Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mick Foley & Bob Backlund bumped OFF of TV? APOLOGIZE!! (UPDATED APRIL 5TH!!)

I heard the rumors for two days, but I was really hoping they were just that, rumors.

But as it turns out, they were 100% true, as confirmed by Mick Foley via Twitter this afternoon, that his speech was being cut from the televised broadcast of the WWE Hall of Fame.

At the same time, I discovered that Bob Backlund's speech was also being cut.

This injustice had to be corrected. So I created a C.M. Punk "Apologize" meme, and got it sent to Mick and to the world right away.

What I never expected was the immediate and positive reaction I got, not just from Mick Foley, but from the entire wrestling community, and dare I say it? The WWE Universe. I'll let my Twitter feed speak for itself, be sure to give everyone listed a shoutout on Twitter if you can:

Obviously, these fans love professional wrestling, but more to the point, they love and respect Bob Backlund and Mick Foley.

Mick Foley has always been one of the WWE's most enthusiastic supporters, very rarely calling out questionable decisions, choosing only to do so when it's fair. His characters have always brought about the best when it comes to both action and storytelling, and his ability to write compelling books on his own has done much to take down the stereotype of the "dumb wrestler". His unique take on hardcore wrestling has inspired new wrestlers to pick up where he left off, but with a more educated and cautious flair. The Attitude Era would never have gotten to be nearly as popular without the ECW alumni.

Bob Backlund put technical grappling front and center in the spotlight during his heyday. He knew he wasn't as flashy as Superstar Billy Graham or as muscular as Bruno Sammartino, and he used that less as a disadvantage and more as an excuse to do twice as much in the ring as others his own size. Wrestling fans in the 1970's took note of that, and by staying focused on wrestling itself, he created a legacy that has since paved the way for other technical grapplers like William Regal, Dean Malenko and Bryan Danielson.

Even non-WWE fans and non-Wrestling fans know who these two are. They are an important part of the WWE's legacy, and neither man should be cut down for a washed up reality star like Donald Trump.

No offense to the multiple time bankrupted celebrity, but his dealings with the WWE have been few and far between, being relegated to the same Wrestlemania guest appearance spots in the 1980's as Liberace.

The fact that it's Trump taking up most of the time is what's hurting and angering the WWE Universe the most. Not only has he not contributed more than a few spot payments to Vince McMahon in the 80's, and a sad Hair vs. Hair match a few scant years ago, he's done much to downplay his relationship with the McMahons, while Backlund and Foley have bled for Vince McMahon ~ literally. The two have sacrificed time with their loved ones, sacrificed their health and well being, if only to entertain the audience at home and abroad.

Vince McMahon has always bent over backwards to try and please Donald Trump, eager to be accepted by a celebrity he looks up to as a brother. In return, Trump has done a fair job of putting him down, snubbing him, but taking him for all he's worth anyway.

On the flip-side  Foley and Backlund have allowed the WWE to profit from their battered bodies and image in the form of T-Shirts, DVDs, VHS tapes, Blu-Ray, action figures, and a wide array of other products, garnering profit for the McMahon name. Even when not in the company, they have both continued to offer praise to the WWE and help them stay fresh in the minds of even the most casual wrestling fan.

And in turn, the fans want better, as reported by The Angry Marks Network today.

Many people within the WWE Universe have already voiced their grievances to Vince McMahon's Twitter account, and many more will be doing it in person at the Fan Axxes events this weekend.

Certainly, this is as good a time as any to make your voice heard. Let's remind the WWE that it's folly to cut Foley and Backlund from the USA broadcast.


Just saw some great news from Mick Foley's Facebook:

Sources tell us that a last minute deal brokered between Santa Claus and WWE owner Vincent McMahon have saved what could have been an ugly incident at Saturdays Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Santa broke the news on his official Twitter site @SantaClausWay, tweeting, "don't worry @RealMickFoley. I had a nice talk with @VinceMcMahon and your #WWEHOF speech WILL be televised."
Foley was said to be so happy that he jumped for joy, before realizing that his arthritic knees no longer allow him to jump, causing him to crumble clumsily into a hot dog cart in Times Square. Helpful onlookers helped the Hardcore Legend to his feet, and actually began a "Foley" chant, which ended almost as soon as it started - and possibly sooner, according to an onlooker who admitted to losing quite a bit of respect for Foley during the course of the incident.
We'll have more as this breaking story develops. But for now, it truly seems that Santa Claus has saved the day - Saturday - for his number one fan. Foley asked that we share the link to his "Saint Mick" t-shirt.

I'm hoping the same will be said for Mr. Backlund. Let's keep it up!


WWE and Mick Foley confirmed that the Hall of Fame has been restructured. EVERYONE will have their own time on the TV broadcast.

And as a bonus, Booker T's big brother Stevie Ray is inducting the WCW alumni, making for a Harlem Heat reunion.

I love a happy ending. ^_^

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