Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hey Racists! It's Cheerios, get a life!!

Like most of you by now, I've seen the adorable Cheerios ad, featuring the cute bi-racial girl and her White mom and Black dad. I was tickled when I first saw the ad, because the girl looks like my mom did when she was little.

So with that said, imagine my rage when I saw tons of comments on YouTube against the ad, posted by fully grown adults, calling the ad some of the following:

1. Evil
2. Against God
3. Horrible

And don't get me started on the racial slurs the child was called.

If you've missed out on all the fun, The Daily Mail has the whole story, including the innocent way the child in question is handling it.

But this is the final straw. People, like it or not, we can't act stupid anymore. We have to face up to the fact that we have a real, not pretend, race problem in America.

Stop lying.

Stop trying to tell people like me that "it's all in my head" or "I've blown this out of proportion". No. Grow up, act your age and face the issue dead on.

Growing up, I was called many names because I'm multiracial. Here's a list of some of names I heard ~ even from my own flesh and blood:

1. Pickaninny
2. The N word
3. High Yella Bitch
4. Yellowbone (By the way, Justin Bieber uses that slur in his song "Speaking in Tongues". Look it up.)
5. Wannabe (Got this from Black and White bullies as a kid)
6. White Trash N*Gga (Got this on YouTube as well)
7. Goliwog
8. Half Breed (Usually reserved for mulattoes, I'm multi, not just half, thank you)
9. Spic (I'm not Hispanic, but I got that one from a janitor at a doctor's office at age 14)
10. You people (Still get that one)

Now most of the slurs died down around 2005. I don't really know why, but people just seemed tolerant. And this was good. By 2007 I had put all of this ugly behind me.

But less than one year into President Obama's first term, they all came back with a vengeance.

Suddenly, Facebook became overrun with images of college-age boys in Blackface, people pointing fingers at every Black or mixed-race person, blaming ALL of us for why their lives suck.

Not only was racism a "just get over it you filthy N*gg*r" type of thing, it was being encouraged. Parents now have bumper stickers on their strollers, proclaiming the "fun" of killing or deporting anybody who isn't White. Black kids are taught to holler at kids of a different color, calling White kids such offensive names as Cracker and Honky. And the parents only egg the kids on.

Why do we allow this? Why are we teaching our kids to hate, just because we have a President of another color? We weren't allowing this when we had a White guy in office, so why start now?

And please spare me the lame excuse of "Um well It's not because Obama is Black, it's um um... well Ghetto kids are really~" because I'm just going to report you.

White, Black or anything else, there is no excuse for this.

There will never be an excuse to call a child a hateful name, or to teach them hate.

No excuse to hate on an individual because of the color of their skin.

No excuse to belittle a loving couple for marrying outside of their race.

And try not to get so cozy behind that Bible, else your hands start to burn. No God would ever want you to post garbage comments on YouTube, against a 6 year old girl, because she was born bi-racial. Let's not forget the "Love Thy Neighbor" comment from the book, and I'm pretty sure one of the commandments God put forth says something against "bearing false witness against your neighbor" so posting on YouTube that the little munchkin is a "whore" is probably breaking that one, oh ye of crooked faith. I'm also sure you shouldn't use His name to post hate against anybody too. That might even be a sin.

We need to own up to the fact that we have a strong race hate problem that needs to end in this country.

And stop getting butthurt over cereal. Grow up.

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