Monday, March 4, 2013

I hate this song, so why does it fit??

When I first started a Blogger/BlogSpot account, I intended to use it for a few of my more personal tales. This almost counts as one.
I miss these days.

I miss Indy ticket prices being no more than $15 in the Chicago market, sans a sale. Hell, when I started going, it was $10 per ticket, and shipping was minimal. I hate my economy. I shouldn't have to work a once-every-three-to-six-month show around food and bills. 

I miss not hearing a super-jaded crowd, nitpicking to death every move, and reciting the same, lame catch phrase "He'd be better if he was in Double Double Eeee". Where are all the positive people??

And more than anything, I miss seeing happy wrestlers, wrestlers that are happy to be where they are. The anime-like style I draw wrestlers with? I took the idea from watching their faces. I know there's companies out there, where the wrestlers are happy with what they do, and boy would I love to see that in person about now. Wrestlers feeling goofy and having fun are a great sight for sore eyes, seeing that makes me crave picking up the pen to draw.

I don't know. Maybe planning a move has made me a little nostalgic? Maybe too much.

Which brings me to a question. have you ever heard a song that just annoys you, but at the same time you feel like you could semi-relate to it?

Today I remembered a James Taylor song. Now for the record, I'm no fan of the oldies. I have precious little in my collection from 1958-1989, as all the radio stations tend to play that era into the ground non-stop, and then once in a while throw in a Maroon 5 or Rhianna song. Yeah. Easy listening this is NOT.

But anyway, the lyrics kind of stuck out to me:

James Taylor Used to be her town

She's been afraid to go out
She's afraid of the knock on her door
There's always a shade of a doubt
She can never be sure
Who comes to call
Maybe the friend of a friend of a friend
Anyone at all
Anything but nothing again

It used to be her town
It used to be her town, too
It used to be her town
It used to be her town, too

Seems like even her old girlfriends
Might be talking her down
She's got her name on the grapevine
Running up and down
The telephone line
Talking 'bout
Someone said, someone said
Something 'bout, something else
Someone might have said about her
She always figured that they were her friends
But maybe they can live without her

It used to be her town
It used to be her town,
It used to be her town
It used to be her town, too

Well, people got used to seeing them both together
But now he's gone and life goes on
Nothing lasts forever, oh no
She gets the house and the garden
He gets the boys in the band
Some of them his friends
Some of them her friends
Some of them understand
Lord knows that this is just a small town city
Yes, and everyone can see you fall
It's got nothing to do with pity
I just wanted to give you a call

It used to be your town
It used to be my town, too
You never know 'till it all falls down
Somebody loves you
Somebody loves you
Darling, somebody still loves you

I can still remember

When it used to be her town, too
It used to be your town
It used to be my town, too
Used to be my town. I feel like the area I've always called home has turned into something I can't afford to live in full time anymore, and not just in the sense of money. So much has changed.

But most of all, I felt the need to highlight that one part. "Somebody still loves you" it's not so much a sentiment I want to feel, but rather a feeling I already have. Like this is all leading to a better spot in my life.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. You're pulled and pushed all over the place, but usually there's a reason. There are changes going on all over the place, maybe I just don't have all the details yet.

Maybe... I just need a hug.

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