Sunday, January 20, 2013

Walgreen's causes divorces.

A short while ago, I posted a piece on what guys are NOT told about women. I did this specifically to save a few lives this Valentine's Day season as each year, I hear the most horrifying stories from people who did not mean to, but ended up crossing a line and wound up in the fight of their lives. If you haven't read it yet, please do. I even outlined a CHEAP way to survive the day that shouldn't cost you more than $10-20.

Today however I learned that the company I have been doing much of my shopping with is actually responsible for perpetuating the myth that women will accept last minute "gas station" gifts on the heart-filled holiday.

That's right! The company your grandparents were raised on, has been betraying innocent men for as long as they have been open. I am talking about Walgreen's.

I found this out by accident. I went to the website, because I saw a funny box of chocolates at the store, but didn't have my camera with me. So I thought "Hey! I'll just send my friend the link to the funny box I saw." Totally innocent, right?

(For the record, it's a box of candy with duct tape and barbed wire on it.)

So I went to the Walgreen's page. Not only didn't I find the box I was looking for, the Valentine's Day page hasn't been updated since 2011. Now that's not suspicious, right?? That's not all that's wrong, please, enlarge the screen cap I took:

Now why in the name of Kabuki Man riding a three wheeled Hummer would cause an American company to outright LIE to it's men???

What would posses a company to tell a bunch of unsuspecting men "KI-DEEERP if you am buy her a razor blade and an As Seen On TV gift, an sammich it in a funnel with a Dinty Moore, she'll LOVE it!!

NO!!! No woman would appreciate that. This is where divorces start!! 

So shame on you Walgreen's. For shame that you would do this.

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