Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's NOT "lazy" to need Universal Healthcare

I'm often curious by the posts I read on Twitter, from guys old enough to be my father. Without naming names, the posts tend to read like this:

"Kah-DERP!! We can't have universal healthcare, because then the insurance companies will go out of business an' I'll have to pay $600 a WEEK in healthcare for people who shouldn't have it. DERP it's socialism!"

95% of the people who say that have no idea what socialism means.

I often share these posts with my Canadian and other out-of-country friends, and always these people LAUGH at us.

We are one of the last, English speaking countries on earth that doesn't believe in doling out healthcare to honest tax payers.

That puts us behind Singapore, which is against spray-paint and has several cities against chewing gum, and yet they have universal healthcare. We're also behind Sweden, which doesn't believe in copyrights. And we are behind Hong Kong, which actually belongs to China, world leader in lead paint and combustible laptops.

Let that sink in a second... okay!

Now a good chunk of our jobs were outsourced by people in the GOP, such as Romney, who doesn't seem to believe in the notion that dogs cannot car surf. Brilliant. So it's not like "KAH-DERP me am can pick up local job" because there are not jobs here to pick up.

My city no longer has a bus service either. So exactly how am I going to make it out to a job that doesn't exist? If I (or my neighbors, friends, family, ect.) can't get a job, then how can I afford the $400 bill just for showing up for a check up?

Yeah. I said $400. 

With regular insurance coverage, they promise to pay a stipend of that, but only after you've met their insane pre-pay limits. (Aetna wants you to pay $1000 over the course of EACH year, before they'll think about handling your co-pay. Very much not kidding. Horrid company.)

So why exactly are we trying to save fake "insurance" companies, that swindle the American people out of millions each year, impede doctors' decisions and ultimately DON'T pay up what they are supposed to?

News flash! Insurance companies are NOT a "sacred institution".

Insurance companies are overgrown snake oil salesmen.

They are as useful as a bank robber. It's time to stop protecting them, tear them down, and get the government to foot the bill.

If you have the money to waste on a fake war that killed my generation, and on agent orange that poisoned my parents' generation, then you can afford for me to have a check up once in a while.

These shyster companies never want to pay for anything, and yet a doctor will charge you 2-5 times the average price for a check-up, if you are uninsured. See my post on a 2010 visit my mother needed here.

And the "charities"? Oh ha ha. They ask you for tax records, they send a case worker to your house to judge you, and they ask you for paperwork that is 100% irrelevant to the issue at hand! Yeah, I got turned down by Catholic Charities, because I didn't earn enough to be considered "poor". Let that seep in a moment.

It's time we do something about this negligent care.

It really starts with attitude.

We have to learn to act like adults. That means no longer taunting, teasing, bullying or belittling people on government aid, or those seeking assistance.

Everyone from the idiot on the street to the fat politician in local office, needs to grow up, step up, and drop the nasty hate when it comes to healthcare and assistance.

No more bitching that every person on Medicaid is a "welfare whore".

No more accusing the poor of being drug addicts. (I'm straight edge, thank you.) 

No more calling people on public assistance "lazy". 

I see your Facebook posts. 

"DERP if you can git cigarettes and an iPod  you don't need food stamps" 

REALLY? So these people need to FOREVER be devoid of simple pleasures, to make YOU happy, complete and total Facebook stranger? 

Oh, so if I save up for a year or more and treat myself to an Apple product, I'm now "crack bitch" who doesn't need an iPod? 

Awesome. Then you no longer need access to the internet, Mr. and Ms. "I signed up for public aid but I Facebook pic myself drinking Jack Daniels". 

Try not to cast stones in glass houses.

Most of the people who post that crap:
1. Have NEVER met a crack whore in their lives.
2. Drink and spend money on stupid things weekly.
3. Don't seem to take issue with trolling the needy, even though
4. 80% of them are over the age of 40. That's old enough to know not to name-call.

It's time to evolve. We need to ditch this nasty attitude that people on assistance are lazy. They're NOT. It's a temporary move until they can get on their feet.

And with how much of our lives is taxed, it's really nice when someone does get assistance. 

The government taxes us for everything we buy, schooling, work, even vices. They also send us to war without a vote and they play games with our civil liberties.

The least they can do is spot me a few food stamps.

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