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Yo Gabba MOM troll

Last year I learned that despite what a Google staffer named Lisa told me, you should never try to "talk things out" with those who harass you online via angry comments. As comedian Ron White says, you can't fix stupid.

Now Blogger does not have a "Block" or "Report" button as YouTube does. Why? Because some genius at Google decided that we need to learn to be friends with our attackers, and thus blocking is rude and needs to be stopped. (Google-Lisa told me this.) They don't seem to care that stalkers now have access to everything I post 100% of the time, but that's another story. Way to care about safety, Google!

So normally, when I see an angry comment on one of my Blogger posts, I simply mark them as spam and delete them. Seriously, if you feel the need to come onto an unpopular site like Blogger and trash me, then it's likely you have nothing important worth reading at all, and you really need to seek out a psychiatrist.

But today I saw a comment that I thought should be addressed.

... Because it came from a MOM.

And judging by her cadence, I don't think it's a teenage mother either. This is an adult.

Now that bothers me, and here's why.

When you are an adult, that means that you have had at least 18 years of life, in which you should have been taught to know better, either by a parent/legal guardian or by life itself. That's why I have zero sympathy for trolls over the age of 18. You know better. You have been taught better. You do not have an excuse.

And like I said, aggravating this is the fact that this is a MOM, meaning that she has procreated. There is now at least one Chibi-Her in the world, with only a 50/50 chance at not ending up like this.

This is not the first time I've had this happen either. Back in 2005 I had to add plenty of warnings and disclaimers to my Sailormoon based website Moon Sisters, because one specific mom trolled me for an entire month, threatening to "expose me" because I dared to post a "bad word" on my own website that I own and built. She didn't even notice the bright white warning stating that my site is not now nor has it ever been for children. Again, this was a MOM, well old enough to know better.

You are a MOM. Shouldn't you be tending to your kid(s) instead of trolling people online??
(Watch her try to say "I'm a GOOD mom" yadda yadda on the next comment. They always do.)

The issue this lady has with me stems from a blog I posted about Yo Gabba Gabba: In case I haven't made myself clear, I DO NOT HATE YO GABBA GABBA. I just feel that considering it's content and fan base, there should be a version of the show for adults, instead of pitching it to preschoolers. On the blog, I provide plenty of food for thought on the show, and I did get plenty of positive emails from both parents and those who want to be parents.

Now I myself am not now nor have I ever been a parent. But that's no excuse not to keep up with these shows. I'm a cartoonist. We tend to keep tabs on what is and is not hot in the realm of TV. I want to be a mom someday. So of course I want to know ahead of time what's going on. Most people watch Nick and Nick Jr. long past the the age of 12, so don't act like it's a new fad.

Now here is her letter to me, broken down with my comments in bold font. I'm not posting her actual name or her Blogger profile, because that would be giving her way too much fame. So let's pretend her name is Linda.

From: Linda
To: Koriander/Codename Sailor Earth

I highly disagree with almost everything you have said. 
To each his own. I usually welcome creative critiques, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First off, how is power rangers educational for children?? It shows violence all the time. Awesome. 
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the series I referred to) has several episodes where the Rangers learn about science and teamwork, things Yo Gabba Gabba also teaches. Also that season was littered with messages about how violence is not the answer, the show's violence is make-believe and that you should never EVER try this at home. Future seasons also have lessons about the environment, community and respecting others. Had you bothered to either watch a full episode or at least Google the series, you'd already know this.

And, im sure as an adult, you think about muno looking like a sex toy,
Yes, it's what all adults do. Why every morning at 7, I wake up and say to myself "Wow, Muno looks like a sex toy." And then I plot my entire day around Muno looking like a dildo, and how that effects my personal life. 

Are you insane?? What the hell are you implying there?! That is sexual harassment, lady (and I use that word loosely) and I do not like it!

but do you really think thats what going through a childs head? 
First of all, I'M sure that I'm has a capital I and an apostrophe in it.

Second, Muno should be capitalized, since Muno is his name. We capitalize the first letter in names, dear.
While I'm at it, "that's" and "child's" are missing their apostrophes as well. 

And third, if you listen to the crazed rantings of most parents, it doesn't matter if the child doesn't know that's a Dildo........


You said a TEENAGER said the comment about fufa, do you think a 3-4 year would think that? 
Aside from the teenager, a child I babysat while working at a School Supply store called her "Pink Poo-Poo girl". She was three and a half at the time. So yes, I do think a 3-4 year old would think something like that. Also, it's Foofa. If you're going to defend this show, at least take the time to learn how to spell their names.

You obviously dont have children yet. 
Wow, thank you for attacking me, based on that fact. You obviously do not know my situation, so why bother taking the fight there? Do you think that just because I don't open my legs and pop out a few random ankle biters that I'm somehow dumber than you? Lady, at least I know that there is an apostrophe in the word "don't".

This show is geared for ages 1-5. 
That's exactly why you SHOULD NOT EVER have characters that look like adult toys on the show!!

My daughter loves it. 
I'm not going to comment.

I dlnt mind it, 
"Dlnt" is not a word.

the music is catchy and always sends a good message. 
Yes, the music is catchy. I've been known to belt out "Hands to yourself" a few times, albeit not in the same way the Gabba gang intended. And outside of the message in the one episode I criticized, where they tried teaching children that "All stars are just planets and suns, there are no stars for real" I don't think I poked at the general message about friendship.

Whats so wrong with teaching children to be nice to someone even if they act different emotionally than everyone else? 
And you missed the entire point of the blog. You didn't actually read it all the way through, did you?

Some kids have depression, or autistic, 
Let me stop you there. You do not have "autistic" as in "I caught a cold and autistic". You should have said that "there are children who are autistic". Autism is nothing to play around with. That wording comes across a little too coy for my taste.

kids need to understand that sometimes you dont need a reason to be upset,
I think Dr. Joyce Brothers might have a word against your theory there.

but you dont treat those kids any different.
True, but by typing this, you just showed me that you didn't actually read the whole blog. The problem isn't the message of acceptance. I think that was made clear.

And the word is "differently". 

It's "You shouldn't treat them differently", NOT "you dont treat those kids any different". Suffixes are your friends, as are apostrophes.

And brobee does get upset easily, 
Yes, and it's "Brobee". Seriously, we have Google. There's no excuse.

but most kids get upset and throw tantrums over something little. 
The age group this is aimed at are TODDLERS. What do you think toddlers do?? How is that even close to an excuse for what I blogged about?

And jack black did amazing on the show!!
We capitalize the first letters of peoples' names. Jack Black. See how grown-up that looks? As for his episode, I did not criticize him. I criticized the network and show writers, who constantly bombard the pre and post episode commercial breaks with the typical "Follow us online" ad. Trust me. If a kid can figure out how to go online and follow Jack Black and the Gabba gang, they can figure out how to access Google, and find songs Jack Black has for real sang. Here, here's one of his songs that I bought the MP3 for:

He is very kid 
I have no clue what you just said to me. I don't even see a punctuation mark.

I want to say this again. "Linda" is an adult mother. Can you imagine how her kid is going to turn out?

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