Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guess who’s a close to homeless victim of Predatory Lending??

Well you know I’m having the King of all Shitty days… when even my dad tries to reconcile with me. O_O Wait what the hell did I say??

Now let me start by saying that GSF, CitiMortgage and Nationstar are the WORST MORTGAGE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!

My parents bought a home in 2007. The loan came from GSF, who promptly sent the mortgage off to Citi, shortly after the ink was dry on the home papers.

Now this followed almost a YEAR’S worth of house hunting, via GSF’s chosen realty ~ McColly. GSF refused to let my parents choose anyone else, AND the money they were allotted was ONLY to be used for “specific kinds” of homes. If ever a lender tells you this, walk away. This is a SCAM ALERT.

So after almost a year, we find the home I’ve been living in. We’re told that it’s in great shape, built in 1915, quaint little farm house.

This is warning #2 ~ Let me clarify words you need to stay the fuck away from when house hunting:

Quaint/Cute/Charming/Cozy ~ This is Realty code for “small, in need of assloads of repair”.

Fixer-upper ~ This is code for “Health code violation, bulldoze immediately”

As-is ~ This is code for “Tow’ up from da flow’ up”

Old/Old Fashioned ~ Falling apart, handyman special.

Needs TLC ~ This is code for “one wall is primarily mold and there’s water damage in places I bet you wouldn’t guess”.

Farm House ~ Unless you can visibly see cows and chickens in the backyard, this is code for PEST PROBLEMS. And NO seeing cornstalks doesn’t count, as this is the Midwest, and even if it was hypothetically the south of Alaska, corn seeds are dirt cheap at your local Wal*Mart. If you don’t see livestock IT AIN’T A FARM HOUSE!!

So guess what my parents bought? Yep, you guessed it. A three-story, Old fashioned, As is, Quaint, cute, charming, cozy, Fixer-upper Farm House in need of TLC. I slap myself in the face every morning for ever liking this place. I really do.

Oh even better? My parents wanted 2 fireplaces, and for a home to be in an area devoid of schools and children.

We have NO fireplaces, a pool that needs to be torn down, 15 schools and a buttload of kids on the block. Oh and it’s a corner house, and the former owner had TWO people slam into the front of it, which is why there is a make-shift porch. Isn’t this lovely? And 3 fireworks stores, with a fourth one built just a mile from here. Ah sweet! >_O Grr…

My parents were told in front of me, that their mortgage would be between $8-900. Cheaper than Illinois rent I tell you!
Guess what? As soon as we started moving the first boxes in, payments ballooned up to over $1000 a month.

Now when things started going straight for the shitter financially, after both my folks lost their jobs, Citi offered to ship the debt to the end of the 40 year mortgage, and then just start working on the next year’s payments. Mama was put on a payment plan. “Everything’s fine” we were told.

Guess what? Citi sold the mortgage to Nationstar!

Nationstar refuses to honor the payment plan agreement. But they offered to put Mama on a new payment plan. “Don’t worry about it. Everything’s fine. Just send us an assload of paperwork for the next 6 months, and we’ll pretend we never got it, and blame our stupidity on you.”

So Mama thought we could refinance the place. They paid $126,900 for it via the GSF loan, but the house is actually worth $90,000. We just had it re-assessed. So she begins the paperwork with Nationstar to work out a new deal.

In the mail this past Saturday, as I’m getting shit ready to go to downstate to see my dad’s family, we get some letters from the post man.

The Sherriff is promising foreclosure.

There was some mindless yelling, and then I went in search of help for my folks.
This is what I found:

And that’s not all! A search via pulls up dozens more complaints with the EXACT SAME STORY as my parents!

So Nationstar is a known predatory lender, who buy up mortgages, force Americans out of their homes, and then try to turn a profit. The company almost went belly-up in 2007, and since then, they have had a rotating roster of people for a majority of their executive heads. Another search via turns up some surprising job openings for their Texas main offices. The turnover rate is astounding.

After pulling up several hours worth of information, I shared all of it with my folks. The news was enough that my father… actually tried to make amends with me.
“You know I never really wanted you to deal with this. I hope you know I do care about you.”

O_O My first thought was “Oh no… am I having a stroke? I think I’m hallucinating.”
“And I do want better for you.”

Hmm… I can still feel my left side. I’m not foaming at the mouth yet, am I??

“And I feel bad that we don’t really talk at all.”

I haven’t passed out yet. Maybe he’s the one having a stroke?

“I just hope you know.. I love you.”

No, his left side is still working. His jaw hasn’t clenched up. And *sniff sniff* he’s sober?? Wait, where’s the hidden camera?

“I wish we could work out why you feel the need to hate me.”

Okay, backhanded comment. Maybe I’m not dying… or crazy.

Now everything is still up in the air. I don’t know if we can save the house and at this point, my parents really want to move. I’m not sure what’s available right now, but things are pretty tight. And the housing market isn’t looking very bright up here.

If you’re in need of a cartoonist that can also build websites, hit me up. I desperately need some paying work and FAST.

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