Sunday, May 12, 2013

No, they didn't "have to" die, you're just a puppy killer.

Just saw my trillionth picture of dead animals on Facebook (premier website of mutilated cute things) And it just angered me.

Once more, it was headed by a "concerned" shelter organizer, who posted how awful human beings are, when they give up a pet that was given to them as a gift, after it's no longer a baby. The blame for why this person "has to" kill these animals after 28-30 days was directed solely at the people who gave the dogs and such up.

Really puppy-killer? Here's some food for thought.

Let's get one thing straight. There are a ton of ugly reasons why a dog, cat, bunny, ect. ends up in your shelter.

Now it's true there are SOME wastes of space who ditch animals, because they grow up and stop resembling Pokemon. Alright, I'll grant you that.

But it's not the "only" reason. In fact, that represents less than 40% of the returns in America.

Most Americans are broke. They can't even afford to feed their kids, let alone an animal. So what do they do? They give the animals to a SHELTER.

Do you understand that word? Shelter? It implies that you will shelter them until they can find a new home. These people trust you not to let the animals get abused. They trust you with the animal's safe keeping.

Instead? You spit on the American people, and jam chemicals into the animal until his heart stops. You blame us for the needle or the gas chamber. And we're supposed to be dumb enough to buy it? REALLY?

Second, what gives you the right to charge upwards of $80-300 per shelter animal? This is not a creature made of gold here. It's a DOG. This is the same animal that has no problem eating it's own poop. I should pay you $300 plus extra for the chip, tags, shots and whether or not I'm going to sterilize it, so I can have a poop eater? Granted, I adore dogs, and money is the only reason why I don't yet have one, but REALLY $300???? Where is this money going to?

Judging by my local shelter............. I'd say the shelter owner's fancy Mercedes-Benz.

Pretty sure you don't really "need" that gas guzzler there.

Truth is they don't "have to" kill these animals unless the animal is a true danger to humans.

They could take the money out from the shelter owner's car payment budget, and use it to expand the shelter, so they can be housed safely until a new owner comes along.

While they're at it, you could kick down the prices from $300 a dog down to $50. MOST Americans are broke through no fault of their own, yet would love to take in a small pet as a four legged member of the family.

We need to stop accepting this idiocy from shelters. Quit letting them kill animals and then blame us for their actions.

Rise up.

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