Friday, March 8, 2013

It's 2013, where the grown folks at?

Okay, it's 2013 people. We need to stop acting like 11 year olds.

This is aimed at all the adults who don't seem to get that what you post online is PUBLIC.

It's time to stop telling people to "Keep Calm and ______" because trust me when I say that hardly anybody on Facebook is willing to do any such thing.

It's also time to stop threatening people.

I just saw my 5th "Comment here or like my status RIGHT NAO or by Friday I'm deleting you from my friends list" post in under a week.

Let me be clear. If you feel that threatening people is the only way you can communicate with them, odds are good you were never friends to begin with.

I'm serious, if you can't stand someone, delete them from your timeline. Threats just make you sound like a crazy, self-centered, whiny, Emo troll. Posting "I'M GONNA START DELETING PEOPLE!!!!" doesn't scare anybody anymore.

While we're at it, posting pictures and things that you know piss people off? Yeah, put that back in 2011's shame cupboard. Again, you're not 11 years old anymore, so you posting non-stop about dicks and drinking isn't "shock value" anymore.

Same goes for openly whining about how angry you are people don't like their timeline being cluttered with nothing but how you wish people would unfriend you, instead of openly praising you for every joke you ripped from a Google image search.

And every "I feel oppressed because not everyone on planet Earth agrees with my views on God, so ergo I want your rights taken away" and every "You should be an atheist like me" post. I'm sick of the both of you.

You can stop seeing how badly you can piss people off before they unfriend you. Don't like somebody? Just unfriend them already, and stop acting like an ass.

And stop posting about pot. Please.

Do you understand that everything you post is PUBLIC?? Everyone can see you, your boss, your potential boss (COUGH WWE COUGH) your family and friends, total strangers, EVERYONE. Everyone in the world can see you smoking a largely illegal substance.

And if you don't have a medical license to smoke pot, you could go to jail for posting about how often you use it. Don't believe me? Try and post this pro-pot crap to a cop's wall. Post as often as you do on your regular timeline about how awesome it is you had a bong before work. See what happens. Hell, they arrest kids now for playing with bubble guns.

Yeah yeah I get it. Cancer killing live saving blah blah blah. ENOUGH!!!

I don't get the logic here. If I blab on and on about the value of being clean, sober and straight edge, I catch hell from people, chastising me for being a "Nazi".

But I'm supposed to accept you posting on your Timeline 100 times a day about cannabis?? NO!!! Sorry, I'm not going to accept this behavior anymore. It's 2013. I don't care if you want to smoke yourself stupid and smell like a skunk, but please don't think it's alright to bombard me with messages about your bad choices.

I find it droll and offensive that in 2013, we still have fully grown adults acting worse than tweens. I'm sure Mark Zuckerburg didn't bank on this happening when he made Facebook, but then what he does bank on can feed a small country for a year ~ and he doesn't have to pay taxes on it. But I digress.

If aliens do exist, and they ever discovered Facebook, I'm pretty sure they'd nuke us before we have a chance to infect the rest of the galaxy.

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