Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Bombing has nothing to do with Guns, Gays, Women, Muslims or Obama

If you are stupid enough to link the Boston Bombing to an Obama agenda, punishment for Gays wanting to love who they want, Women having rights to their own uterus, an anti-Jesus Muslim attack, or as propaganda  against the almighty gun, you are no longer a human being. Trying to convince me otherwise will only prove it true. You are also unfit to be an American. Take your HATE and get the fuck off of my ancestor's land. NOW.

Three dead, including an 8 year old child. Over 100 injured at the Boston Bombing.

The Sandy Hook survivors were at the Marathon as VIP guests. The final lap of the race would have been in memory of the 20 children and 6 adults murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The Bomber(s) is/are still on the loose.

Yet I am seeing fully grown adults, praising their guns as though they were Gods, and using this as a platform to spread anti-Obama HATE, Liberal HATE, and as a springboard for their religious and political based HATE.

First of all, the gun restrictions everyone has gotten butthurt over? They're the SAME restrictions you face at the DMV getting a driver's license. If those restrictions didn't "boo hoo take away everyone's cars forevers and evers" then they WON'T "take away your guns forevers and evers" and there is NO excuse for what I have seen. GET A FUCKING GRIP ON REALITY!!

If you use this tragedy as an excuse to spread your anti-the-Black-Guy-In-Office-HATE, then you are NOT an American. You are classless and on the same level, as the waste of life that just rocked a marathon full of innocent people.

No, I'm not done with you. You want to be a keyboard jockey still? Take a good look at this:

This is Martin Richard, the 8 year old who died in the Boston Bombing yesterday.

This is the beautiful child who was murdered yesterday in the Boston Bombing. Before any of us had the chance to learn his identity, people on Facebook and Twitter were using the attack to fuel their anti-Obama, pro-Gun, anti-Muslim HATRED of total strangers.

The NRA praised their guns like they were God ~ angering the SANE gun owners in America I might add. While SANE gun owners were trying to make sense of it all, the NRA's jockeys were planning rallies, trying to convince the world that you are somehow less of a person, if you don't teach your kids to worship an AK-47.

The cult Westboro Baptist Church started making plans to picket the boy's funeral, spouting HATE and spreading LIES that his death was based on their God's HATE of other people, calling for the raping of the rights of Gays and Women, bringing humanity back to the dark ages of the 1800's.

This child's mother and father were seriously injured and almost died. His sister's leg was blown clean off, and all you could think about was politics??

What kills me the most, is seeing this child's poster, calling for PEACE Yet in his memory, people are spreading HATE.

This child died, after giving his father a hug for winning a race. He had no agenda other than to watch his father run a race ~ in which the final lap was in memory of the children murdered in Sandy Hook. He had a bright future ahead of him, and no sooner was his body recovered did I see so-called "adults" using his demise as a springboard for HATE.

If looking into this child's beautiful face prompts you to only think of how you can use this to praise the Almighty Gun, and spread hate against the President and anybody who is not a Super-White Christian, then forever more I want you branded by what you are.

Un-American and inhuman. You ARE a terrorist, for you exist to spread fear and hate, and you have no soul.

You are a rabid beast in my eyes, hardly worth my pity. But pity you I shall, for if you are so crass, classless, stupid and callous as to use a dead child for propaganda, then it is clear you have no ability to know what peace is.

This boy did. And he didn't deserve to die for it.

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