Friday, September 2, 2011

Moonies in distress? Toonmakers rises from the dead!

Oh no..... Oh dear God no....

Toonmakers... LIVES!!???
And I'm sorry to say that they are PROUD of this video!

I cleaned this up myself. So now you can see how this cheap company bastardized my favorite anime... color corrected and in HD!

You'll note that they made Jupiter handicapped, Mercury Asian, Moon White, and Venus and Mars different ethnicities. Also, Luna and Artemis are the SAME cat, a female.

Who are Toonmakers? Well here's how they describe themselves:

"Toon Makers Inc. was founded in 1991 to provide superior quality Animation and Production Management for feature films, television, commercial productions and interactive games. Our client list includes Universal Studios, Fox, Disney, ABC, Turner Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Film Roman, Saban, Colgate, Burger King and Bandai (USA) Toys.Our studio has contributed animation and production management for the feature films "The Pagemaster," "Once Upon a Forest," Tom and Jerry the Movie," "Fern Gully" and "Thumbelina." Television projects include "The Pink Panther," "Fievel Goes West," "Back to the Future," "The Adventures of Oliver Twist," "Spy Dogs," " Flint the Time Detective," Bad Dog" and "Mon Colle Knights" among others.Toon Makers’ producers have overseen the production of over 200 half hours of animation for Fox Family, Fox Kids Network and ABC Family and our Development Team created and produced pilots for Bandai International (Sailor Moon) Levy-Mann (Itty Bitty Heartbeats) and Colgate Palmolive (Doctor Rabbit and the Adventures of Tooth Kingdom).Current projects in production include "Phantom of the Opera," The Ornament" "Dick Danger Space Mercenary" and "The Adventures of the Talking Crayons" as well as educational programming for Colgate International and The National Nutritional Network.Animation, Character Design, Illustrations, Writing, Music, Pitch Packaging and Branding are just a few of the services provide by Toon Makers. Our studio provides 2D/3D animation along with Digital Ink and Paint, Motion Capture, Live Action and Live Action/Animation Composite. Toon Makers will provide everything needed to take your animation or live action project from "Concept to Screen.""

And this is the Wikipedia entry about the video:

The Toon Makers Music VideoWhen Sailor Moon was up for bids by Toei to be produced in North America, Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment, who worked closely with Bandai and Toon Makers, Inc., conceptualized their own version of the property, which was half live-action and half Western-style animation. Toon Makers produced a 17-minute proof of concept presentation video, as well as a two-minute music video, for this concept, which Renaissance-Atlantic presented to Toei. Toei ultimately rejected Renaissance-Atlantic's bid because the series as Renaissance-Atlantic and Toon Makers envisioned it would have cost significantly more than simply exporting and dubbing the original anime. The music video was exhibited at a panel at Anime Expo 1998 by Allen Hastings, then with NewTek, Inc., and met with scorn, ridicule, and derision. A convention attendee taped the music video off the screen and uploaded the footage, which includes an introduction by Hastings and brief comments by other convention attendees afterwards, to the Internet. The clip has since been copied numerous times and can currently be viewed on many streaming video sites. Because of the relatively poor quality of the source video and circulated footage, many anime fans believed that the music video was actually a leaked trailer for the now-inactive project instead of an exhibition of a promotion piece. Additional copies of the footage, with Hastings' intro excised, have since been uploaded to the Internet and served only to bolster the mistaken belief. Because Renaissance-Atlantic had previously been instrumental in Saban Entertainment's acquisition of Toei's Super Sentai series for reimagining as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, people who viewed the music video mistakenly believed that Saban had actually created it and began to call it "Saban Moon." The Toon Makers music video has been called a worst-case scenario with regards to how Sailor Moon would have been presented in North America, in comparison to the original anime episodes that were eventually dubbed by DIC Entertainment and Cloverway Inc. and aired. Rocky Solotoff, Toon Makers' president and founder, wrote, directed, and produced the pilot episode of Renaissance-Atlantic's version of Sailor Moon, which to this day, has not been exhibited publicly.All five Guardian Senshi are depicted in the music video. Though Solotoff is legally prohibited from divulging much information regarding the Renaissance-Atlantic/Toon Makers version of Sailor Moon, he does reveal, in an interview with Animefringe magazine, the origin of the concept and music video, debunking many of the stories and speculations that had been connected to both. Details revealed in the interview include confirmation that both a white and black cat were planned to be in the series, although only a fluffy white cat is seen in the music video (according to the lyrics, this cat was meant to be Luna), and that each Senshi was written to be of a different nationality.Two curious remnants of Toon Makers' involvement with Sailor Moon remained after Renaissance-Atlantic shelved the project. The Renaissance-Atlantic series featured vehicles which did not appear in the original metaseries. One of these was the Moon Cycle, which Bandai manufactured a toy version of as part of the North American line of Sailor Moon toys. The Moon Cycle toy remains one of the more curious pieces of Sailor Moon merchandise produced for the North American market. More prominently, the Sailor Moon logo featured at the end of the music video was retained as the official North American Sailor Moon logo for the metaseries and all related programs and merchandising.

Let us never forget the horror... of Saban Moon.

The ONLY way to see Sailormoon is uncensored and as the series was originally made.


  1. This almost makes me glad of the DiC dub, and that's saying something! Why exactly would Makoto have to be handicapped? Did they think that her height was an issue or something? And "A normal 16 year old girl," I think she was 13-14 at the start of the series, no? And wait, WOAH, WOAH! Did i just see a yellow fuku at 2:26? Was that Sailor sun? Even the camera guy filming this is laughing cuz it's ridiculous. I guess I can say the only good thing is that they make them seem like normal girls, but then again, Usagi wasn't normal. She had to worry about her often-turned-evil boyfriend, her brat of a daughter, how to govern the future and things like that. I'm so disappointed. Now I'll go to Barnes and Noble to get my new copy of BSSM and Codename: Sailor V.

  2. -_-; The yellow skirt... was supposed to be Sailor Venus. I forgot to mention that part.

    Codename Sailor V (Spoiler: you will love it) takes place one year before Sailormoon, where Minako is 13. In Sailormoon, she and the other Senshi are 14 at the start of the Dark Kingdom arc.

  3. I just went to Barnes and Nobles on Saturday and they seemed to just have to copies of Sailor Moon. I wonder if they flew off the shelves (but they weren't together, just randomly placed about) or if they didn't re-stock. Also no Sailor V :(

  4. This was just a promotional music video, and unfortunately not the actuaul 17 minute concept pilot episode that was created =(
    It would be interesting to see the full 17 minute pilot, I know this is heavily criticized, but it may have wound up becoming as popular as Power Rangers (aka Super Sentai) (if I'm not mistaken they are still making Power Rangers...)

  5. There's a 17 minute video? Oh wow, I wonder what the whole episode is like.

  6. Just recently read Sailor V, and you were right, it was awesome! I don't quite understand why her attacks are more moon based, though, but it was still really cool. Hoping to get SM vol.2 and Sailor V vol. 2 soon.

  7. Okay, small spoiler. When you get to Sailormoon Volume 2, Artemis and Minako let it slip that he had Sailor V act as a decoy princess. He knew the Dark Kingdom was looking for the crystal and subsequently Princess Serenity, so Minako poses as the princess, to throw Queen Beryl off. That's pretty much why she had the moon powers. :)

  8. THIS IS MADNESS and it makes me content with DiC(k)'s dub