Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Toe Up Day

Alright, so to recap, in the span of seven days, I've had a flood, cracks in my house's foundation, the city setting the date for the sale of my house, (now they can't decide between making it a Wal*Mart or another strip mall) frogs, toads, ants, a fight with the neighbors involving attack dogs and 6-8 year olds who drink and get high, my father bitching at me and his batshit girlfriend trying to convince me that Smurfs are a part of her soul.

But why stop there?

So as you can see in the video, I tried to hide it, but I do have psoriasis and a tinge of eczema, which are non-contagious and highly annoying auto-immune diseases. Now I tried to treat it by myself with over the counter remedies, but nothing worked. If anything it spread, so I went to see a doctor at a brand new clinic, just a mile up from my house. It's in a strip mall, just about the size of a hallway, and shares parking with the Chipotle, Five Guys and a tiny shoe store. Totally safe, right?

The entire visit didn't even last five minutes. A tiny woman from India really quickly gave me an examination from a distance with a pen, and jotted down my prescription. Seeing me in severe pain, she says "I want to give you a blood screening, but you have no insurance my darling! So this is all I can do." I never got her name. (That's not bad, right?)

Well the prescription strength Benadryl that took me for freaking ever to obtain, combined with a cream and a second pill worked a miracle. I stopped looking like Elmo and started looking like a regular person again. The next time I saw her, I only had a few small spots on my arm.

... Then 68 hours into the first blog link I posted, I get three new spots. So naturally I call the doctor.

She says she'll call in a prescription for me for an antibiotic cream. Did you know that stress and mold spore contact are both BAD things for psoriasis? Weeee.

So I figure that I'll get the cream and that will be that.

This morning I woke up to an interesting phonecall from my pharmacy.

They had a "glitch" with my prescription.

Guess what?

I don't have a doctor anymore.

Apparently she "went away" and don't work there anymore. They couldn't even verify if she was a real doctor. Awesomesauce.

Well stress and figuring out how a doctor could "go away" in the span of two weeks... kind of makes me hungry. So I took a walk to Walgreen's to pick up dinner. Along the way, I stopped at the car dealership that sold my mom a lemon of a Buick:

How that place stays in business I have no idea. But I saw they have a new car for sale:
Complete with bungee cords holding the bumper on.

 Sealed shut bottle of Spic n' Span in the drink compartment.

Those are USED boxers under that sign.

More used underwear.

Next to the car shop are a comic shop and a pizza place ~ both just went out of business the other day.

Moving is going to be awesome.

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