Monday, January 28, 2013

Nobody is going to accept Rock vs. Cena for the belt. Here's why.

Oh, I'm sorry Mr. "I understand Business even though I'm not in the WWE right now" did I just annoy you, because I, much like the MILLIONS (and millions) of other "Armchair Bookers" questioning The Rock having a title he didn't earn and Cena winning a Rumble he doesn't need, are really PISSED OFF right now?

Ok, let me break this down for you in small, itty bitty bites.

1. You can stop pretending this is "good" for business.

Do you even remember last year's Wrestlemania? Do you?

How John Cena, the guy who actually IS in the WWE 100% of the time, got his ass handed to him by the TOOTH FAIRY?

Did you just magically forget how many people demanded a refund at the ticket booth that day?

Did you also forget that the WWE openly LIED on television about having over 72,000 people at the show ~ when less than 69,000 actually for real showed up, and how after counting refunds, the show was considered to be one of the top 5 LOWEST grossing Wrestlemanias of all time?

Keep in mind, a good chunk of that 69,000 people were filled up by the WWE crew and wrestlers who weren't booked for the show.

So with that said, do you honestly think that putting the belt on a guy (The Rock) who is NOT reliable, and has a bad habit of deserting the WWE for months, even years at a time, is going to magically make this a more profitable show?? Wake up and smell the coffee. If last night's reaction was any indication to you, this is a BAD idea.

2. The Rock is NOT passing the torch to Cena.

Why is that? Because CENA is the one who will be passing the torch soon. Who do you think has been running with it for the last 10 years??

Is this what you want? A repeat of Wrestlemania 18??

Hulk Hogan passed what he thought was the torch to The Rock. Wanna know why that was stupid?

The Rock at that point had been running with it for several YEARS, didn't need the push, didn't need the rub, and fucking LEFT the company as soon as possible after that.

Now we have Cena. He's not the kid in need of the rub right now. He's the overworked veteran, getting ready to pass the torch to someone else. So don't pretend he has anything to gain from The Rock.

3. Cena does NOT need the belt right now.

He's already held it a mazillion times, and HE HIMSELF said he doesn't need it anymore. C'mon now, if even CENA don't want CENA to hold the belt, neither should you.

4. The fans don't want to see Rock and Cena fight over the belt.

Oh what's that? Why should it matter you say?

Let me explain something about "business" that you don't know.

If the fans don't like something, they will quit wasting their time and money on it.

Not everyone is stupid enough to drink the Kool-Aid and believe everything Vince McMahon tells them to accept. The crowd last night only proved me right, as they couldn't stop cheering for Punk.

Wanna know what happens after that?

The ratings drop further. (The Rock has only gotten them a 3 since coming back. Pay attention.)

The merchandise and PPV sales drop further.

The company dies.

What's that? Don't believe a company that big would let that happen?

I have three letters for you.


5. The Rock didn't earn that belt.

Wrestling is just like the Janet Jackson song "What have you done for me lately".

The Rock last held the belt in 2002.

Since 2004, he's only made the bare minimum of appearances, to plug himself, talk about how great he thinks he is, and once in a blue moon, deliver a half-assed match, devoid of any actual wrestling moves.

Do you actually think the fans will just forget that?? They sell enough of this man's past record on DVD that they can't forget!

He only has the belt right now out of sympathy to his mom, and because Vince is senile enough to think this will earn more money for Mania.

Do you think the fans will blindly accept a man who doesn't earn squat as a champion? DO YOU??

What about Ryback, who's been trying his damnedest to make people believe in him?

How about Punk, who shows up EARLY to do his job, and even hobbled his ass out to the Rumble last night on a bum knee?

What about Dolph Ziggler, who not only has been cheated out of his time to cash in the briefcase, but has had to play caddy to every other talentless bitch not currently attached to another wrestler?

Or what about Wade Barrett, who "won" NXT only to have his push for the title wrongfully and repeatedly yoinked from his grasp, simple because he's from the U.K.?

I can imagine the fans buying them as champions, but a DISNEY actor? REALLY?? A guy who keeps leaving them and is only focused on himself? A guy who openly bullies Heyman and Punk, but is slated to be the face of the anti-bully program? Are you nuts??

The bottom line is that more and more, people are waking up out of their WWE induced comas, and realizing that much like the kids, they too should be expecting better.

So please, keep the Kool-Aid to yourself. I'll be drinking water.

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