Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boy Band and Bieber Bed Sheets need to STOP

If you have ANY doubts about what I have to say, please Google the following terms: "Mike Mozart Viacom" and watch whatever videos crop up from either Mike, Toy Channel, Toy Fail/Fail Toys or Jeepers Media. That should explain things better.

Furthermore, if you see a link on this post, click it. There's more to this mystery than one post can handle.

Okay, let's continue.

Young girls by nature go through phases, where they seek out boys who have some of their own traits. Pouty, bubble gum or cherry lips, large doe eyes, pretty nails, short/slender stature and innocent hobbies. (I.E. Singing, poetry, guitar, painting, bike riding, ect. ect.)

Viacom, Jive Records, Disney, School Boy Records, Republic Records, Vivendi, Columbia, these companies, all run by very old men, have always known that.

So what do these old men do? Hire young boys to sing, dance and attract the 4-16 year old girls. Make them swoon and fall in love with them. Make them feel like this is "forever" and that if you don't buy the boys's goods, and yap about them on Twitter, that the boys will somehow fall ill and die. Of course, these young lads understand where money comes from, so it's not like they would die, but the girls don't know that. So Viacom and the like trick the girls into wanting the boys' merchandise.

Never mind that most of the money you spend on a poster goes back into the greedy hands of the record labels, and the boys hardly get a cut of the sale, screw it! You want a poster and you want it now. Gotcha.

When you have a young girl in your life, and she's into a pop star, you should know this is part of the territory. You get used to posters, backpacks, t-shirts, marbles, maybe even a doll or an action figure. You grow to expect your little sister to have a keychain, your daughter to have a button, these things are par for the course.

But at some point, someone, an adult, should draw a line.

Say "that's enough" and put their foot down.

It could be a manufacturer.

It could be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, legal guardian or older sibling.

It could even be the star himself.

But somebody somewhere needs to say "stop" and draw the line.


This is where we have crossed the line. This is no longer harmless, schoolgirl play. 

This is now some company, marketing fully grown men on little girl bed-sheets.

Let that sink in a bit.

You can't even try and get around this with the following lame excuses I see on Twitter:
1. But they're really niiiiiice
2. Um um ... er... JEALOUS WHORE ha ha I have a life you don't.
3. They're so innocent!
4. Well err... they're in bed before 10 and say their prayers.
5. Kids will be kids, it's harmless!

No, I'm sorry. This does not excuse fully grown men being on little girl bed-sheets. This is not cute, this is not adorable, this is a group of old men, putting pictures of adult men onto children's beds.

This is a form of selling sex to minors.

This is anything BUT "okay" and any parent allowing this should be ashamed of themselves. Don't pretend that this is harmless, it's not. Your daughter/cousin/little sister is being told by the media to lust after adult men. Don't believe me? Listen to the lyrics of a few songs. Here's a few songs at random you need to memorize:

One Direction:
Live while we're young
Take Me Home
More Than This (Catch the lyric "When he lays you down)

Big Time Rush:
Remember, this was on Nickelodeon during KIDS hour:

Justin Bieber:
Latin Girl (Lyric: She tries to fight but you know she likes it. A bit RAPE-y much???)
Die in your arms (Where do I start? There are sex AND death references.)
Speaking in Tongues (Yellowbone is a slur meaning "Black female with light skin." Look for the lyric.)
Trust Issues (Nice language out of Bieber and Drake. Remember, little girls have this MP3.)
Who Shot Ya

Are these singers even aware that their faces are being sold this way? If not, they need to be told, and if they do know, and are letting this happen, it needs to be stopped. 

Think about the future. Stop letting Viacom, Disney and the rest of them sell sex to your kids.

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