Friday, January 4, 2013

Illinois Center For Broadcasting SCAM: A $16,000 student loan ~ so you can work at the Goodwill

Once upon a time, my mother went to the Illinois Center For Broadcasting.

She used a $16,000 student loan to go to the broadcasting school, earn a certificate and get a job in the industry, either on radio, television or in general voice acting.

They promised her a "good paying job in the field" and told her there was job assistance.

$16,000 later, she does not have a job, and the ONLY job they sent her today was for the Goodwill.

Is this to do voice-over work for Goodwill? No.
Is this to film a Goodwill commercial? No.

This is to stock shelves.

At Goodwill.

For $7 an hour.

Which equates to $14,560 per year, before taxes.

The poverty line in the United States is for those making $20,000 per year.

So she would be making $5,440 under the poverty line per year.

Working at Goodwill.

Stocking shelves.

With the $16,000 certificate the Illinois Center for Broadcasting gave her.

At the non-radio job, stocking shelves at the Goodwill they sent her.

After she used a $16,000 student loan for them to teach her voice over work, television, radio, behind the scenes in all media and video production.

Would you like to spend $16,000 for the same certificate and the chance to work for less than the poverty line at the Goodwill?

I didn't think so.

Many of the ex-students have been posting online that their equipment is old, being held together by duct tape, and that the computers still run on Windows XP ~ despite claims of "new goods".

Most got in on the promise of receiving an iPod or iPad upon registration. Only a third of them ever see such luxury items.

Rip-off report is currently collecting your stories on it, and already there are trolls posting FAKE "Nu-uh this is the best school ever, you're being butthurt" comments. 

The school hires people to post fake "positive" reviews for the school, often, the teachers themselves pose online to different college sites as their own students, posting positive reviews and talking about how innovative the campus is and how affordable dorms are.

There are NO dorms on the site. It's not even a campus, as it's behind a shopping center.

Two more people have accused them of blatant fraud:

 If you've been scammed like my mom was, I suggest you find a lawyer, they have been scamming people from at least 2009 onward, and recently paid the BBB off to expunge their complaints from 2010.


  1. Very interesting. I thought about enrolling at this school back in 2010-ish and something about it didn't feel right so I didn't. Fast forward to today and I thought about joining again but I just don't feel right about it? It sounds a little too good to be true and I am skeptical. I'm trying to do my homework and I'm not finding anything however, it doesn't mean that they are not being dishonest. I'm afraid I'll go to the school and after I have completed the courses that the State will finally intervene and shut it down - who knows. In this State everything seems to be a scam, for now I guess I'm steering clear of this school. Such a shame.

  2. Did they change their name to Illinois Media School? I work with a borderline retarded fool who is commuting 140 miles from Champaign to get fleeced by that place under the delusion he will end up in some lucrative career. The very fact they would admit a dummy like this who can barely tie his own shoes who LIVES ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STATE tells me their just in it for the money and the place can't be on the up and up.

    1. I just Googled it, and YES, I can confirm this IS the exact same school. I'm not sure when the name change took place, but they are operating under the following names:

      Illinois Center for Broadcasting
      Illinois Media School
      National Broadcast & Multimedia School
      Beonair Network
      National Broadcast Media

      Their website is still and they do have a campus in Ohio as well as in Illinois.