Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Should you work at WWE?

I love wrestling.

It's been good to me. And every day I find a new reason to be grateful for the people I've met because of wrestling. All the late night conversations, the stories, the smiles, you have no idea how much I love that.

Wrestling has been a source of strength for me at one point or another. I don't think I'd even be who I am ~ or even alive at all without it.

And I've defended both it and it's people. Countless are the days where I've stood up for someone, told a snark-mark off who had the nerve to disrespect a friend of mine ~ boldly in front of my face at times! And always, I'm happy to do it again. 

From the ring crew to the main event tier, I've met plenty of wonderful people. And even when they don't stay in wrestling, they stay in my thoughts.

Which is what hurts sometimes.

I get it. I'm not stupid. The economy is shit, and everyone's looking for the job that helps them keep the lights on at the house. And all of us have been lured in by the pretty lights of a major company at one point or another. (I've chased after jobs from big companies too.)

I've heard the "money and business" speech from all kinds of people ~ mostly people who are not wrestlers!! "Meh meh meh, he should be happy ANYBODY pays him EVER, Meh Meh business Meh Meh politics" Like no other jobs in the world have "business and politics" to deal with? Yeah, right. Listen snark-mark that stands behind me in line, why don't you take a seat and shut it. Grown folks is talking here.

But aren't we all tired of the same, stupid game? Here's how it goes:

1. Talented wrestler works a few dozen dark matches before anybody realizes he's alive.
2. He gets people "talking about him" backstage.
3. Word spreads quickly about how because he's not 6'4, he's going to wind up on SmackDown, jobbing to some random big man, who doesn't need another freaking squash to get over.
4. I (and other people paying attention) warn him. "Please do not go to WWE. For they will strip you of everything that makes you special, and you will wind up on SmackDown, jobbing to some random big man, who doesn't need another freaking squash to get over."
5. I get a pat on the head. "Silly girl. I'll be okay. Honest!"
6. He goes to WWE, after a tearful speech about how little he makes on the Indy scene. He is paid $700-1000 weekly/bi-weekly for his services, but the fans will believe that he's making a million dollars a day.

Not counting taxes, $1000 a week equates to $52,000 per year. 

That's the same salary as a McDonald's manager out where I live.

7. He is stripped of everything that makes him special, and handed a name that is Hell on the ears. (I've never met Briely Pierce, but I feel sorry for him. Briely? Really??)
8. He is stuck in developmental, not actually learning anything he doesn't already know, while Creative does absolutely nothing with him, except to make up lame excuses.
9. After 2-4 years of pure stress, he winds up on SmackDown, jobbing to some random big man, who doesn't need another freaking squash to get over.
10. They hand him a shit gimmick and/or shit storyline that makes no sense.
11. He is sent back to developmental.
12. He is fired, Creative has nothing for him.
13. A year later, posts a story making fun of him. On a DVD they falsely accuse him of having a bad attitude. (Dunno about you, but if I'm getting jerked around like him, I'll be a BEAST!!)
14. The wrestler finds his way back to the companies that ~ while they can't afford him ~ honestly do have people in them that adore him as part of the family. He pretends I never warned him about the WWE.
15. A bunch of rude, stupid snark-marks pester him at the booth: "When ya goin' back to double-double ee already? Lemme tell you about the business..."

Don't these wrestlers deserve better???

Out of all the guys I've met before they went to WWE, C.M. Punk is probably the only one to have reached the level he has. But only after fighting, biting, clawing and scratching his way tot he top. That man has had NOTHANG handed to him.

And nobody believed me on that front, until his DVD came out.
Everyone else has had it really hard too. This may sound girlish, but it makes me want to give them a hug and say "It's ok".

But then you should expect that of me. 

When he's holding his head, frustrated over where the light bill payment is coming from, and he says "Well what dya expect I should do, HUH??" (A statement I'm guilty of repeating) I'm still the "silly girl" at ringside.

"Don't go.."

I actually wrote a poem about the wrestlers WWE does this to. Click to enlarge:

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