Friday, December 14, 2012

Fallen Connecticut children

It's days like this that put anyone's life into perspective. I sat down today after a grueling trip, ready to talk about how badly I can't wait for my folks' divorce to be final, when I saw the most horrible news story possible.

27 dead, 20 of which are children, ages 5-10, in a deadly school shooting.

The gunman? In his 20's, and NO he did NOT get the idea from video games, reports Forbes.

Now as I type this, I'm still getting the news as it comes in. So I can't tell you what would posses a man to kill a school full of children, along with his own mother.  But I have a few questions, maybe someone out there can answer them, hopefully soon.

My first question? Where was school security?

We lock kids up like common animals, in buildings resembling state penitentiaries. We give them guards and metal detectors ~ things that we swear will protect them from this. And yet this guy was able to slip on through? How??

My next question, can you still support guns?

I try to be fair. I've softened a bit, so I can hear both sides out. It wasn't long ago that I saw a video of a little old lady who saved herself from being killed by shooting dead a home invader, but outside of isolated stories like this, how often have guns truthfully saved a life?

Tell me, outside of war-related invaders, what purpose does a gun serve? If you really think you need to protect yourself, you can buy a stun gun. They're cheap, re-chargeable, and have a lower fatality rate. I'm not even comfortable with a police officer holding a gun, when a taser is easier to use.

And why would you need a gun on a child, let alone a ton of them? I don't see any lives saved here.

My next question is really terrible, and I'd like to apologize right now if this sounds offensive.

The shooter had severe Asperger’s syndrome, the same syndrome that Ryan Cleary had.

We have tons of people with severe mental illnesses, being thrown into regular society with little care, expected to behave exactly the same as everyone else.

All we hand them is a little white or pink pill, with the side effects including suicide, homicidal thoughts and a wide range of other effects, that only seem to aggravate the cause.

We shut down mental hospitals and clinics around the country, and lie to these patients, insisting that they can behave like everyone else.

Then we act surprised when one of these people kills a room full of people, kills him/herself or starts hacking random strangers.

Isn't this enough? Do we need another shooting before we as a society decide to bring back the mental wards, bring in usable medications, and start addressing what's wrong?

Just once, I'd like to have any potential shooter ~ sick or healthy ~ to listen to the lyrics of Dear Shooter. Really think before you act:

UPDATE: The local news is reporting that the gunman's mother was the owner of the gun. If you know your kid is this mentally ill, WHY own a gun ~ AND keep it in plain view of him??

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