Saturday, March 2, 2013

Why do you want what is Taboo?

There's an old law of human nature that I see in action every day. But I only first learned about it when I was 12.

I used to know a girl named Steph, she lived down the street from me in my old neighborhood for about two years. She was a weird one, but her creepy uncle was weirder. I don't mean "weird" as in "quirky" either. Trust me, when I say they were weird, I mean Carrot Top's movie weird. Anyway.

One day my mom and I caught the creepy uncle having a fist fight with Steph in front of their house. Even though Steph was strong enough to hold her own after that nice, big growth spurt, I called out to her uncle to break up the fight, and I asked her what the fight was about.

The fight started when Steph had asked a general question about sex. Her parents pretty much skipped out on her, so that left her with just Captain Creepy to look to for answers.

Like any other spoiled brat parent/guardian, not only did he fail to answer her, he tried to punish her for even thinking about it.

My mom explained to Captain Creepy that you have to explain to your kids what the hell sex is. Explaining takes the proverbial fizz out of their soda pop, prompting them to make rational choices in their lives. Most kids end up thinking it's not really all that and a bag of chips, and end up abstaining after you tell them about it.

Bullying them into abstinence by making them believe that sex is "taboo" is wrong. You give them an unhealthy image of sex, and if you fail to explain it to them, they will find someone else who will. And you DON'T want that.

Well of course, Captain Creepy dismissed Mama's advice. "If yew tell yer kids about sex ~ they're gonna DO IT!! But if you keep 'em ignorant about it, they won't know whut it is and they won't want any. Furthermore it ain't Ka-RISSS-Tian to talk about being carnal." He then left with the standard "This is MY business" retort, which is adult speak for "Yes I am screwing up royally, but don't stop me."

Steph wound up flunking every class that had anything to do with science and human anatomy. She was left back a few years and wound up having her first child just in time for her 14th birthday. So much for keeping it taboo!

I didn't realize it at the time, but my mom is right. It's basic human nature. The more taboo you make something, the harder and faster people go out of their way to grasp it. It's a test of human curiosity.

I'll just bet that if I tell you DO NOT EVER CLICK THIS LINK BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP you may at least be tempted to do so. Who knows? Maybe I was lying to you just now, and you should click it? Or maybe I'm telling you the God's honest truth, and that clicking this link will scare you badly. Whatever your reason is, you may just feel tempted to touch that which I just told you is TABOO.

This is definitely why curious young ones get into things they shouldn't. As long as you make something forbidden, it's the first thing he or she wants to try or at least learn about.

It also seems to be leading to some very disturbing behavior in adults.

For example, after the murder of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary, people, including proud gun owners, came together to discuss pulling 3 different assault riffles from store shelves.

I said three.

Not a hundred, not a thousand, and certainly not "all" guns forever. Just THREE.

Outside of the killing spree, the main reason for two of them being pulled? They were heading for the recall list anyway. Why? Because the gun tends to backfire on the owner, even when he's being careful.

Yeah, when even members of the NRA want a gun recalled for safety reasons, it's time to sit down and think about it.

And there are a lot of responsible gun owners, talking about tightening up the laws. And some of these folks have guns bigger than they are!

But did anybody pay attention to that? NOPE!!

Since the shooting, people have been buying the soon to be illegal guns like crazy, and there has been more than 2100 more gun related fatalities ever since. Most involving multiple victims.

It's not even been three months yet!!

The people who purchased these large, cumbersome, clumsy, defective guns?

These were people who until a ban was proposed either:
a) Didn't own a gun
b) Only owned smaller or better known guns because they're easier to use, or
c) Actually did not like guns of that caliber.

And out of 2100 shooters, not a responsible one in the bunch ~ pissing off the actual responsible gun owners left and right.

A better example? Pot.

Pot is said to have a cancer cure-all as an ingredient, but since the plant causes the smoker to hallucinate worse than if he/she were to get drunk, the plant has been listed as an illegal substance. In order to use it legally, you need a special, medical permit.

In some states, the ban on pot is being lifted slightly.

You might never know that if you have a Facebook account.

Since the pot debate heated up, people have been hyper posting about cannabis, some going so far as to post photos of themselves baking it into foods for the whole family.

Fully grown adults are trolling each other, blasting every one of us who chooses not to smoke it.

Their excuse? "It should be legal because it's healthy."

A plant that causes you to hallucinate is healthy? Fine.

Guess what else is healthy? Milk.

Milk has calcium and vitamins A and D.

Carrots are healthy. Apples are healthy.

Log onto Facebook, you may never see anything about milk, carrots or apples.

But they're healthy, maybe healthier than pot!

But carrots, milk and apples are all 100% legal. So of course, nobody wants any.

But pot is illegal, and has a bad reputation. So naturally, people want it.

And not only do people want what is labeled "forbidden" they are willing to fight for it. Even when there's no real reason to. Just try and tell them "maybe you don't need a gun with a magazine clip" or "let's put the blunt down for 10 minutes" and watch the fireworks fly. HO BOY you'll hear more about the loss of American rights and freedoms than if Adolf Hitler came back from the dead and annexed us all.

But if pot and these defective guns were not listed as taboo anymore, who would want them?

Judging by how milk is treated on Facebook, I suppose nobody.

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