by a song. Since then, I've been trying to learn about musicians so I can better understand their craft.

.... This is NOT one of those nice stories.

I've never been big on Lil' Wayne, going back to when I first heard him in the background of Juvenile's  "Back Dat Azz Up" I just didn't hear anything that sounded special. He's mostly sounded bored on his tracks, so I can't see myself dancing to anything he sings. The older he gets, the more his songs are just about getting drunk, getting high and seeing how many women he can impregnate ~ without even knowing their names. There's nothing deep, meaningful or even fun. He comes across as a douchebag, but that opinion might be a tad harsh. So I went looking into his background, just to see if maybe I was wrong. Here's what I found.

He was born to a teenaged mother ~ who was actually a full time cook at the time of his birth. His father abandoned him when he was two, but he soon had a stepfather who stepped up and guided him, and then another rapper named Birdman swooped in and guided him further. So he's been surrounded by love and guidance, despite his biological father stepping out.

He was a very smart young boy, having been an honor roll student and in a gifted program, while also being involved with drama classes ~ which he excelled at. Wrote his first rap song at age 8. However he did shoot himself with a 9 mm handgun accidentally at the age of 12, just one year after officially starting his rap career.

Despite getting great grades and testing far beyond other students his age, he chose to drop out at age 14 to focus on his rap career.

One year later, he was in the video for "Back Dat Azz Up".

Wow, right there I am frustrated.

So... you were a gifted student, on the honor roll, well onto your way of becoming a scholar... and you threw it all away so you could be in "Back Dat Azz Up" reciting the following:

Now now now now now
After you back it up, then stop
Then wha-wha-what, drop drop it like it's hot
Now after you back it up, then stop
Now, wha-wha-wha-what drop it like it's hot
Now drop it like it's hot, drop drop it like it's hot
C-M-B make you drop it like it's hot
Drop it like it's hot, drop drop it like it's hot
Drop it like it's hot, drop drop it like it's hot

I want to make this crystal clear. He was in a gifted program, and an honor roll student. There is a brain somewhere in that skull, and it's a functioning one.

But he threw that away, so he could perpetuate the stereotype of the "Dumb Azz Gangsta" spittin' lyrics that are all about degeneracy.

This man has a foundation, the One Family Foundation. This is what their petition states:

"The mission of One Family Foundation, Inc. is to empower urban youth by engaging them in opportunities to cultivate their talents and skills, educating them to become productive and economically self-sufficient, and motivating them to dream beyond their circumstances."

Yet if you go to their website, all you will find is a stark, white page with a telephone number.

Right, because when I think about sending a celebrity to teach a young child about life and how to make it, I'm going to pick a fellow who:

1. Dropped out despite being a gifted student, so he could rap about "bitches" and "hoes"
2. Knows he has epilepsy ~ and yet does slizzurp like it's going out of style
3. Has been sued 8 times for copyright infringement, a string of no-shows and for not paying people who have worked on his music for him
4. Has an arrest record a mile long
5. Views women as being rabid animals and actually used an ancient torture device on several females in a music video ~ to further glorify his ability to be a man-slut, surrounded by obedient, non-questioning females.

He later got a GED and a college degree in psychology... but chooses not to use either of these things, instead focusing more on rapping about drugs, drinking and bitches. He recently lost a deal with Pepsi, after rapping an insensitive lyric about Emmett Till.

Hypothetically, he could rap about anything. He could rap about the struggles his listeners have, such as what Arrested Development did with their hit "Tennessee", he could rap about the issues we have with teaching our youth how they should view themselves and the other gender, such as Lupe Fiasco's "Bitch Bad Woman Good". He could rap about what's wrong with the media, such as Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" or Hell, he could actually try rapping about the kids he's had, just as Will Smith did with "Just the two of us" but NOPE.

Let's just keep all of the listeners down in the gutter, by having them believe that if they're not treating woman like whores, putting deadly chemicals into their bodies, drinking cough syrup like it's Kool-Aid, running with gangs, shooting to kill and scamming people, that they're something "wrong" with them.

And it's not even that he had the negative stereotype thrust onto him unfairly, like so many celebrities in the Black community.

No. He CHOSE this life for himself.

He is actively trying to become a statistic, and his music is only driving home the image of the dumb thug.

Wanna know what kills me?

Some of his music is actually on a Kidz Bop CD.

Yeah, there are tons of parents that actually tell their kids that it's okay to listen to Lil' Wayne. And by kids, I don't mean tweens and teens. I mean KIDS. The little people who can't order a Happy Meal by themselves. That bothers the Hell out of me.

By buying his music, we are in fact helping him afford to produce more videos, teaching Black youth to ditch school, ditch their manners, get high and smack a bitch.

We are teaching our youth that living this thug life is all they should ever aspire for, and that if they get an education, speak well and carry themselves as upstanding men and women, that they're a "sell-out" to "Da Man". We call them "wannabes" and demand that they "keep it hood".

We teach these boys to shun dreaming big, in favor of learning how many times you can say the N word, before it stops being acceptable.

We lie to their faces, telling them that this level of idiocy is "keeping it real" when nothing could be further from the truth.

We don't just tell them that this is acceptable, we encourage it.

We tell young boys that if they ever try to crawl out from the ghetto mentality, that they're always going to be worthless. We tell young girls to smut up their wardrobe, and that they shouldn't try to reach for anything higher than Lil' Wayne's dick.

At what point as a mom or a dad preytell, do you think it's okay, to tell your beautiful baby, that she needs to stop dreaming, live in "Da real world" cake on makeup, strap on something in leather, and aim for being a random dancer in a music video? If the answer you're thinking of is either "that's where da monay be at" or "Hey she be workin' she be keepin' it real" then you my friend ARE the problem.

We need to stop accepting this out of rap music.

Stop buying the MP3's of people who can't even spell "diction" much less understand it's meaning and use it.

Stop letting your under 18 year olds listen to this drivel on BET and start getting them hooked onto artists like Common.

We need to stop buying into the hype of "what be real" based off of what a record label wants you to imagine is popular, and start looking for talented artists. Check an INDY rap once in a while!!

And most of all, stop teaching your youth that education is a bad word. Make your kids get some kind of an education. Homeschool them, hire a tutor, do what you can, but for the love of humanity, teach your kids that they need an education, if for nothing more than a backup plan, in case their dream of covering lyrics like "Baby just make me come, then don't make a sound" in Billboard charters doesn't exactly pan out.

It's free to do better.

It's expensive to pay to be Wayne.