Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Human Relations Debacle

What happened, America?

Why did we allow lazy, good for nothing, whiny, birdbrained wastes of space, to not only get hired at "Human relations" people, but also get away with NOT hiring United States citizens, instead relying on scam artist corporations like Recruiterbox, Vector Marketing and PeopleScout to sift through "ew, icky resumes" for them??

If these names don't sound familiar to you, Google them. These companies are run in a fly-by-night fashion, offering software and a dedicated team of here today, gone tomorrow keyboard jockeys, trained to weed out everybody with an I.Q. above that of a brain damaged chimp, so you don't have to hire anybody.

And when they're done helping you ignore emails, sit on your duff and not let your pretty, little company hire anybody, and the work you actually do need done starts to pile up, what happens? That's right. Your company hires out illegal aliens and other non-US-born-people. Why? Because these people are so desperate to try and do well and earn an honest day's pay, and take care of their families, that they are willing to work below minimum wage. o these people almost work slave wages, while the actual US citizens that for serious wanted your shitty job, die homeless on the streets, because nobody had the balls to hire them.

Now I am NOT proud of this, and I highly discourage you from doing this, but these were my tweets after Twitter dropped RecruiterBox into my feed without my prior knowledge or consent.
Not my best, but when US jobs are on the line, I get pissed.

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  1. No, you should be proud of yourself here. You did what George Carlin urged people to do: question stupidity and expose fraud.