Saturday, June 22, 2013

Money is no excuse for stupidity, but we'll pretend it is!

I live by a simple, honest ideology.

Money is NOT an excuse for stupidity.

Sure, it's a nice shade of green, and right now I could use an elephant's butthole full of it, (not that I go elephant butthole fishing mind you, but you have the idea) but it is still just a tool. You collect it, and then give it away to pay for things, like food and shelter and electricity.

But it's a tool. Like a shovel.

If I do something stupid, I can't in good faith ask you to accept it, because I have a shovel, can I? Money is no different. It too is a tool, and can't be used as a crutch for ignorance.

Let me show you a few examples.

Example #1:
Wal*Mart underpays it's employees, giving them a wage not even befitting the poverty line. The employees are working 10-18 hour shifts, with no benefits.

A responsible adult says "Hey! That's not fair."

A non-Walmart-employee-who-has-never-even-worked-there says "Um um.... JUST SHUT UP OKAY??? Wal*Mart makes money, so SHUT UP!!"

Example #2:
The WWE fires Matt Striker. Now nobody seems to be at fault, this was not a stupid idea, and it looks like a friendly parting of the ways, so don't expect me to point fingers.

I say "Well.. outside of the one DVD set I saw on Netflix, I can't say they really did much with him this past year." And leave the statement of fact right there. Not one finger is pointed, nobody is blamed. All I did was state the obvious. I didn't even use a cross word.

A non-WWE-employee says "HEY!! He MADE money, SHUT UP!!!"

Are we seeing a pattern yet? Here's another.

Example #3:
A dude in new York hits a pedestrian with his car.
He is caught, and has to go to court.
Everyone agrees this is normal.

A dude in Chicago hits a pedestrian with his car.
He is caught and shot.
People argue if the shooting went too far, but agree that he did a wrong and justice was served.

Justin Bieber hits a pedestrian. 
Um um... SHUT UP JEALOUS FUGLY HOE!! He's gotz monayz and you jeaous. HA HA!!

Do you see what has happened here?

We train ourselves and our children as a society to believe... no... pretend, that if someone does something you don't like or that hurts people, it's 100% okay, normal and you should copy it, because they have money.

When did this start?

Let's pretend that a bodybuilder is kicking a newborn puppy. The puppy is tiny, defenseless, and was just minding his own business, not even barking, when suddenly, this heartless behemoth comes barreling out of nowhere, and punts the puppy across the street.

Of course if you saw the bodybuilder kicking the puppy, you will want to step in and say "CUT IT OUT!!" or you're whip out the smart phone and call the police. You'd yell and scream, so that other people can see the situation, and get the bodybuilder to stop kicking the puppy.

Now let's imagine the bodybuilder is a movie star. An athlete, a singer. Someone with money.

What then?

Do you continue to do the right thing, and tell him to stop kicking the puppy?


Seeing he has a Wikipedia page about him, do you tell everyone dialing 911 "Um Um err um... SHUT UP OKAY LOSER??? He's got MONEY. He KNOWS what he's doing and you don't. He's making money, SHUT UP!!" And then prattle praise for him while he plays hackeysack with the baby animal?

This is where we are as a society. Fame and fortune are now the Get-Out-Of-Adult-Responsibility card for those in power.

We let companies like Monsanto poison us to death, simply because they have cash.

We let companies like Viacom tell our children to view education as the devil himself, and act sexy before they're even tweens, because they have status.

We let celebrities openly break the law, putting innocent lives at risk, because they have Wikipedia pages about them.

We are too permissive, and yet at the same time, too hateful.

The whistle-blowing citizens and the poor have fingers pointed at them. We tell the children to jeer at them, make up lies and hurt them, view them as the enemy, while anybody with a verified Twitter account is encouraged to to unto others whatever they want.

We need to start acting like human beings again, and stop permitting bad behavior based on status.

The chemicals we have in our food is helping us to grow more wool than a sheep in winter.

But that doesn't mean we have to act like them.

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