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Whadya mean be myself? I wanna be a DIVA!

Calm down CALM DOWN!! It's just a blog title! Breathe! ^^; Okay, on with the posting.

The other night, I got an unexpected message. A male fan of my blogs had just gone to a small promotion in downstate Illinois. (Forgive me, but he never told me the name of the company.) Now the company was mostly male-based, but they had a few females on the roster.

Rather than do a standard meet and greet like most companies, this one did a Q&A session. Kind of rare for younger wrestlers, but an interesting idea to say the least.

A young man in the audience asked a female wrestler a general question. For the sake of this blog, let's call her "September". That's not really her ring name, but like her actual ring name, it is on the calendar. 

Anyway, the young man asks her: What is your favorite move or finisher in the ring? Are there any moves that are hard to do against a tough opponent?

"September" stands up, shakes her hips and talks about "going on all night long" and then prances about. The gentleman's questions go unanswered.

"September" isn't the only young lady on the roster to pull this stunt, and it left a bad taste in the mouth of the fan that wrote me. (Which shocks me, because until this point I thought most guys liked this.)

This is not the only show he's been to where this has happened. He's told me before about other shows with other young, female valets or wrestlers, acting just like September, in fact, I recently met my own September, but that's another story.

So the fan asks: WHYEEE do these girls feel the need to act like sluts at the shows?

Without much hesitation, I told him the truth: 

Alot of girls are told that if you want to make it anywhere, that's what you do.

If you ask these young ladies when they started watching wrestling, they'll tell you they started when they were 5-7 years old. They're not too far away from me in age (September is a year younger than me) which let's me know who was the first female they remember seeing in the ring.

Back in 1994, the WWF brought in a girl named Sunny, a starlet plucked right out of Smokey Mountain. But Sunny didn't get onto TV because of her wrestling ability (she said herself she didn't have much to speak of) she got where she was based on her Barbie doll looks.

Every week, Sunny would prance around and entice the men at ringside, wearing very little. Starting in 1990 (before they hired Sunny), WWF fans saw less and less of talented wrestlers like Rockin' Robin, Sherri Martel, Luna Vachon, Bull Nakano and Alundra Blaze, but by 94 and 95, they saw plenty of Sunny.

Sunny's gimmick was that she was a Diva. And really that's all that should have been said about it. But in 1995, Vince McMahon started pushing to have her gimmick stretched out, turning it into a roster, instead of her special thing.

By 1998, Sunny was out, and Sable was in.

Think about the insult for a second. That's like if Stone Cold were to be stripped of his own gimmick, only to have it stretched out for en entire roster of random beer-swilling bald guys. 

It would be Vince McMahon's way of telling the world how disposable he thinks you are. 

That's psychological warfare.

Sable wasn't alone. Marlena/Terri was also a Diva. And soon, there were plenty of them, eating up TV time. While other women have had the moniker of Diva (Lita, Ivory, Tori, Jacqueline, Trish, Chyna, Molly, ect.) only the ones who wrestled the least were actually on television the most.

And the little girls that were at home watching WWF were paying attention to that. Certainly, September was watching at home with her dad.

The ladies who were different, who had strong ambition and decided to be themselves in the ring, (Jacqueline) were seldom booked and often times wound up on the lesser known Sunday Night Heat.

But the ladies that pranced around in their underwear, talked about sex and threw themselves at every other dude in a set of trunks, (Trish, Terri, Sable) those were the ones that were on TV the most, in some cases more than big names like Stone Cold or The Rock. Major storylines were written around who these ladies were sleeping with, their friend drama, and there were even entire segments of television written around the "scandal" of what they would ~ or would not ~ wear. (Rudolph. That's all I have to say.)

In the 2000's, it got stretched out even further. Oh sure, the commercials would lie, stating that a WWE Diva was "an ambitious ass kicker in the ring" but most of these newer girls couldn't tell a hip toss from a hip thrust. 

By the time WWE started the Diva searches, McMahon was bringing in women that honestly thought that an Irish Whip was a frothy beverage. (Mmm sounds tasty! C'ai have one?)

By the time September was old enough to start her wrestling training, Kelly Kelly, The Bella Twins, Eve Torres and a bunch of other "I-can-do-a-handstand-and-then-cry-about-how-hard-wrestling-is-to-me" Divas were all over television.

And that's where September wants to be, on television, as a star.

September is watching WWE right now, when she's not at the smaller shows.

September knows that there are REAL wrestlers on the roster, like Natalya and Tamina, ladies who dress like women and can fight as good as their fathers. 

But Tamina and Natalya are NOT getting booked.

Eve is. 

Natalya is NOT featured on as the girl to watch.

AJ is.

Tamina is NOT flexing in the ring, getting the attention of a hungry crowd.

Aksana is.

September therefore has seen where this is going. As she laces up her boots and slides into that mini-mini skirt, September is thinking "I need to be more slutty. THAT'S how you get on TV at WWE!!"

Everyday, women and girls are being told to "be themselves" but being yourself isn't marketable if you were born with a vagina. Our society (not just WWE) dictates that if you really want a good push in life, you have to be as slutty, backstabbing, mean and stupid as possible. Otherwise, someone else will take your place.

We are told from the time we are born until we die how very disposable we are, because we're women. We're pushed in society to sex it up and slut down before we're even tweens. Don't believe me? Run a Google search on the lyrics to alot of the sugary pop songs that came out from 1997-2007. Pay special attention to the Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and any boy band song. Tell me what they say.

September has been conditioned for this since she was a child. She and many other girls want so badly to be on the cover of a magazine, and they're told that being yourself is NOT the way to do it.

But then, something strange is happening.

This same fan of mine who told me about September used to be really big on some of the Divas WWE has dropped over the last two years. (The phrase "I'd bang THAT" has fallen out of his face before.) But now that many of these ladies are starting to show up for Indy shows, he's showing NO interest in them at all!

And he's not alone.

Recently, I got word that a few of them showed up last minute for a convention. The men absolutely wanted NOTHING to do with them. (I'll spare you their names. No need for a fight here.)

More curious? NONE of these women have changed. They still look the same as their trading card photos, still sound the same, I didn't even hear a peep about any mood changes. None of them are any different from what they were on TV. Even the clothes are the same!

But somehow, just seeing them made these dudes turn away. Like they were worn out from seeing these women showing off their birthday suits, and now they just wanted to run as fast as they could for the exit.

Until this moment, I thought that's what these guys wanted to see. A few women, scantly clad and devoid of any substance, an artificial female with superficial tastes. 

Color me schooled!

Not only was I told what a waste of time this was by my fan and several other men, but I was told not to end up like them. Be myself.

Be myself? Myself is broke and single! How is that better than these TV chicks? That's what I say to myself, but a cold chill ran down my spine. I realized I wasn't the only woman saying that right now.

September is.

And then I took a shower.

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