Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Catchy songs of death!

I haven't been sleeping, so to relax before bed, I find myself listening to music on YouTube while reading up on video game prototypes. An odd hobby I admit, but if I have to be addicted to something, I'd rather it be video game trivia.

Problem is, when I'm sleep deprived, I don't always make the greatest choices. And lately I've been finding some disturbing... and yet catchy songs.

This song still finds itself on many a dance floor today. It's a catchy Barry Manilow song, and I've even caught a few parents teaching it to their kids.

... Should they?

The song is about a dancer named Lola, who through no fault of her own, finds herself being propositioned by a man she's never met before. The dude takes it too far, and ends up in a fist fight with her boyfriend. The man then shoots and kills the boyfriend, and the song ends with Lola alone in the club 30 years later, still wearing the same dress she did the night her boyfriend was killed. And yet we dance to this?

If you look at all the happy people in the crowd of a Vocaloid concert, you might not know exactly what Rin Kagamine is singing about. When I first saw this, I bopped my head along. It sounds like one of those cheerful songs you used to hear on headphones on airplanes. As weird as it sounds, I can actually imagine the group Blondie singing this.

... Then I read the lyrics.

The song is about a young girl (that being 14 year old Rin) who wants to choke a man in her life, and then kill herself by throwing her body into a giant nuclear reactor. This cheerful song about murder-suicide is not only featured in concert, it's also popped up in a number of T (Ages 13+) rated video games by SEGA. I seriously can't decide whether I should be disturbed.... or hand the little computerized munchkin a cookie. D'awwwwww she's such a cute little self-murderer!

Other Vocaloid songs that are catchy yet are about death include Yuki Kaai's Meteor 36.0, Rin's Adult's Toy and Daughter of Evil.

Together Again
When I was a kid, I remember thinking this was a nice, happy dance beat........... and then VH1 made the announcement that this is actually a song about people who've died. The video also doesn't help, with scenes on Janet remembering her dead friends by... caressing a clone of herself?

Okay, I understand that people have a different way of expressing grief... but how is an image of you making out with yourself supposed to commemorate the dead? What's worse is that this isn't the only time she does this. Years later, she devoted an album of club songs to her dead dog. She remembered him with the following lyric in the single "All For You"

"All the girls at the party look at that body, shakin' that thing like you never did see, gotta nice package alright! Guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight..."

PLEASE don't tell me what she did with the dog. ><

This really makes me curious, what is it about music that makes us ignore the lyrics altogether? I can't imagine these songs being too damaging............... and yet?

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