Friday, January 4, 2013

What about American kids?

This post will be very hard to read for many of you, but this really needs to be addressed.

Early Monday morning, I went to my email box to see a notice that someone tagged me on Facebook, in a note about a petition. Usually I read about 10 petition emails a day, but this one stuck out in my mind.

The petition was created by a young woman, who has NO children. No younger siblings, no baby cousins, and the girl most likely hasn't even babysat before.

Reason why I say all of that is because it's the childless that want to tell you what to do with your kids and younger siblings all the time. Isn't that funny? Anyway.

She started this petition, saying that it was heinous and evil that the Russian government wants to put a ban on Americans adopting their orphans.

She got REALLY racist in a hurry, citing that Russians do not have the right to adopt their own children, because clearly America is the "superior" nation.

I refused to sign her petition.

While her racist statement was a BIG reason not to sign (it's now offline) it wasn't my only one.

When I was 12, I moved to a very bad neighborhood, and every day, I saw kids. Some of them were my age, most were younger.

With the exception of myself, my brother and the only Chinese kid on my block, all the kids had the same story.

"Mom and Dad were bullied out of aborting us, because their Catholic and Christian parents ~ who WE NEVER SEE EVER ~ said it was against their religion. So now Mom and Dad tell us every day that we're not loved or wanted, but they can't give us up without losing the kids they did want."

I went to my neighbors once, and asked them if this is true.

One guy said "Well, my rubber broke. You can ask your Mom what that means. Anyway it broke and now I'm stuck with HER. I hate my life." Then a lady said "Yeah, she's telling the truth. I did want my son, but he died, so now I'm stuck with the lot of them, and my mom won't take 'em. Don't know why she wanted me to have 'em."

One by one, they all confirmed that their kids were many things, but liar wasn't one of them.

As for the Chinese kid who lived a few doors down from me?

Her parents just before they moved told her out loud in front of me, that they only adopted her because they wanted to one-up their stuck-up "friends". All their friends had special needs kids or kids who were smart. So they thought that by "saving" a little girl from China it would make them look good.

On her behalf, I took great pride in flipping her dad off, and informing them both that she was their DAUGHTER, not a trophy.

I felt so badly for her.

She was beautiful, talented, and had great manners, and all they cared about was one-upping their other rubber-bracelet-wearing friends. I don't remember her name since they moved about three months after I moved in, but I remember being a little jealous that she had an American Girl doll that looked just like her. (Hey I was turning 13, give me a break.)

But the other kids didn't even have that. Their parents legit didn't care if they lived or died. They didn't beat the kids or even scold them, but they didn't do anything else either.

So these kids would roam the streets at night, eons past curfew. Some joined gangs, some got arrested, one had a baby at age 14, eventually, they all moved away when more ethnic families came in. (Yes, all the kids were White. How did you know?)

My landlord had two foster children. Of the two, he kept neglecting one (some days the kid wouldn't be fed) and he beat the hell out of the older one. Most of the beatings were because they boy couldn't traffic this guy's tools to him fast enough. For the record, the kids were about the size of pre-schoolers. One was 10 and the other was 6. Their fat foster father hogged the food, and then complained "Ya know, there's an obesity epidemic. You kids aren't gonna get FAT and UGLY are ya?"

We had cops always up and down the streets, so always I'd flag an officer and tell him the tale, but because he was a friend of a friend of a friend of a cousin of his, he'd never lift a finger.

Plenty, I was told to mind my own business, because these were adult matters. Funny, I was taught that it's not adult at all to bully people smaller than you ~ especially kids.

But this is a routine thing.

We have kids in America right now with nobody to love them.

We have kids in Foster Care, being beaten, neglected, and told every day how "lucky" they are to even have a roof over their heads, like it's some sort of luxury.

It's NOT a luxury. It's a human need. To even dump your adult stresses on a child is pure evil. What? He should kiss your ass because you acted like an adult and went to work today? So, if he dies, you're just gonna move back in with Mommy and Daddy? Fat chance, get a life, that's a CHILD. Grow up.

We tell kids every day that they are pure garbage, easily disposable.

We spend thousands each year, to make infertile people fertile.

And when that doesn't work, we spend thousands more, hiring other people to be human incubators, instead of adopting already made and tested children.

We tell those kids they're worthless, and that it's "better in the long run" to have a test tube baby or a foreign child than to try an adopt an American one.

When we have American children, dying on the streets, sick and cold, we say "GAWD just go on Government assistance or something you SLACKER!!"

When we have American kids in need of a new limb or special medicine, we call them a burden, and we allow our own government to cut their benefits down, citing how "great" a nation we are.

We turn our noses up at American orphans, saying there's too much red tape to go through in adopting them...

But... we don't do that to foreign kids.

When a ChildFund commercial airs, we're very quick to donate how ever much money they want this time.

Did you ever think about where the money goes?

Think about it. ChildFund started in 1931. Shouldn't they have paid off all the sick, 3rd world kids by now?

Have you seen the price of a plane ticket to one of these countries? With airline snacks and other BS charges, the starting plane ticker can set you back close to $2000 ~ and that's if you fly coach. For $2000 that's almost a year's salary for one of these poor kids's moms.

Then there's the production costs of the commercial itself. They're now filmed in HD, that's a pricey camera. And the lights, and the sound equipment, and the video editing software, and the brand new GAP Khaki's that old angry guy in the ads is wearing, and that Old Navy shirt, none of this is cheap!

Instead of pestering poor, local TV viewing Americans in a bad economy for money, why not stop making these ads, and use that funding to bring agriculture, education and clean water to those poor kids? STOP FILMING NEW ADS!!

But yet in still, we have a double standard.

When a foreign child is put up for adoption ~ we adopt his whole freaking family.

When an American child is put up for adoption ~ we throw him away in Foster Care, rip him away from his siblings and insist someone ELSE can pay for him, hiding behind the excuse that "there's so much red tape to go through" in getting and keeping him. Then we make life hell for anybody trying to adopt him, accusing them of being abusers, and when a Gay couple tries to step in, we call them abominations against God, and then turn down a church charity, citing the separation of Church and State. And God help the kid if he's over the age of three. Then we start teasing him with "What's wrong with YOU that nobody has adopted you yet? GAWD you're already old enough now, you might as well finish growing up."

When a foreign child is ill or handicapped ~ we help. We have a concert. We send money. We adopt.

When an American child is ill or handicapped ~ we call him lazy, and then make fun of him on Facebook.

When a foreign child is homeless ~ Oprah builds her a school.

When an American child is homeless ~ we tell him his mother must be a whore and his dad a deadbeat. Then  we let a total stranger scream in his face about how much welfare is costing him and how this child just "has to" grow up and become a drug dealer.

When a foreign child needs a better education ~ we hand him a laptop with internet that runs via crank. Paid for by Fruit Roll-Ups, for each box top a family sends in.

When an American child needs a better education ~ we tell him to shut up, be happy and then bitch about food on the table and a roof over the head. Then we add another guard at school to take away his medication and have him sent to a Juvenile prison for being a drug dealer. Oh, and if he has something nice in his bag like a Nintendo or an emergency cell phone, we whine about what a spoiled brat he is.

When did we become these monsters?

I'm not saying "screw the foreign kids" because I do think it's cool when we can help one of them live better,  I'm saying we need to step up, check our nasty attitudes at the door to life, and start treating our American kids as well as we treat the 3rd world ones.

Wake up!

Instead of claiming that all needy people are "drug addicts" how about making up a petition that makes it easier for the SOBER Americans to get government aid?

Why not start a petition, asking for the red tape to be cleared out, so more American kids can start calling people "Mom and Dad" instead of "Mr. and Miss."

How about we get our own ChildFund together to help these kids? That seems far more helpful to our broke, American kids than that stupid rubber bracelet you're wearing, and I'd feel better thinking there's one less American kid cold and alone tonight.

Did it even occur to you that no American child can put himself onto government aid? An ADULT has to fill the paperwork out. and ADULT has to send it in. So maybe we should help those adults get back on their feet?

American orphans can't get themselves new parents. Want a kid? Can't have one of your own? Adopt one of them, and stop hiding behind that lame excuse about the red tape. ALL kids have that about them, not just ours, and at least these speak English.

Take care of your own country before you try to re-make another.

We have needy kids right here.

Don't write them off.

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