Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fox hates kids ~ The fight against preschool

I didn't even have the chance to drink my coffee yet, when I heard something that should boil your blood if you are a true American.

Let me start by saying that I love kids. Don't have any yet, but I really love the idea of being a mom one day. I watched my brother as he was growing up, all the times our mom was out and our dad was useless, I've babysat kids, and I'll tell ya. If given a choice between sitting with a screaming, crying, tantrum and barf throwing toddler and sitting with a Fox News analyst ~ the toddler is going to win my favor. Why? Well it's not because he or she is tiny, cute and easily bribed, it's because at the age of just three, the tot is more mature and better able of comprehending abstract concepts than any of the bozos on Fox. I'm also pretty confident that the toddler would better understand Dora the Explorer not being a real person, while the Fox team quibbles over whether or not she has a work visa, but I digress.

So before I had the chance to have my daily cup of Nowicandealwitchu, I overhear The Daily Show showing un-doctored clips from Fox. The debate was about free and high quality preschool to United States children.

Now let me pause here a second. Why is this a debate? If you have kids, don't you want them to get an education? If you are a real mom or dad, you should want your kids to have access to an education. This is a basic, American right, for American born children. We're Americans! Surely, we want our American kids to have an American education, right?? RIGHT??????

Well some ancient-aged man gets on and says he doesn't feel our American kids have the right to this American education, because he's heard that after the 3rd grade.... preschool stops working.

.... After the 3rd grade, preschool stops working.

Ah, gee. Could it be because after the 3rd grade... kids are no longer in preschool??

Could it be because after grade 3 they're like um... TWEENS and in the 4th grade???

But no! He feels your American children should never have access to ANY preschool, because they can't use it in 3rd grade.

Some lady came on, and said that some "teacher" complained to her that free preschool and government money to the schools just means "Ew, more paperwork for me".

Did I just hear "Ew" out of a teacher at the thought of receiving more money??? EW???

Yes, there is paperwork involved. It takes less than an hour to get it all done though.

But screw an hour of actually doing your job, obtaining free money to use on the children we've entrusted you with. no, go ahead lazy bitch. EWW away all the money you want. Keep the kids stupid.

Is anybody paying attention??

I've read other comments from people online that just scare me.

"These lazy kids don't DESERVE preschool, they should work for it like the rest of us."

United States child labor laws frown on putting 3 and 4 year olds to work, especially if said work is only obtained to make butthurt old Walmart workers happy.

And yes, these kids DO deserve preschool. How else will they get the education they need to get through the rest of the 12+ years of schooling we force them through, to get a diploma, to get a degree, to get that "hard work" of a job you have at Walmart?

They deserve preschool like you deserve a good slap for ever suggestion they're not worth it.

"Preschool doesn't teach anything mah kids need in the real world"

Oh... do you mean the alphabet? Yes, I can't possibly see how Junior can ever use the alphabet in the "real" world. Or numbers or colors or shapes, how dare President Obama suggest that American kids learn how to read before the 4th grade. Oh yes, shame on hi-ARE YOU HIGH???

More scary? I've heard parents ~ including the moms and dads of the rug-rats I've watched ~ whine and complain "Ew, I don't want my kids to get taller or smarter than me. How would I look to people?" Ah I dunno, maybe you'd look like a GOOD parent. But perish the thought, we don't want that, now do we?

I was taught that when you have kids, you want them to have the best in life.

You want them to have an education, a better one than what you had maybe, so that they can go father in their lives than you did.

You want them to have all the toys and playground access you were denied.

You want them to have better, cleaner food than what your parents could afford for you.

The longer they live, the better you want for them.

But these child hating freaks at fox news have already blasted through by helping to promote and fund far too many anti-humanity bills, you'd wonder if this was all a wag-the-dog.

Think about it. The government routinely now attacks women's rights, internet freedom, Social Security, voting rights, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid and now the education system on a whole, calling these basic, American rights "stupid" and "draining" while they are hell bent on forking over more liberties and cash to big business and frivolous wars. They even force the food industry to put bromide, corn syrup and bisphenols into our food ~ chemicals known to cause human retardation and cancer.

And now they want to downgrade preschool? The most basic and benign form of American education? They want to steal away your American child's right to a future? 

Why are they trying to keep us all dead, dying and stupid. What's the point of this?

Shouldn't you demand better for your American children?

Personally, if I start popping out a couple of 6 foot kids that are smarter than me and have full time careers paying them 6 figures, I'm not going to think "OMG what will people say about me, I look like a dummy" nor am I going to accuse their higher education of being a drain on me. 

Instead, I'm gonna think "WOOT I actually did something RIGHT!!" 

I believe that if I feed my kids real-people sized meals and start handing them a higher education, I'll have a better chance at raising a couple of Pulitzer prize winners and athletes, than if I were to allow a government that has already slashed any hope I had for Social Security for my grandparents, to tell me what a board of money-hungry old strangers thinks is best for my kids.

And that is part of the American dream right there.

Don't let Fox downgrade our American life.

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