Sunday, January 27, 2013

The killing of Punk's push almost garnered a screwjob

Well what did I say? I said they were killing Punk's push, didn't I? And when did I say it? October of 2012.

And how bigger of a way could they have used to kill Punk's push?

By having him lose the belt to The Rock ~ who's sickly mother was in the crowd.

That put Punk at an impossible spot.

If Punk had won, he'd have the stigma of beating up a guy who could lose his mom.

But Punk lost.... to the Tooth Fairy.

And worse? If The Rock had not done (shock of all shocks) the right thing, and asked the match to have been re-started, Vince (who invited himself to do this) would have had Punk stripped of the belt, because he (his character) feels that Punk is working with Aces & 8's n.W.o Nexus The Shield.

Oh, I get it. It's totally fine and okay for Triple H to use Evolution and D-X, but Punk can't use The Shield. I see. Well I guess Tyler Black and Jon Moxley really are that much more dangerous than Batista, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Chyna, and Randy Orton. No nooooo, that's fine. HHH can have those guys all he likes, but Punk can't have help from Tyler and Moxley. They're the ones that are too dangerous. I gotcha.

How can I tell this was almost a screwjob? Easy. Go back and find the footage. Watch King and Paul Heyman's faces. They tell the story.

Why else would ice-cold-heart-ed Vince have kept Bret Hart back there??

To tell Bret that the guy he likes is GONNA BE SCREWED!! Why not? The senile old bastard keeps bringing it up ~ like how many DVDs do we need of the damn thing??

Bret has been vocally supportive of Punk, even after their little on-screen-pre-written-by-a-chimp exchange a few moons ago. Vince couldn't pass this up. And Punk being a Heyman guy too?? The old coot was waiting for an excuse.

So those of you left not currently boycotting the company can look forward to Punk being sent to the mid-cards soon, as the focus will remain on the guy who keeps leaving WWE and the guy on the Fruity Pebbles box.
For the sake of everyone who was rooting for Punk, I hope it's not possible to scream or cry yourself into a coma....

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