Friday, November 16, 2012

FAKE Obesity epidemic kills REAL US jobs ~ The death of Hostess and children in the US.

I want you to look at this photo:
These are the boys that live across the street from me. I've blurred their faces and I refuse to state their names, but I want you to take a really good look at their frames.

Can you see how skinny they are? Two of them have been called "pre-anorexic" by a pediatrician.

The one in the blue shirt? He's 11 years old. At this rate, he won't get much taller, and will likely top out at 4'10. He's built like a 7 year old and is often mistaken for being a first grader.

The boy left from him is 14. He hasn't grown in 4 years.

All five boys (so their father says) are severely under-weight for their ages, and it's not likely any of them will finish puberty or procreate upon adulthood. That's especially troubling for the teens in the photo.

But their mother is happy about it, because (she says) "at least they're not FAT". She doesn't care that their risk for heart attack is actually higher now than ever before, or that not one of them will ever have a totally healthy child of their own, all she cares about is how runway ready they look.

That sentiment is one of 100 reasons why the parents are now breaking up, because the father has been told that starving a kid is actually a form of child abuse.

Last year, I openly criticized the parents that fad-starve their children, in a video I made about going to the Science Industry Museum:

At 11:22, I mimicked the parents I saw, repeating exactly what I heard:

"Susie stop eating those carrot sticks, you're gonna get FAT."

And like I said in the video, out of 700 kids, I only saw ONE fat kid. But because there exists ONE fat kid in all of Chicago, ALL children have to pay.

We have let so-called "Obesity experts" make up FAKE statistics and permeate our feeds with shameful propaganda, in the name of a crisis that does not befit our current state.

These morons can't even do their research! For example, they claim that arthritis is caused by being fat.

In truth, arthritis isn't caused by a few vanity pounds, it's caused by genetics. It is an auto-immune disease, meaning that if you don't have the genetic code for it from your mom or your dad's family ~ guess what? You CAN'T "catch" it.

And yet these clowns are foolishly allowed to run wild on television, blaming every other disease on obesity. These idiots sell books, blaming cancer, AIDS, arthritis, diabetes, lupus and a wide range of other problems on being fat. Not once, not ever do they bother looking into the role genetics plays or even in the spread of viruses. NOPE! They just blame it all on fat.

And it's these uneducated morons that have just cost us a United States institution.

Hostess is closing it's doors, due to poor sales brought on by the obesity myth. And while the propaganda perpetrators are off celebrating on their Live Journal accounts, more than 18,500 men and women are now JOBLESS, and most of them have kids to feed. Oh yeah, great victory, *clap... clap* let's put 18,500 people OUT of work, just before the holidays. Way to go, I bet you're proud.

Oh, and please forget the "just get another job" speech. We outsourced those to China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Wake up.

The economy is in the toilet.

There are even RICH parents, starving their kids.

Poor parents can't afford to feed their kids.

We have several, million children in the United States, underfed, underweight, and living with a host of problems, brought on by malnutrition.

The kids that are outside right now, running themselves into a heart attack in the name of school sports? Most of them do not have a long life expectancy. We're at a point now with famine and childhood drugs (such as Ritalin) that this generation of parents my very easily outlive their children by a good 20-30 years.

We're facing hunger in this country, with millions going without their required 2-3 meals a day, and you want to bitch about kids getting fat? REALLY?

But they don't care about dead children, they care about Hostess going out of business.

Outside of the obvious crisis with 18,500 people facing homelessness, adding to the unemployment rate and making it even harder for everyone else to find work, let me state why that upsets me.

Even though I earn precious little, I do try to eat healthy.

I'm eating more vegetable-based foods, when I do eat pizza, there's always veggies in the sauce and spinach on top. I eat lean breads and lean meats. The last two months, I scaled back on my food intake, so I'm down to two meals a day, and just today I had a lunch of lean tuna, egg yolks and veggie sticks.

I've gained 7 pounds.

NONE of it is muscle.

And this is from eating veggies.

And in case you're wondering, NO, my immune system is NOT better for it. Since adding more veggies to my diet, I've been sick three times in the last two months, the first of which I almost had to go to the ER. Guess who can't afford that??

And even so-called "organic" veggies didn't help. $7 for ONE ~ and only ONE ~ stalk of celery, that was grown in soil, still laden with chemicals and hormone disruptive microorganisms, left over from the 1950's ~ do precious little to "help" my immune system. The fact that a negative-calorie food like celery, still added to those 7 pounds is enough to make me scream.

And these things are prone to recalls. Over the last 5 years, we've had tons of spinach, lettuce and other veggie recalls. The only products in food recalled more are imports from Mexico. What does that say??

So outside of the healthy food I'm eating, once a month, I allow myself ONE Hostess snack. Why? Because it's a break.

When I say break, it's not because of my diet, it's a break from the stress that is my life.

I have a house that is set to become a Wal*Mart.

I have a dad who likes to siphon money and waste it all on junk food, booze and OH YEAH ~ his psycho girlfriend who keeps threatening suicide because he dares to have gout.
(Guess who called my house at 6 this morning?)

I have had plenty of people email, claiming "HEY! I have work for ya." Only to either never hear from them ever again ~ or ~ they think I can "just deal with" working for free. Yeah, experience CAN'T pay the light bill. No thank you. I'm looking for people who really could use my services, and not those playing pretend.

I have violent, rude neighbors that think it's funny to party and drink under my window, set each other on fire and leave their kids all over my lawn.

I have not seen a decent night's sleep in several years.

Don't you think I could use a break every now and then??

Comfort food often times brings lighter memories to people. I have a Hostess fruit pie and I think about all the goofing off I would do with my little brother when we were kids on the road. I have a Twinkie and I remember simple days when dad wasn't home and Mama and I would stay up watching ECW. I have a Ding Dong or a Ho Ho and I remember... well I remember being 12 and learning other uses for those words.

And yes, I can read the calorie label, thank you. I know what these chemicals can do to a body, but it's not like I'm chowing down on 45 Twinkies in one sitting. "Death by Twinkie" will not be on my epitaph, thanks. We're talking once a month. Hell this month I haven't even touched a Hostess product, as the price went up. I guess I now know why!

It's not bad enough we're starving kids, now we're robbing future generations of comfort food memories, and I'm sorry health-Nazi's, but contrary to your Hipster mythology, carrot sticks, tofurkey and tempeh do NOT comprise comfort food. In fact, they do a very good job of bringing up the imagery of a conforming, lifeless, stuck-up, pointless, anti-child society. There's not a damn thing comforting about it.

We just let a pretend myth kill 18,500 American jobs, and we're letting it kill countless children in the process.

It's time we stop playing pretend.

Time to quit following every fad-crisis and start fixing the actual problems we have, such as hunger, the economy, and time to stop letting every other conglomerate bully us into over-working, over-stressing and over-medicating these kids.

We've lost enough jobs in America, and plenty of children already. Let's not add to it.

For more information on what you might be ingesting with every vegetable, please visit the page:
What's on my food?


  1. I really can't believe Hostess survived for as long as they did. Their brands weren't selling too hot, and they did a bad job promoting them over the last 20 years. I'm not a healthy eater by any means, but I've never had a twinkie, or any of the oddly named snack foods. The only thing I've eaten was the sweet 16 doughnuts just because they were the cheapest bag sometimes.

  2. Leno joked that one could make their own Twinkies with white bread, yellow spray paint and a caulking gun. (I hate those disgusting cakes, but if people like them, fine)

    The whole obesity epidemic was designed to deny and discredit the fact that genetics plays the largest role.