Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's talk about Lil' Wayne, Justin Moore, Vivendi and Republic Records, M'Kay?

Wow, no sooner did I dress down what is wrong with Lil' Wayne's music do I hear about Justin Moore:

This is to country music what Lil' Wayne is to rap.

Actually, I mean that. His first single was "Back that thing up" which is named after Juvenile and Lil' Wayne's "Back Dat Azz Up". And if you watch the video, you'll notice that there are some striking similarities. Both are set in a rural, low-income setting with scantly clad women refusing to aspire to aim higher than the singer's dick.

But I will say this. At least Lil' Wayne and Juvenile didn't ask any of "Dem Bitches" to kiss a pig. Not only did Justin Moore's team ask their females to kiss a pig on the lips, some of them kissed the pig like he's a long lost lover, back from the war. It's very hard to infuriate me more than a Lil' Wayne video can, but my God, this video managed to do just that. I will accept a bootyclap over pig Frenching any day.

But what angers me at the core is seeing that Justin Moore is perpetuating the ugly, stupid and self-racist stereotype of the ignorant hick.

And he's proud of it.

He's proud of the image of the young man who chooses never to aim higher than the 5th grade.

He's proud of the image of the lazy bum, who blames everyone but himself for where he's at in life, chooses to get fat, drink, smoke and put his overall life at risk.

He's proud of the stereotype that every gun owner is a certifiable loon, worshiping the metal like it's the baby Jesus come back. He freaking sings a song that not only makes this seem acceptable, he encourages it.

And just like Lil' Wayne, no, dare I say it? More so with Moore than with Wayne, parents are encouraging their little White boys to listen to his music. Hell you'll spot a few of them in the videos.

We tell little White boys that if they're not treating woman like whores, putting deadly chemicals into their bodies, drinking Jack Daniels like it's Kool-Aid, running with hick gangs, shooting to kill and scaring people into believing every lie Fox News tells them, that they're something "wrong" with them.

We tell White boys that if they're not jerking off their guns, praising them as God himself, and shooting anybody that blinks funny, that they're not "Keepin' it 'Merica" and there's something wrong with them.

We tell little White girls to shut up, smut up, and that if they're not trying to win a wet t-shirt contest, that they must be losers.

We're telling our youth with every MP3 purchased that if you choose to speak properly, get a full education and carry themselves as something greater than a 1996 Jeff Foxworthy punchline, that they will amount to nothing in the eyes of their community.

But there's something more here that is really pissing me off, and I wouldn't be surprised if it pisses you off too.

Did you read my Lil' Wayne blog? Did you notice that the two are very similar?

GOOD. They should be.

Aren't you curious as to why Lil' Wayne and Justin Moore are choosing to release tracks, perpetuating negative stereotypes about Black and White youth? Keeping them both ghetto? I sure as Hell am!

So I researched Young Money which Lil' Wayne founded, and Big Machine Records, which Justin Moore is signed to. The tracks are just too similar, leading me to wonder if there's a link.

Young Money and Big Machine Records both share a distributor, Republic Records, an off and on subsidiary of Universal.

Republic has been behind the late Amy Winehouse, having helped her reach stardom by singing about how she refused to go to rehab, Taylor Swift's endless degrading, men-hating ballads, Florance + The Machines's  non-stop Hipster fare ~ which prompts people not to trust one another and view mundane chores as being "deep", and Nicki Minaj. I don't think I need to explain Nicki Minaj.

Maybe not all, but most of the hits Republic has been behind involve the following:
1. Drinking
2. Drugs
3. Avoiding education like it's the plague
4. Wallowing in the most stereotypical ghetto or other low-income areas of the United States to "keep it real"
5. Not trusting people
6. Shooting people as often as possible
7. Getting involved with groups of very stupid, ignorant, hateful and dangerous people
8. Fear mongering lies to your fellow man faster and with more fury than the Taliban
9. Accepting all 8 of the above as keeping it real and 'Merican.

And almost all of Republic Records's #1 hits can legit be found on Kidz Bop CDs, further teaching youth as young as five that all of the above is not only acceptable, but what they should aim for.

Republic is owned by Universal, which in turn is primarily owned by French company Vivendi, but has ties to NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast.

Vivendi used to be a water utility company, semi-created by Napoleon the third, nephew of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte. After a century supplying towns in France with water, Vivendi branched out to television in the 1980's, beginning with Pay-Per-View, and then in the 90's, heading into music.

Every single time you let your son or daughter listen to Justin Moore or Lil' Wayne, you are by proxy telling them that they need to aspire to live their lives around the negative Black and White ghetto stereotypes, that a giant corporate conglomerate in France believes is "American".

Let that sink in for a minute. We are telling our youth to smut up, shut up, stay stupid and behave like what a foreign conglomerate says American youth ought to live like.

We are actively encouraging not just big business ~ but foreign big business ~ dictate to the youth of America, that they are "worthless" if they are not acting like the douchebags and assholes in these music videos.

And what's the excuse here? If you're answer has anything to do with 'Well um um... they make money so shut up!! They know business and they know what they're doing" then congratulations my little plebeian cog, you ARE the problem.

I said this in my last blog, and I firmly stand behind it.

Stop buying these MP3s.

Stop telling your kids that this is okay. Make them get an education. Make them see that there is a far better life out there for them, than being a random thug, hick or dancer in a video.

Stop paying these people to promote this destructive, anti-American way of thinking.

Buy a Johnny Cash CD, get a Common CD, buy MP3s from people who promote living a complete life, instead of the ramblings of some trifling fool, who has the world handed to him, yet still bitches and complains about struggles he has NEVER had.

You want to keep it real? You want to be 'Merican?

Educate yourself. Aim higher.

Don't listen to Lil' Wayne and Justin Moore.

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