Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whores and Losers?

Now, I've been fighting back against cruel labels for a while, but I think this past week royally took the cake. There were two labels I saw that just drove me right up a wall.

It all started when I re-edited my moving Amazon wish list. I don't usually share these unless it's my birthday, but since I'm preparing to move, I figured making one with packing supplies, luggage and a few house goods to spread between my mom (A Dragonball Z fan) and my brother (a gamer) wouldn't be such a bad thing. I try to keep things cheap, so right now, the packing box kit and one of the Space Bags are the most expensive things on there. Everything else is cheaper, with some items being under $5.

Before I had the chance to re-post the list to my Timeline (and nowhere else) I saw some dudes jump all over the trend of Amazon sharing.

"Women who re-post Amazon wish lists are fucking WHORES!!"

O_O Say WHAT??

Well I had to get to the bottom of this revelation. And what I found let me to seethe for three days, and then finally start typing this blog.

A handful of females who want very badly to be WWE Divas, decided it would be funny to spam their wish lists onto each and every one of their fans' Facebook timelines.

So because 8 women decided to be as obnoxious as possible, every woman in the world is now a "whore" if they share their wish lists.

Oh, stupid me. How dare I try to share a wish list to make this move go a little faster?

Now I had every intention of saying something profound about this very moment, or at the very least providing a Facebooker who asked me with a valuable response to his question on how I feel about this. But instead I chose to mull it over. The urge to flip the keyboard over my head and scream was just to great for me to peel out more than a full sentence. I found myself drowning my anger in a few songs by Disturbed.

Now don't get me wrong. What these wannabe Divas did was annoying. It's fine to post a wish list once in a while, provided it's just on Timeline and NOT on every single Facebook account under the sun, but when you're spamming Facebook with the damn lists every few minutes, it just comes across as desperate.

Also, it's just plain rude to beg people for Lady Gaga tickets ~ when the people you are begging can't even afford Gaga's relatively inexpensive MP3's.

But this repeated act of shame out of 8 women, got every single one of us with a wish list branded as a "whore". So now if I ~ or any other woman EVER ~ share a wish list, people are going to think I/we sleep around.

REALLY?? Is this considered normal now??

And that smug, shoulder shrugging "DERP that's just how it is. Ya share the list, you're a whore" mentality out of the men I saw whining about it the most, only makes me lose even more faith in humanity. This is a testament to how far we have degraded as a society.

This is also not the first time this has happened.

A few years ago, I started saving up my change for a spiked bracelet. I really liked this once bracelet that also came with a collar. I was thinking about how cool I'd look wearing it.

... Okay, if you know me, you might be wondering where the hell this comes from.
I'm almost always wearing bright pink, and it's still my destiny to wear an adorable Japanese schoolgirl outfit, so it may sound scary that I once came close to changing my look so drastically.

 But I was determined. I had a few pages set aside so I could price check, and I was set on getting that bracelet-choker combo.

Finally, I was just two dollars shy of affording the shipping. I was almost there!

... When all of a sudden, everyone on MySpace was chiding that because a couple of ring rats decided to wear spiked bracelets, that ALL women who wear them must be whores.

Afraid to lose face, I never got my bracelet-choker combo.

There have been times that I've thought a top looked cool, thought a pair of shoes looked cool, and just as I go to save up for it, a few trollops start thinking it's trendy, and the thing I want is now a brand for women who sleep around.

This is the same as when you're in school, and ONE kid decides to be a jerk. So rather than just punishing that ONE jerk, the teacher tells you ALL to put your heads on your desks.

It's disgusting. ONE person decides to act up, so we all have to pay.

But alas, it doesn't stop at fashion. We have turned into a childish lot of name-callers.

A Facebook friend of mine got a good education from me recently about his behavior. Let's call him "Skippy". There's no need to share any details about him.

When President Obama refused to cut Social Security, Skippy (A Republican) called him a socialist. "How dare he not cut that wasteful garbage? It's a drain on my society!!" He blasted.

When Obama thought about cutting Social Security, Skippy called him a terrorist. "How dare he cut that? My grandma relies on it!!" Blasted Skippy.

Hang on a minute there, Skippy! If he DOES cut Social Security, he's a socialist, if he doesn't he's a terrorist? What if he leaves Social Security alone then and doesn't even mention it?

"That makes him a loser, since he won't deal with it." Said Skippy.

By your own logic, he's wrong no matter what he does, good or bad!

Is this because he's Half Black??

Skippy tried to backtrack. "No!! It's because he's um um.. a DEMOCRAT!! Yeah, they're all a bunch of liberal, socialist Nazis!!"

Really? You never say anything bad about Carter, Clinton or FDR. In fact, you don't even say anything bad about ANY Democrat. You even praised Hillary Clinton last week for being a forward thinker.

Skippy got quiet, in case you are curious. In fact, he now says that all politics are dumb, and he's told his two kids to stop voting, and just accept everybody in the whole wide world of politics as being "stupid" forever and ever. He told his kids never to vote again, ever, because only losers and whores vote.

Skippy couldn't even give me a straight answer without name calling again, did you see that?

It's out of control. Fully grown adults, sticking labels onto every single person who dares to breathe. And it's the SAME two labels, over and over again.

Do you like rap music? Oh, you're a gang-banger on drugs. Guy: Loser. Woman: Video whore.
Are you on welfare or food stamps? YUCK!! You're a loser if your a guy, and a whore if you're a woman.
Do you have more than 2 kids? Welfare Whore and Loser Dad!
Do you have zero kids? Eww you're a loser, or a whore who likes partying too much.
Are you single? LOSER!!
Are you a wrestling fan? You're either a fat loser or a ring rat whore.
Are you into pop music? Pathetic Loser or groupie whore.
Are you into rock, punk or metal? Loser.
Did you vote for Obama? Ewwwwwwww bleeding heart dummy loser liberal!
Are you into anime? LOSER!!

Notice how often the same names keep coming up? Here, let me whip out the dictionary. Let's see what these words actually mean.

1. A person, team, nation, etc., that loses: The visiting team was the loser in the series.

2. Informal:
a.a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or, especially, a felony: a two-time loser.
b.a person who has failed at a particular activity: a loser at marriage.
c.someone or something that is marked by consistently or thoroughly bad quality, performance, etc.: Don't bother to see that film, it's a real loser.

3.Slang. a misfit, especially someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.

A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

Did you see anything there about voting for Obama? Food stamps? Music? TV? Fashion?

No, you did not.

But we use these two words to describe 99% of humanity.

This is how we think of people on a whole, and trust me when I say that if you dig deep enough, you'll find that modern media itself has fostered the hate. Behold the doctrine we have assigned for ourselves in the Bible of the future:

Viacom: 8-1, 81; And low it was that the almighty Big Businesses of the world, conspired with ancient, archaic Churches, both ripe with misogyny and greed, and remade humanity into MTV's own image. 

Hearst: 1-1, 65: Losers and Whores were they named, and Losers and Whores shall they be. And thus it was decreed, that in the event you take enjoyment of something outside of conformity itself, you will be forever labeled a woman who sleeps around, or a man who fails at sports. 

Morgan: 18-71: And in the event thou partakes of Government aid, ye shall be stoned to death, and ye shall have thine family charged 6,000 sheckles for thine coffin, elst they go through life branded Losers and Whores by association with you.

Is this level of intolerant degeneration something to be proud of? Should we be happy about this?

Should we be teaching our youth that it's normal to name-call?

That's it's expected of you, to use words like "Loser" and "Whore" out of context, to describe people who maybe are down on their luck or not 100% able to conform?

Should we be cluttering Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr and all these other, so-called "Social" sites with hate?


We're adults. We're not three years old anymore, and it's not okay to clutter the internet with hate.

It's also not okay to label ALL people of a gender a "Loser" or a "Whore" just because a handful of people decide to be obnoxious.

We were all taught better than this as children, we've all been educated as to WHY this is shameful behavior.

It's time we start acting like it.

Drop the labels.

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