Tuesday, June 18, 2013

America wants dead women, and only live babies so we can have dead soldiers. The Bible is NOT a shield.

Some days, I hate that I was born a woman.

It's no different from being a caged animal.

Everyone wants to control the body God gave you, but nobody wants to help you when you need them.

It's evil to be a woman in America. I sin every time I breathe.

No redemption for a uterus.

You point out what people do and say, and they call YOU stupid or crazy.

Pretend that they know better than you, because they don't have your uterus.

Pretend that not knowing anything about a woman's life or basic science for that matter, makes them Holy.

"Even rape babies deserve more than YOU" That's what we teach our children to say.

We teach them that hate = love.

Until it's their daughter who needs help, it's "fuck you whore" until you die.

And people tell VIRGINS they're whores now!

Newborn virgins.

Everyone hid behind their Bibles and forced your mom to have you, but as soon as you live, you are a welfare whore.


Because Mommy needed Government aid after nobody would hire her.

Because she decided to give birth to you.

After we bullied her, and called her a murderer if she even thought about an abortion.

But now you live.

But you're on welfare?

Fuck you, whore.

We tell babies this now.
I fear for any future daughters, nieces or granddaughters I may have.

Assuming I don't die trying to birth one.

I'll try to live for my future children. I do want to see their faces as they grow. Want to hold them, and nurture them, teach them to respect the other gender as if it was their own, so I have no child beating his/her spouse, and knowing only love. I dream of this.

But I fear if they will live under the oppression I see right now.

I fear they will be told what my society tells me.

"Shut up whore. Don't oppress my way of thinking while I'm trying to oppress you."

I'm scared if my children turn out to be girls.

I pray they don't see the world I deal with.

I pray they never know from accidental or forced pregnancies.

I pray. Who listens?

Someone ought to, for them, right?

Maybe that's why I blog. So I can better the world they might have.

Just a little.

A woman can imagine, can't she?

Or is that not allowed?
A woman has sex, but her lover either didn't use a condom or his protection broke.

It's her fault.

What? Are you trying to get a job? Public aid? An abortion or someone to adopt this THING you weren't ready for? Section 8 housing that's bigger than your one bedroom apartment in case you do want to be a mom after all?

You're a whore.

Fucking stupid whore. I hope you die.

Let me Facebook about it.

What? CHURCH aid? Don't be stupid. The church can't save you now. We can pray, but we'll be too busy talking behind your back to offer support.

You're a sinner.
A woman in America gets raped.

Her attackers generally go free, or have a minimal sentence, while she has hate pages about her on Facebook. "Die Whore" is painted over her picture, and she is told it was her fault.

"What did you do to get raped? This MUST be YOUR fault", chides the cops.

She has to PROVE she was attacked, PROVE she wasn't at fault.

While her attackers make fun of her on Twitter.

What do we tell her?

Get over it. Move on. Stop crying.

A woman becomes pregnant due to rape. We force her to pay for nine months of prenatal care ~ BUT ~ we refuse to help her get a job. Why? Because pregnant women are risks. Nobody wants to be sued if she miscarries.

So she's jobless.

She tries to apply for welfare or food stamps?

♫ Welfare WHORE Welfare WHORE milking the system die die die ♪ sing total strangers on Facebook.
If she gives it up for adoption? She's immature. Can't take care of anything.
If she has an abortion? She's a murderous whore.

The Government loves to outsource our jobs, so she can't have one.

Slash her pay, so she earns the same as a modern day slave.

Kill medical bills and clinics that keep her alive.

Slash medical research.

Restrict what she can do in public.

Nobody cares if she has an ectopic pregnancy.

Nobody cares if she can't afford nine months of prenatal care or a child.

Nobody cares if she dies.

In fact, people love it when she dies. They make pages about it on Facebook, celebrating her death with Clorox coupons.
Everyone pretends they're doing this for God, ignoring how pro-choice he is in the Bible. (Ask a Canaanite)

Ignoring passage after passage where he allowed Moses, and many more men to rip open wombs, stab women, and placed curses on whole families for their sins.

Ignoring the separation of church and state, in the name of someone they don't actually know. A stipulation Jesus actually would like, since he wasn't too big on churches himself.

No, let's ignore the facts. Woman is the problem. Fuck her.
But if she does have a baby? The baby is a welfare whore.

George Carlin said it best. They want live babies so they can have dead soldiers.

When these unwanted "whore" babies grow up? We push them into the military.

We make up reasons for them to die for our "freedom".

You know, the very thing a woman does not have.


Women don't deserve that word.

Especially not for the body they were born with.

Fuck her, she was born to be a whore.

And when we can't fuck her anymore.................

We turn on our boys.

Then what?

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