Thursday, June 20, 2013

Now how does AT&T respond to my blog?

So two days after writing my humorous but sadly, accurate AT&T post, we get a package at the door for a Pace 4111N router.

We are told that the first problem was that the year-old 2WIRE modem I had before is "Ew. So old" and that 2WIRE products outside of the cheap, plastic stand, are no longer sold by AT&T. They are 2WIRE free.

To confirm, I actually did go to their website, and sure enough, not even a mention is left on the page.

What we were NOT told is that the Pace 4111N Router, is made in China by a company without a website (at least not one found by Google) and is... in fact... a 2WIRE.

AT&T bought out the company initially responsible for 2WIRE products, and have sent the tech specs out to some random place in China, so that new, black 2WIRES can be built, but under different name brands. Isn't that awesome?

Also, the Pace 4111N that we got is a year old. Had we not gotten a hardship discount for the blown service, it would have been $100. Thankfully ours was free of charge.

Set the box up and for a few hours, we had slow, then normal internet speed. The box lights keep blinking, and I have no clue if this is normal.

A dude from AT&T was parked outside. Apparently, someone from AT&T installed "something new" and fiddled with wires they shouldn't have... which blew out phone and internet for 4 blocks worth of people. I can't make that up. What the Hell did you have installed, a NASA station???

So everything "seemed" fine........................... until I tried to relax by playing on my Nintendo DS Lite.

........... No connection.

Error code 51300.

No WEP key.

Okay, no problem. Let me type in the WEP key........... and I shit you not, the number 666 is in the title.
Not like THAT'S suspicious or anything.

So I type in the key and the SSID number. Nothing.

My brother tries his 3DS, saying that maybe because my DS was used and a series one model, that this is why it can't connect.

............... Nada.

This is insane. The Roku and Mama's laptop are picking up just fine. No issues at all. But the handhelds are rejecting the WEP key.

So I go to Nintendo's support page. My router is nowhere to be found. 

I Google the router.

There is no manufacturer's website.
There is no Facebook.

Instead there are two straight pages of comments on Best Buy, about this thing dropping signal, freezing and taking the computers attached hostage, and not picking up anything ~ I dunno ~ fun, like a Nintendo.

So I hit up AT&T's website, they have instructions on how to hook up a PS3, PS2, XBOX 360 and the Wii, but that's it. No other video game consoles. Isn't it awesome how they stay up to date?

10:35 at night, my mom gets a call on her cell phone. I can't believe my ears, it's AT&T. 10:35 at night??? Holy cow, I am amazed. The call is to see if we got the box. My mom explains the issues with the Nintendos.

The work around?

1. Open Browser
2. Enter code
3. Go through entire modem.
4. Change everything
5. Scroll down
6. Re-write code
7. Save Changes
8. Enter new password, change password to WEP key.
9. Now reconfigure every freaking device in the house, because it will deactivate internet connection.
10. Keep AT&T number handy in case the phone goes out again. (I want you to read that one out loud.)

He also said twice that there is NO guarantee that we'd actually get back service for ANY device, but it's something to do.

Total time according to the 10:35 at night AT&T tech? An hour or so.

................................................................................... Or I could get a new service.

EDIT: My mother adds:

You forgot to mention that at TWO separate times in the conversation with this tech, he DID mention that IF I choose to do this, AT&T is NOT responsible for my service derping out on a permanent level AND that this has a good percentage of not working at all AND taking out the existing service that we currently juuuuust got back.

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