Tuesday, April 9, 2013

US Government wants to control what's in YOUR pants.

Dudes, the last part of this piece if about YOUR reproductive health too. There are acts in congress that if passed, can criminalize you for even touching yourself. You could end up with even your own state barring you from the acts you enjoy. Stay with me, please.

Dudes, I don't want you to end up like me...

A woman.

We are becoming a third world nation.

Our children's academics are 21 steps behind Singapore ~ a country where you can be caned almost to death if you dabble in chewing gum and graffiti. Don't believe me? GOOGLE IT.

We have people placing more value on low-grade plastic than on the human heart.

We slander, belittle and bully each other, well into old age.

We burn to death our on freedom in the name of "what if". "Oh, somebody flew a plane into a building and killed innocent people? That means that at any time we could have anthrax apples, KILL HALLOWEEN" screams Fox News..... no really, they actually posted that back in 2001. I didn't make that up.

We have a society built around cults, making us no better than the terror-ridden countries we call heathens.

And just like the Taliban, Americans want women to be subservient ~ or die.

And please, die as horribly as you can, bitch.

Let me take you through a normal day for a woman ages 0-115. This is exactly what I have heard in public places my whole life. And once, in a church. Stay with me.

We tell little girls from day one that they are replaceable. Your worth is locked up in your beauty.

But don't be too beautiful, or you'll be raped.

Then it will be all your fault. We'll post hateful lies about you on Facebook, and sob over how tormented your attacker is, now that his school sports career is D.O.A. because you dared to speak against him. It's not his fault you were pretty, how dare you!

But if you're not keeping up with your beauty, you may as well hang yourself.

And try not to go on Government aid, or we'll say you're a drug addict, sleeping around.

Get a job.

But don't take MY job, you Jezebel!!

We let big business send your job overseas. Now we'll blame YOU for not getting a job, when clearly we send that thing away.

Oh, and please have a bachelor's degree if you're going to apply at McDonald's. Eww. McDonald's, you have anything to do with them? You must be a bum.

Hey don't be too smart! WHOOPS! Now you're overqualified, so we can't hire you. GAWD what a loser you are.

What's that? Oh, you're pregnant? Fucking welfare WHORE!!! You're a drain on my society, you're gonna suck up MY tax dollars on school for YOUR brat. And clothes through the Angel program, and food through S.N.A.P. and whatever medicare program exists for kids. GAWD why didn't you get an abortion, you stupid whore??

Oh, you DO want an abortion? Well um um.. it's against MY beliefs!! Yeah, that's it! You're infringing on MY way of thinking.

Never mind that with the exception of Mary protecting the unborn Jesus, and the spot in the Bible where God told Moses to have his people murder the Canaanites ~ starting with the unborn ~ the Bible does not include the unborn as real people. You're making me lose my religion here!!

So let me kiss Roe vs. Wade and force you to have a baby you can't afford. Just put it up for adoption if you don't like it, whore.

Oh what's that? 9 months of prenatal care, clothing, food and pre-baby products are not covered by most Government programs and most businesses won't hire you if you're pregnant, because you're a liability?

Well fuck you. Serves you right for getting pregnant, BITCH. Let me make my state pass a "Let Women Die" act, so even if this is egg-topic, and you really need surgery, you still can't get it.

Go starve to death on the street, or die on a table, because I let Congress rape you of your rights to pick and choose whether or not the kid lives and what medical procedures you want. JUST DIE ALREADY!! You're wasting my valuable Facebook time.

This is how we treat women in our own society. We're becoming worse than our enemies.

No really, have you seen North Korea's labor law? Let me point something out:

"The North Korean Labor Law defined women’s rights at work. Articles 14 through 17 stipulated the rights of mothers and pregnant women, including seventy-seven days of maternity leave with full pay, paid baby-feeding breaks during work, a prohibition against overtime or night work for pregnant or nursing women, and the transfer of pregnant women to easier work with equal pay.""

We don't even allow our moms a whole week off from work after birth.

We are behind a chubby, misogynistic, nuclear waste making OTAKU. He hates women and we are still behind him?!?!?! 

And don't start thinking this is all about the females. DUDES!! There are acts in congress right now, that could have you imprisoned for buying a condom, have you stripped of your freedom if you have ANY type of contraceptive whatsoever. Make it illegal to buy erection medication.

Dudes, you are one step away from the Government telling you what you can do with your own body.


Call your congress people, get your friends involved.

Don't let me wake up in a third world cult.

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