Monday, February 11, 2013

Professionals email back. Posers don't.

You know what makes you look professional? Actually emailing people back within the same week they emailed you.

Email is free. There's no excuse not to do this. Email also takes no time at all to complete, as there are small children doing it every day with their eyes closed.

You know what else makes you look professional? Giving people immediate "yes" or "no thank you" answers.

And yet so many businesses ~ even the ones covered by Forbes magazine ~ don't feel the need to do any such thing.

They put out long winded job listings, using at least 15 buzz words and terms to describe a mundane position, offer you a salary worth less than the poverty line (which is at $20,000 per year here) and then they don't even have the common courtesy to call or email you back when you apply for work.

On occasion, they'll email you a horridly misspelled text or email that says "I'll git bak to u" and of course, that's code for "I will never email you again". It's pitiful.

You wouldn't accept that out of your best friend, so why should you accept it from a business? What, are you chicken enough to think that because they have money they should automatically get a free pass? Of course you are not, you expect better than this, and logically that is what you should receive. Better.

We hear every day in the news that these businesses (such as Walmart & even privately owned companies) are "constantly" creating more jobs, but you'd never know that just by actually seeing their stores.

Take a look at this meme. As true and funny as it is, it's also the main problem with most of the businesses in this country. 45 checkout lanes tells me that Walmart can easily send out 45 cashiers, one for each lane. At large grocery stores which also produce between 8-20 lanes, they require extra people to bag the groceries. So if you have 20 lanes and 20 cashiers, you'd also need 20 baggers, making a grand total of 40 people working all at one time. Most of these stores can afford that and more with great ease, and yet they choose not to. So instead of employing 40+ people to work all the lanes at one time, they only send out 4. Inexcusable  considering that the average bagger or cashier working full time still makes less than the poverty line. ($7.45 an hour does not help me to pay all my house bills AND allow me to save up.)

When you apply for the job seen here, you're almost guaranteed not to ever hear from Walmart ever again. And like I stated, IF they hire you, you'll be making less than the poverty line. You won't be able to afford rent, bills or even be able to save up. And yet they expect that of you, even with less than a Teacher's salary:
But expect this they do.

They also expect you to look as "Leave it to Beaver" acceptable as possible. No Tats, no piercings, no wild hairstyles, and of course, they want you to wear their uniform ~ but on YOUR dime.

And yet they can't be bothered to pick up a phone and call you back??

They can't be bothered to email you a basic "yes we'll hire you" or a "no, thank you" ~ which a child can tweet out in about 10 seconds.

But "we" are the unprofessional ones.


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