Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PPV Food for Thought

With all the talk about how the WWE "always" turns a good profit, they pay you in ponies and rainbows, and the whole "Punk's stupid for saying Vince really is NOT a billionaire" thing, I just want to point something out.

I've brought up on Wrestling Roundtable before that WWE is NOT drawing what they used to. But the issue of course is that I was comparing attendance figures from the 1990's and comparing them to today.

Now Eric has pointed out that the 90's is when wrestling was enjoying a "fad" period, so if that's the case, maybe I should pick a different year. In the interest of fairness you know. ^_~

So I plucked out the year 2003. Current enough that veteren fans will remember it, yet distant enough that some of the names have changed.

Over the Limit replaced Backlash quite a while ago as the May PPV, yes? So let's compare the numbers.

2003 was not one of WWE's best years. If anything the storylines were just inexcusably BAD imo. Even the extra-large, end of the year commemorative magazine (yes I have it) they released did little to stop me from celebrating the END of that year. But take a look at this:

Judgment Day 2003: Sales of $315,000, 13,000 people in attendance.

Over the Limit 2011: Sales of $90-200,000 buys with 6,500 in attendance.

Alarming, isn't it?

Now the first event after Wrestlemania used to do pretty well, since it was the show (Backlash) that would generally carry on from the fallout of the big event, right? It's been replaced with Extreme Rules. Check this out:

Backlash buyrate from April 27, 2003: $450,000 in sales. 10,000 in attendance.

Extreme Rules: $200,000 in sales, 10,000 in attendance.

The attendance number is the same, but the sales are cut by $250,000.

This is striking. They are now at the point where they can't even keep up with their BAD years.

June of 2003 saw WWE Bad Blood, which had 10,000 people in attendance and with ticket/DVD/PPV sales combined grossed over $500,000. And this was a card in which the second match up involved Chris Nowinski in a red and white, Varsity style jacket and clear plastic face mask.

Wait back up. Varsity-style jacket with a maroon outfit... clear plastic face mask... No...



So anyway, $500,000 buys? That's pretty epic, right? Almost a UFC number for a PPV that had a small buildup and only two matches that were really talked about after the fact.

June 2011? We had the aptly named Capitol Punishment. An early estimate claims they may have done $180-200,000 in sales, but then an estimate is just a well intentioned guess. May not be December to Dismember or Great American Bash bad, but not essentially good either.

They can release all the press videos they want to, the numbers don't lie. Something is wrong with the WWE right now.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The ride of El Gilipollas and his Sloppy Joe male escort

Today is June 25, 2011. It is not a holiday.

My mom and I park at the Jewel-Osco parking lot, which today is being used by people going over to the fair.

Now in my area of Chicagoland, there is a traveling carnival that goes around Markham, Harvey, Munster, and several other small townships, between Illinois and Indiana. I’ve never been past the gate, as this is probably the least safe carnival you can imagine. The Octopus ride has been re-painted, to cover up the bloodstains from a few years ago, when an unfortunate victim was reduced to mush. The Ferris wheel has bright blue lights, replacing the yellow and red lights from 1999. A lot of the small buildings are rickety with shingles that fly off, chipping paint and questionable rides. The tents typically blow aside to form a parallelogram, and the sideshow acts don’t even bother to dress up most of the time. For this they ask for $20 just to get inside the gate. I dare not ask how much the rides or cot-un candy is. (You note my spelling?)

Usually they park the carnival in an unincorporated area of grass, but today they are stationed in the parking lot of the Church of “have an abortion and we will tattle to Satan on you”. Call me crazy, but I think it’s tacky to see Carny workers selling fake cotton candy to children right next to the sign that says “In memory of aborted fetuses” which has a picture of a broken heart and a shaking baby fist. (I really can’t make this up.)

So anyway, Mama and I are parked across the street, at Jewel. Why? Because we need bread, and bread is sold at Jewel, which is a grocery store. Novel concept, ain’t it?
About 6 feet from the car, this surly, fat, smelly, white-haired midget jumps out in front of Mama.

“Where de hell did joo park, meng?”

“Uh… over there. Why?”

“Are joo going to da fair? Joo can’t park here, meng.”

For the record, El Gilipollas here is dressed in a white polo shirt and jeans. There is NO badge to be seen.

“I’m not going to the fair.” Says my mom, getting agitated. “I’m here to buy bread.”

“Joo can’t park here unless joo is going to Jewel, meng. Joo gonna get bread at the fair? Joo can’t get bread at the fair and park here.”

“I’m going to JEWEL.”

“Okay fine meng. You better, cause joo know joo can’t park here if you’re going to da fair. Too many people are using this parking lot trying to get to da fair.”

Mama’s face gets red. “Next time you might wanna wear a badge.”

“I can show joo my badge meng!”

“Why don’tcha wear it then!?”

“I can show joo my badge, meng.”

For the rest of the day, many customers complained that this asshole was only targeting ethnic women. But OH! The little White teenagers who have their party hats on, going to the fair, they’re a-ok in El Gilipollas’s book.

Better yet? El Gilipollas decided to let his filthy, Emo-shit male escort eat a Sloppy Joe over MY MOM’S CAR while a couple of Misfit-shirt-wearing teens blow cigarette smoke at me on the way back.

I glare at the Emo shit, and he just shoots me this look like “TCH Whatever bitch.” And then glares back like my motioning for his ass to MOVE is somehow a “rude gesture”.

Noooooo princess. Trust me. I have a few rude gestures for ya. That ain’t it.

Then comes the point where I wanted to ask my mom to slam on the gas and mow El Gilipollas down like Samurai Mike against a Patriot during the 85-86 NFL season.

“What’s with all the foreigners, meng?”

=_O Foreigners??? FOREIGNERS???!?!?!


Oh I took GREAT joy in flipping El Gilipollas off. Where the bloody fuck does an asshole who can barely survive the English language like that

a) Get a job from an American company BEFORE me or a chunk of my American-assed friends??

b) Have that job be of some sort of importance ala Parking Lot Guardian and

c) Get to call my BORN AND RAISED AMERICAN ASS foreign?!?

Fuck you very much El Gilipollas! He’s just lucky I don’t waltz up on his ass, plant my foot where the sun don’t shine and say “I’M I-N-S, BITCH!!”

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Be a Star! Eliminate the Hate! And back it up this time!!

Before I talk about Be a Star and Stop the H8, let me tell you what I went through, starting in April.

It’s been several weeks since I was told that there is a hate site about me: http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Codenamesailorearth Everything I do is reported on there. Even when I posted a video that stated “Post this and you show the world you have NO life other than to stalk me” they still posted it AND tried to defend themselves! They are PROUD of it!

A group of individuals have decided to stalk me, harass me, post defiled photos of my friends and family, and they’ve labeled me a whore who needs to hang herself.

For a month there was a separate hate blog devoted to my being “heartless, cruel and evil” and I have had to alter the settings on my accounts. A Vocaloid Wiki even had me on a blacklist~ which they did NOT tell me about for three weeks, and my name was left up until I was able to prove to them that I am not an “evil” person.

I was even told that I am pure evil because I am mixed race, my existence makes everyone I know retarded, and that all of my art is awful and if I know what’s good for me, I’ll shut up, let them make pornography photos of me, and then kill myself.
I was also told that this is all “Just for lulz” and that by fighting back, I am the one trolling my attackers, and I was called “Sailor Whore Meth Bitch”. We should all shut up and let cyber bullies have all the fun we want. Essentially “Take it and die, BITCH”.

The death threats and nasty messages started over a 3 minute CGI I made of popular Vocaloid character Miku Hatsune. Apparently although the owners of the character and software don’t care, if you change a costume on a model not deemed “alright” to change, you are evil, and you need to have ALL of the MMD/Vocaloid community rain down on you.

Once more, this is all over a CGI. And a majority of the people who attacked me are ADULTS.

There in lies the problem. Not so much what I went through, but the fact that we have more than one generation of ADULTS, who for lack of a better term, are bullies.

We live in a society that says that temper-tantrums and death threats are not only ok, they might get you on television. Why, for telling a child on YouTube to punch herself in the mouth, certain people are guaranteed a shot on Jersey Shore!

Bullies are no longer reduced to the playground. At work, you likely call yours “boss” or “employee of the month”. Online, they are strangers. Out and about you see bullies everywhere, and for the most part, the victim is told to suck it up. Deal with it. It’ll always be there. Like it.

Celebrities like Billy Corgan, Raven Simone, Katt Williams and Amber Rose deal with “haters” on a daily basis. Even 13 year old Rebecca Black now has a hate shrine devoted to her on ED, with porn photos provided by a 31 year old man in Australia. All because of her goofy hit “Friday” ~ a song she made for fun, not for any other reason.

We tell victims of this abuse all the time that if you’re a victim, YOU are the problem, and your bully has the right to hound you until you die. HE is the “real” victim, not you. Why if you weren’t “you” maybe he wouldn’t beat you up so bad, or she wouldn’t post photos of your dead veteran uncle with the word “Nigger” emblazoned on the top. It’s all your fault, stupid victim. YOU need counseling, your bullies are doing their job.

Police enforcement never steps in, until someone is dead. Even when they are confronted by a woman or child who is bleeding, the average cop just sighs heavily and says “Domestic dispute. Nothing I can do. Go home.” You even risk arrest if the police take the bully’s side over yours! And with so many people dead or on depression medication due to harassment, it hardly seems fair.

But hold on, not everyone is this cruel. Not everyone champions the bullies.

There are several well-intentioned people in America, who have started anti bully websites and coalitions. A few of them are right here, some even from the FBI:
Now granted, stalking laws themselves are still a joke in most states, and until you or your child is dead, your local police will REFUSE to help you (as mine did) but there is still hope. These sites may not get a hate shrine taken down on time, but it’s better than being told “you deserve it”.

Around the same time that I was changing the settings on one of my accounts, TNA started the “Eliminate the Hate” campaign:

And a few weeks ago, the WWE joined up with Be a Star:

Now on paper, BOTH campaigns sound like a very wise and sound idea.

Growing up, I turned to wrestling for comfort each time I was being bullied, either at school, in public or even by relatives I no longer speak to. I lived vicariously through ECW, which despite the violence had a very positive message, that no matter who or what you are, you can be a screw up, and still be a somebody. So this sounds like a natural choice for TNA and then WWE to make. (Hell, I’ll admit I took solace when they added Bryan to the commercial the week my hate site went up.)

But something is… missing?

True, the commercials are a positive addition to the big two’s programming, but they really aren’t backing it up.

The same week the 2nd WWE ad went viral, Bryan wrestled a match, in which commentator Michael Cole openly harasses Bryan over being a nerd and a vegan. He picked apart at every ounce of Bryan, even making jokes about Bryan’s Indy past.

Now in wrestling, usually when someone is picked apart like that, a confrontation is had where the perpetrator is chastised or at the very least, beaten. A match is booked, we have 3 weeks of back and forth banter, then the beating occurs, 1 2 3 the end. Classic.

Here? Nothing was done.

Cole picked apart 8 other wrestlers, even though he was told to stop.

Not only was there NO repercussions for his actions, he was rewarded with a nicer booth!

Over the last 6 months, we’ve seen this happen with other on screen characters. And yet, none of the characters get punished.

By now, those of you following John Cena are already sick of hearing about the time he made several Gay jokes. He’s a GOOD GUY, and is currently being super-marketed to CHILDREN as a hero, and yet he is free to make jokes not usually heard outside of a Jerry Springer re-run.

R-Truth, who was until recently a good guy, pointed out a lot of the racial based de-pushing that goes on in the WWE, and how Cena ~ who typically breaks the rules as mentioned before ~ is constantly in the limelight, while the rest of the roster is doomed to toil away in obscurity. All R-Truth asked for was a fair shake. A fair match. A fair shot. That’s all.

Last night was the PPV. R-Truth was asked to job out after a water cup to the face. Cena was rewarded with the pretty belt. HUH??

Other wrestlers crack jokes about the color of Sheamus’s skin color. Sheamus is the “bad” guy.

Kharma was picked on for being a large woman and pregnant, not only on television, but on Twitter as well. And the bad girls weren’t alone either, even the so-called “good girls” of the Diva locker-room blasted her openly on Twitter!

Randy Orton, outed in the press many years ago for defecating in Michelle McCool’s purse in real life, and who openly admitted to smoking pot, is now being pushed as a good guy for television. Everytime he pokes fun at Christian’s 5’10 frame, he’s handed another chance to pick his own matches.

NXT and Tough Enough respectively, are based on young wrestlers with dreams of stardom, being attacked and bullied by the people they looked up to as children. Those men and women are constantly being told that they are “stupid” and will never amount to anything, because of who they are.

TNA is no better. It’s only been within recent months that they finally ceased a storyline in which the “Beautiful People” promised to cleanse the world “one ugly person at a time” each girl involved with the “cleansing” was rewarded with a title belt, and top billing.

Eric Bischoff recently was seen on screen making fun of Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red and Generation ME, because they are under 6’2, and he even said flat out that as long as they were short, they would never amount to anything, and this, they were unworthy of a push. He is still on top as a leader on television, while the afore mentioned men are currently trying to hang onto their spots on the low card.

Both companies started off with campaigns with worthy intentions, and yet neither seems capable of backing any of it up.

In fact if you asked the people in charge at WWE and TNA respectively, they would likely tell you that the storylines are “just for fun TV” not meant to be taken seriously. Who cares if the “little guy” or the “different guy” gets blasted on TV, what does it have to do with my campaign?

The sad truth, is that it may have everything to do with it.

Now for the record, Be a Star is a website:

Speaking as someone who has dealt with bullying and is currently being cyber stalked, I can say the site is based on good intentions.

BUT ~ a good intention is NOT a whole organization. It's just a very happy thought, really.

The anti-bully campaign WWE has started, was recently met with criticism via the Huffington post, for their past and present contradictory behavior:
TNA’s campaign was met with nothing but criticism, even from victims of bullying.
Why? Because nobody is taking it seriously, starting with the big two.
If these two companies want their fanbase(s) to take this seriously, they need to back up their own campaigns. And for this to work, look no further than tapes of ECW.

As I said before, ECW was based on the belief that you can be a screw-up in society, but with perseverance and determination, you can be anything you want to be. They proved that you can be short, tall, Black, White, Goth, covered in barbed wire, or anything else, and you can be a champion.

This is the right idea for this day and age! And it takes no money and no time to re-create for today’s television.

For example, let’s re-visit the Sheamus story I mentioned earlier. If these people were serious, they would market a victim of bullying as a hero. Instead of Sheamus having to deal with people calling him “Wendy” or “Mayonnaise” why not have Sheamus cut a promo, where he says that the bullying won’t hold him down. That the teasing from haters makes him stronger. Have him be a hero to children who stands up to bullies.

Have Cena and Orton be heels, and have them face off against the people they made fun of. Make up a new character that represents someone Cena might have offended, and let Cena grow into a new role. Even Hogan was a heel once, and made it work.

Why not let R-Truth start a group, consisting of men from different walks of life, who band together and prove that you don’t need to be John Cena to hold the belt. Call it something catchy like 3 Live Krew or something. This is still being marketed as a kids and family show, right?

Velvet Sky, formerly of the Beautiful People is a face now. Why not have her cut a promo on how her prior “cleansing” existence wasn’t fair, and show her turning her life around? It may not be much, but it would sell tickets in Florida.

Have WWE film crews follow Kharma the way they followed HHH when he had the quad tear. Have them show the bravery this young woman has as she puts her career dream on temporary hold, in order to provide proper healthcare for her child. Show the little girls watching that it’s never alright to harass others for their size, and that you can be a mommy, AND be whatever else you want to be as well.

Why not let Bryan club Cole over the head, and show him that the word “Loser” is not spelled N-E-R-D?

It’s really not impossible for these two to back up their campaigns, and with all the negative press, now is the perfect time to turn things around.

But until they do, it looks like Eliminate the Hate and Be a Star, are just clever PR stunts.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not fuckin' funny, Dorothy! Twitter better than news stations?

As I type this out, I am checking the reports, frantically. A tornado touched down and then dissipated over Calumet City. A second tornado has been spotted over East Chicago. I am between both towns and my sky looks rather icky. O_O;

The tornado sirens just stopped, and I am lucky *Touch wood* enough to say that the initial tornado watch is ending. However I am under flood warning, as my area has had plenty of severe storms off and on for 7 days now, with another 7 days of stay-yo-ass-inside ahead of me.

And as I type, my moron neighbors are shooting off guns and fireworks. I suppose it's part of the tradition. The sky turns sepia, a random 12 year old screams for Auntie Em, and we have to blow our own faces off. And it's POURING outside with hail, despite the 80+ degree weather, and there's another tornado warning.

You may be shocked to read that this ISN'T the problem I am blogging about.

The problem? I'm learning all about the tornadoes via Twitter. Not even via links to important news sites, but via diligent micro-bloggers across the United States.

Why am I not reading the news from a more reputable source? Why is my television screen currently devoid of CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC and WGN?

The answer dear readers, is because Twitter is more reliable.

CBS at the time of the horrid news was too busy playing Entertainment Tonight. Apparently grave sites of the rich and living impaired is much too important to interrupt over a silly old tornado.

NBC is playing Access Hollywood. Well excuse me very much for wanting them to stop the press release on Toddlers n' Tiaras. I did not realize the grip of babies dressed like hoochie mamas had on our nation.

ABC is playing a reality show. WGN is playing a re-run of Family Guy.

FOX is playing a re-run of the American version of The Office. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realize that the bastardization of an old, BBC near-comedy took precedence over Chicago land based funnel clouds.

And what of major news channels, CNN and Headline News? Why they're too busy discussing whether or not Casey Anthony is misunderstood and just needs a hug after murdering her daughter in cold blood.

They're also trying to figure out if a man should be impeached over showing the world his male anatomy via Twit Pic. Oh noooooo, please don't look into whether or not the man raised or lowered taxes, fed the poor or mapped out plans for better schools. No, we Americans elect people based on what they do with their personal lives. So please do go on about Wiener's Wiener.

And as you slowly discover that ALL politicians NOT named Obama, need to be fired because they're ALL cheating on their spouses, I'll be setting up shop in the hallway. You know, the one place in the house away from windows and built to withstand a cave-in.

This to me screams what is wrong with society in general. Our "News" channels are failing us. Our newspapers are dying, and all because the "powers that be" only care about what's popular.

Right now, my brother is frantically waiting for the next update from Twitter, to see if he needs to seek shelter, or just keep a flashlight handy. Shouldn't the NEWS stations handle his concerns? How did we come to this?

For as much as the old people of America LOVE to blame technology for the downfall of society, it's the things they looked to most when they were my age that are truly the culprits. Through our news stations, we're telling the public that it's perfectly OK to follow the lives of total strangers, simply because they're famous. It's OK for a man with a camera to stalk a random stranger, should she appear on the front of a blog or a tabloid. It's "cool" to devote long hours of television to overplayed re-runs and celebrity drama, but it's "not cool" to cover news stories that mean something to the "little people". You know, the 90% of us NOT in the paper.

I'm deeply concerned by this. And you should be too! It was not very long ago that these local and news stations would have dropped everything for a weather report like this. Now, unless high school sports are involved, good luck getting these stations to cover anything not coated in make-up.

But maybe this is evolution?

Think about it. If (for example) a robbery occurs in your home town, the local news might not get the full story on television for at least another 5 hours. The newspaper? 24 hours at best. By this time, the police may have caught the villain, and then it's not worth noting anymore. At least not by their standards.

Whereas a passerby might report the story on Twitter ~ AS IT HAPPENS ~ and may even have a video up on YouTube or Dailymotion in 15 minutes.

We are now at a point where a 10 year old with her mother's cell phone is twice as reliable as the reporters and over-comercialized stations that fed me the news growing up.

So here we are then. The notion that your local news stations will deliver you real people news in a timely fashion, is now an antiquated one.

And now thanks to Twitter, I can tell my brother that the tornado warning was just cancelled for our area. Just as ABC 7 is about to realize that MAYBE... there was rain today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Slammiversary 2011 ~ The timed blow by blow

NOTE: I am cutting out all skits and backstage segments UNLESS they mean something to the matches themselves. Whatever I cut will end up on YouTube anyway.

NOTE #2: All times central.

1. 7:05 pm ~ Alex Shelley/James Storm vs. British invasion ~ Shelley started off strong with the crowd. James is quicker than usual. First 5 minutes are all about Shelley. Magnus trips Shelley, leads him back into the ring, now BI control the match. Now the match is SLOW. Crowd is demanding a tag. Magnus drops an elbow on Shelley. James tags in, gets a 2-count. Match is still difficult. Alex does a suicide dive to Doug Williams through James's legs. James and Alex double team suplex Magnus onto Doug. Magnus gets a second wind. James to the outside as Alex tries to battle back in. James back in. Doug blocks two of James's moves. BI double team fails. Alex and James take over. James for a 2 count. Alex with A THRUST KICK FROM THE TOP ROPE. James accidently spits beer at Alex. Alex is blind. Alex kicks James who is also blind for no reason. Both are blind. BI gets a 2 count. James kicks Doug. 3 count. Christy says HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS ~ JAMES STORM AND ALEX SHELLYIEAH!! (Bitch don't know his name is Alex Shelley?) Match ends at 7:19 pm

2. 7:22 pm ~ Scott Stiener vs. Matt Morgan ~ (Christy calls him Matt Morga. Is she drunk??) NO action until 7:25 pm with a basic grapple. Scot on rope. Matt runs like he's going to dickslap him over the top. INSTEAD he slows down, climbs over the rope, lightly grazing Scott with his knee, lands on his feet, pulls down Scott, shakes by ears, pushes him back in, acts like this never happened. Both men in the ring, ref is not paying attention, Matt on ground, match SLOW. Sloppy moves. Scott keeps stopping to yell at the ref. Matt on the ropes. Matt gets closthelined. Big Poppa Pump push-ups. Crowd is lukewarm. Scott walking around, kicks Matt, paces back and forth. Scott dominating match SLOWLY. Matt grabbing stomach. Hulks up. Two men are in a SLOW striking match. Matt lifts Scott into turnbuckle via wedgie. Sideslam to Scott. Sitout slam. @ count for Matt. Stiener suplexes Matt. 2-count. Matt with a kneeling clostheline for 2. Scott gets a 2 count. Stiener recliener. Weak "Morgan" chant". Matt uses the ropes to push himself up and drop Scott onto the mat. Scott to the ropes. Leaps into a goozle. Matt Morgan goes for the carbon footprint. Mike Tenary announces Morgan the winner BEFORE the 3 count. Matt wins at 7:34 pm. Morgan kisses pretty Mrs. Matt Morgan.

3. 7:38 pm ~ X Division Championship match ~ Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick (Spanky) vs. Abyss ~ NO action until 7:42 with Abyss punching Kendrick and Kaz each in the head. Kaz going wild against Abyss. Kaz sent outside. Kendrick lounges in. Kicks the hell out of Abyss. Goes for a flying body drop. BOUNCES. Abyss picks him up, drops him on Kaz. Acts like this isn't a challenge. Both men jump Abyss. Abyss walks to the outside. Kaz goes for a baseball slide. Spanky goes for a drop. Nothing works until Kaz kicks Spanky into Abyss. Ref does a 10 count. Spanky and Abyss back in. Now Kaz. Spanky and Kaz take turns with running knee. Spanky gets a Black Hole Slam. Kaz eats foot. Abyss in too much control. Referee Earl Hebner pulls Abyss off of Kaz on the rope at a 3 count. Abyss just walking around. Kaz gets splashed. Abyss is still bleeding from losing his bottom teeth a few months ago. SHOULD be checked out. Kaz biting Abyss's fingers. Abyss does a shock treatment to Kaz. Abyss misses a 2nd rope move. Spanky takes advantage of Abyss's knees. Spanky hits a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Enziguri followed by a flying DDT for a 2 count on Abyss. Failed Sliced Bread attempt from Spanky. Spanky gets dropped as Kaz tries again to hit Abyss. Kaz and Spanky double team dropkick. Both men double pin for a 2 count. Kaz with a roll up for 2. Kaz thrown at Spanky SLOPPY like a missile, force is so strong ABYSS falls out of the ring. Now Kaz and Spanky lighting punch each other. Two are fighting each other. Abyss throws Spanky to the floor. Abyss gets a BS pin on Kaz for the win at 7:54 pm. BULLSHIT chant starts at 7:55 pm as Abyss talks mindlessly into the camera.

4. 7:57 pm ~ Samoa Joe vs. Crimson ~ Action starts at 7:58 pm with both men brawling like crazy as the crowd sings "JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU" Joe goes for a headbutt to the outside but Crimson blocks. Both back in the ring. Crowd is 50/50 for each man. Crimson takes control punching him, then going for a cravat into a drill. Punches Joe. Joe goes for a Dragon Screw leg pulling Crimson to the canvas. Crowd is LOUD for both men. Joe drops Crimson to the canvas. Joe smacking him into the turnbuckles. Crimson punching back. Joe drops Crimson onto his knees. (ROH ROH ROH) Leglock until Crimson grabs the rope. Joe kicks Crimsons leg. Joe with another leg submission. Joe with a spinning Toe Hold. Crimson counters with an armbar. Joe gets the rope. Both men up, Joe goes for a chop. Crimson kicks. Crimson with a double arm jumping DDT. (Ref Jackson James) 2 count. Joe with a suplex. 2 count. Joe open hand slap to Crimson. Joe off the top rope. 2 count. Joe rolls eyes. Joe with a powerbomb pin for a 2 into a single leg Boston Crab. Crimson takes the rope. Slap fight into a headbutt from Joe. Crimson with a spear. Joe laughing like "FINALLY a challenge!" ref starts a 10 count with both men on the canvas. Both men up with punches. Joe with chops. Pushes Crimson to the top rope. Crimson leap frogs into a sleeper hold from Joe. Crimson wins with a sitout powerbomb at 8:09 pm. Handshake at 8:10 pm. Both agree to fight again. Great match, respectful ending.

5. Mickie James vs. Angelina Love ~ First blow at 8:16 pm. Had a snack of Greek yogurt. Quickly discovered that Greek yogurt is nasty. Finished the cup so I wouldn't waste the money spent on it. Mickie wins with a SLOPPY jumping DDT at 8:24 pm. Post match, Winter smacks the hell out of Mickie. Chokes her out with a belt. Now Angelina chokes Mickie with a belt. Earl screams for the two girls to get out of the ring. Mickie actually puckers up and kisses the canvas at 8:25 pm. Why?

6. 8:29 pm ~ Last Man Standing Match ~ Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles ~ Catcalls for AJ from rats upon entrance. Action starts at 8:32 pm with AJ kicking a charging Ray. AJ punching Ray in the corner. Ray's shorts SPLIT down the crotch at 8:33 pm, revealing his black underpants. Cameraman goes between Ray's legs at 8:34 against my will!! AJ in control. Ray with a SLOPPY elbow drop to AJ's neck. Ray in control now. AJ tossed to the outside. Ray smacking AJ around. AJ head first into tipped over steel steps. And again. Stairs tipped onto AJ as Ray stands on the backwards steps. AJ head first into ring post. Crowd gets quiet. AJ back in the ring. Brian Hebner is the ref. Loud assed fan keeps barking at Ray like he's cutting a 1990's promo as AJ gets slapped. AJ gets back up. "IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?" Ray brings him to the canvas, calling him "boy" AJ asking for more. Chop to AJ. HOLY SHIT chant starts. AJ says "You got NOTHANG" AJ gets hit. AJ hits a few big rights. Kick to the back of the head of Ray. AJ with a springboard from across the ring. TNA chant. Ray to the top rope. AJ with a Pelle. Both on the rope. Ray with a sit-out powerbomb off the top rope. Ray gets a chain. AJ is barely able to stand. Two are brawling outside the ring. AJ welting up. Ray is down. Ray is bleeding from the forehead. Back in the ring AJ goes for a springboard 450 off the ropes. Ray is spurting. AJ dumps Ray to the outside. Ray hits the stairs on the way down. AJ comes out and kicks him. Ray SLOPPY drops AJ face first onto the apron. Ray taking AJ up the ramp. Aj with a Pelle to Ray's face. AJ punts Ray back onto the floor. AJ takes a flying leap onto Ray from the stage! "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. AJ gets a table. AJ cracks a chair over Ray's back. Ray on the table. AJ goes to the commentary, then to the ramp. AJ on the truss. Taz and Tenay screaming. AJ with an elbow drop onto Ray from the truss in front of the commentary table. TNA chant. Both men squirming. THIS IS AWESOME chant as Ray loosely kicks AJ into a breakaway wall. Ray wins at 8:50 pm. At 8:54 pm both men are taken to the back. AJ almost goes into shock. Ray is toatally out of it.

7. 8:59 pm ~ World Title Match ~ Sting vs. Ken Anderson ~ 9:01 pm Sting sneaks up from behind Anderson and screams into the mic as Anderson is finishing a promo. Hillarious! XD Sting slapping Anderson around. Bell rings at 9:02 pm when Sting enters the ring. Browl to the outside as Sting directs traffic. Fight in the crowd. Anderson slammed into the wall. Sting taking the fight to the top of the crowd. Anderson tries to get away via a fan exit in the nosebleeds, Sting drags him back by the nose into a headlock. Two are back in the ring at 9:06 pm. Redneck sees Sting fall to the outside. "CMON STING YEW CAN DU IIT YU CAN DU EEEET!!" Back in the ring, Sting goes neck first into the ring post under the bottom turnbuckle. Two are slowing down the pace while getting a bit sloppy. Anderson with a clothesline. Anderson is focusing on Sting's left arm. Match started strong, is now slow. Jackson James keeps counting everytime Sting has a shoulder up. You can't gain a win on a shoulder out idiot ref!!! 9:14 pm Sting gets another wind. Eric Bischoff runs in?!! Ken for a 2 count? Bischoff at ringside yelling at Jackson James. WHY??? Sting with a DDT for a 2 count. Both men are wrestling slower than HHH vs. ANYBODY circa 2004. Ken with a mic check for a 2 count. Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop. Ref counts to 1. Bischoff starts counting with him. Both say 3. Jackson says "Wait NO!! Motch continues." Crowd demands Eric leave. Jackson WATCHES ANDERSON LOW BLOW STING Anderson gets the pin?!?! BUT THIS WAS A DQ MATCH!!! This was NOT a no-DQ WTF?? Anderson now has the belt?! Anderson has the belt at 9:19 pm. Crowd confused. Replay played from 3 different angles as commentary argue. Taz tries his damndest to explain this so the crowd won't riot. Commentary and crowd are confused.

8. 9:25 pm ~ The Final Battle (stolen title from ROH) Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle ~ STIPULATION: If Jeff wins, he gets Kurt's 1996 Gold Medals. Either way they are not to fight each other ever again. Yeah right. ~ #1 Contender's match, not announced until the men are actually in the ring. ~ No action until 9:31 pm with a grapple to the corner by Angle. Front headlock to the mat by Angle. Ropebreak. Kurt is going for old school wrestling holds while Jarrett is in early TNA-land. Hiptoss to Jarrett. Angle dominating with clubbing blows to the back. Kurt tossed onto his knee to the outside. Shoulder bugs him. Jarrett drops Kurt face first onto the guardrail. Jeff in the ring.Kurt takes forever to get back. Standard sports entertainment match. -_-; Collission. Both men down. Kurt with strikes. Jarrett gets Kurt from the ropes into a sleeper hold. Kurt with a SLOOOW German suplex. Both trade right hands. Lukewarm "Boo Yay" from the crowd. Kurt gets a 3 count but the ref yells 2. WHAT? Kurt Powerbomb into an ankle lock. Jeff gets out. Jeff with a DDT. Angle Slam. 2 count. Kurt misses a moonsault to Jarrett. Jarret hits the Stroke for a 2 count. Both men tease a Tombstone, Kurt reverses #2 into an ankle lock. Jeff kicks Kurt into ref who screams about HIS KNEE!! Brian Hebner rolls out. Jeff walks. Jeff gets a guitar from under the ring. Guitar to Kurt's head. Jeff cleans the ring. Calls for another ref. Earl jogs out at the speed of molasses. 2 count. Jeff pushes the ref around. Kurt's shoulder is bleeding as he gets a 2 count into 3 German suplexes. 2 count. Kurt's head starts to bleed a little on the top. Jeff on the top rope as Kurt punches him. Jeff pushes Kurt. Kurt bounces up with a throw to the mat. Kurt over the ropes shoulder grazing the pole. SLOPPY Stroke off the ropes from Jeff. 2 count. Jarrett with an ankle lock. SLOPPY wrong arm version!! Kurt kicks him in the butt with free leg. Jarrett tries ankle lock, Kurt reverses into a proper ankle lock, Jarrett taps at 9:48 pm. Kurt Angle is the NEW #1 contender to Anderson's belt.

PPV ends at 9:51 pm with an ad promising the return of the 6 sided ring for Destination X on July 10th. 9 minutes early. no pre-show match.