Thursday, March 14, 2013

PokeCreep GO!!

Today's lesson: Always listen to your inner warning flags and be careful of who you think you know on Facebook.

So on an anti-harassment page on Facebook, I saw somebody reporting a few trolls who were going out of their way to be horrifying human beings. One of them was posting really disgusting things about kids, so I wasted no time in reporting the bastards.

Well then the person who initially made the warning post about the horrid wastes of space posted another message to the anti-harassment page's wall, about this one psycho bitch that won't stop stalking him.

Eerily enough, his psycho stalker bitch's email sounds exactly like a piece of hate mail I got two years ago, right down to the bad grammar. So I asked who the stalker bitch was.

Turns out, she's not one of the same psychos that went after me, but a fangirl of my former psycho. Wow, you find all kinds online, don't you?

Most girls under the age of 21 are fangirls for celebrities, this one is a fangirl of an 18 year old DeviantArt troll, who sends death threats,photoshops strangers' heads onto porn, and then posts pictures she draws in MS Paint of Jak and Daxter making out. Being a fangirl of this creep is about as low as you can get.

So after reporting the fangirl, I offered a supportive comment to this guy. Keep your chin up, block and ignore.

He sends a friend request. I see that he's another anime fan, so I accept.

Next lesson, when looking through friend requests ~ BE SELECTIVE!! Not all anime fans are crazy... BUT!!

So he sends a friendly "thank you for the help" email, and starts talking about anime.

It's about here that I notice that while his Facebook name is Dialga (that's a Pokemon name) his picture is of Meloetta. (A totally different Pokemon.) You'd think this would be an oversight, or part of a group photo, but this continues for several more pictures, where he's Poke-swapping names. That may not seem like an issue to you, but I'm sure there's a few Pokemon fans reading this and starting to have misgivings. I'd forgive it if they both looked alike (Pikachu and Pichu for example) but Dialga is people sized and dark blue, while Meloetta is green. A "Pokemon fan" that swaps names? Biiiig warning.

Another warning? All of his profile pictures are of this Pokemon and young anime characters. Hmm...

So we talk about Pokemon and rumors and which games we've seen, and it all seems regular. We talk about different anime and then he shows me his very innocent looking website.

On said website, I notice that he has expensive software, rare My Little Pony dolls and a ton of American Girl dolls. So I ask what kind of job does he have where he can just buy them like crazy, because as I've blogged before, the girls start at $102, sans accessories.

"I don't have a job. My mom pays for it all since I live with her. My favorite AG is Chrissa."

Now I'm not going to judge people who still live with their parents. The economy has kicked everyone in the ass, and everybody else with a blog at this point has done the "loser needs to move" post, so I'm trying not to be too much of a copycat.

But AG dolls start at $102. The rare Ponies on eBay go for $52 and above. The software starts at $83. I know moms can be generous, but this mom has to be pretty loaded to spend this much on her 21+ year old son. There's a good $855 worth of merchandise in the first photo alone ~ and there's a website worth of them. And this is a "regular" thing, where she just hands him this kind of money while he's still living at home with her. Holy cow.

My next red flag though is that he likes Chrissa best. I'll be honest, I had to Google her. A few years ago, American Girl ran a contest to find a real life story worth turning into a film. The winner was a 9 year old little girl named Chrissa, who went on to have a film made about her life as a bullied swimmer in the 4th grade. He says this is one of his favorite films.............. um red flag.

So he lives at home watching American Girl films while his mom buys him expensive dolls. Okaaaaay...

So then he shows me part of his website where he talks about his views on life. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, until he asks me to re-read part of his page about marriage.

Um... why?

"Well I saw a blog you posted before about people, and I just can't agree with your views on monogamy. You're pretty closed minded when it comes to what love actually is."

Folks, if I have blogged about marriage at all, please do remind me. I can't remember.

I will say this. I view having a relationship the same way I view having a chocolate bar. If I have one that's really good, all natural, tastes delicious and makes me feel happy, then screw you, this is my candy bar and you can't have any. That's why I like monogamy. I'm selfish.

Now if that's not your bag, fine. I just like monogamy.

"Well, maybe you're selfish because of something in your life, alot of girls are afraid of being replaced."

Well yeah, my dad fostered those insecurities onto me as I was growing up, but mostly I like monogamy because I don't wanna share. I'm uncomfortable, so I ask him a few times to stop asking me.

"Well maybe you just don't get it because of your age. How old are you, anyway?"


"Oh.... You're that OLD already? That's a little older than me. I'm 23."

Old huh... well fuck you too.

"Well you're not like my girlfriend, she at least understands where I'm coming from with free love. Maybe you'd like her too though, she likes anime too."

"Oh really?"

"yeah, she's real mature for 16."

O_O HAH????

I could not continue this conversation. This is the only time I've been happy my Facebook started acting up on me. Knowing it was going to cut me off of chat anyway, I took advantage of this glitch and reported him.

Be careful of who you add online.

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