Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Atheists vs. Scientists vs. Religion and other things I want OFF of my Facebook feed.

For the record, this post is not written from a religious standpoint. In fact most religions as they stand now seem to be nothing more than cults, spreading more hate and fear than anything “Satan” could ever dump on us.

… But this isn’t an anti-God post either. Read carefully.

So I just saw, I don’t know, the trillionth pro-atheism post on Facebook, touting that all the world exists because of The Big Bang Theory, and that science is the only thing responsible for anything in existence. It was followed by the trillionth "like this 4 Jesus" photo.

But I don’t think that anybody ~ atheist or not ~ actually understands the issue with science or even the theory of the Bible. So let’s look a little more closely, shall we?

First of all, the Bible is a man made, man edited book. Throughout the ages, the book has been mistranslated, edited and has even had whole sub sections chucked out, to suit political wants and needs. (Google a woman named “Lilith” and tell me what you read.) So if you’re not a hardcore believer in the book, I understand. No church has been able to adequately answer one, simple thing from the book of Genesis. And that is the idea that it took God one week to make the earth.

Well… by who’s standards? By all available documents, it’s clear that Gods typically run on a different time frame than us. Think about it. From Noah to Jesus, several hundred years pass by, and God does not age. Nowhere in the book does it ever say that God is an old man, getting older with the generations. He appears to the humans as unchanging, so what’s to say that a week to Him is around a billion years to us? Wouldn’t that adequately explain a proper timeframe for the dinosaurs, cavemen and mammoths?

Another issue is that the book again is man edited. And Humans have always been rather cocky. We’ve always heard of politicians proclaiming who was the dominant race, so why should we believe that humans weren’t the same back then? The Bible itself actually plays off of that! So with that said, what’s to say that some human decided “WELP that’s it. Adam had animals, Eve and that’s that. Nobody else EVER happened, we’re dominant, the end!!” Let’s also not forget that the dinosaurs were still hidden beneath the Earth at the time this book was written. It’s not like the Genesis writing staff is going to go back and say “Oh yeah, there were dinos” these folks weren’t even alive at the time the dinosaurs fell.

A great example of Bible editing is in the Bible itself. And in the Torah! Moses was originally handed three tablets from God. He smashed one, during a moment of anger. That tablet had other commandments. Bible editing. Read it!

Most religions these days can’t be taken seriously. If you truly believe in a relationship with God, don’t follow a religion.

I really mean that. Most of the worlds wars have been based on religion. And yet the people killing others in the name of religion, and judging and bullying others over the same, miss two very important lines in their Holy books:
1. One of the 10 commandments is written crystal clear by God: THOU SHALT NOT MURDER.
2. Jesus tells people to “turn the other cheek” to those you do not like.
Where do you get “judge and kill” from those two lines? We judge others every day. We tease people over religion every day. We go against what we were told not to do, and for what, religion? This is the thing keeping us away from God, if you actually read the book!

Christianity as we know it didn’t really get off the ground until one year after Jesus was on the cross. Back then, the Romans called fans of Jesus “Christians” which was a slang term meaning “follower of the Christ” and it wasn’t meant in a friendly light. Christianity isn’t really brought up in the Bible. In fact, the one passage involving the modern day church that’s in there, involves Jesus turning over a change-table in anger, blasting a church for taking money from people who want to be close to God. Not kidding, read it!

Ironically? The most religious, enthusiastic people on this planet are Atheists. They are so zealous about their non-faith, that it has become a faith! I’ve even caught these people even scream in the faces of children, proclaiming that anybody believing in God needs to “grow up, wake up and follow THEIR truth”. An Atheist has more in common with an Evangelical than a common Christian. Difference being? They don’t shoot at people against their faith, they just Facebook spam.

As far as science goes, I have a ton of questions.

The Big Bang Theory itself leaves science with more questions than answers. And the theory comes in two halves.

1. The big bang supposedly begins with two large rock formations, slamming into each other, thus creating Earth.

2. The big bang theory is also the theory the theory that the universe originated sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature, resulting in a “balloon” effect in which heat rises, pushing away galaxies and planets.

… Ok. I was pretty stellar at science… and that’s why I have issues with this.

Let’s look at theory 1, which has been re-published time and again in many science magazines. First and foremost, science teaches us that nothing can come from nothing, meaning that we all came from somewhere, right? Good, ok, follow along here.

So if this is the case, then the rock formations that “created us”… by the law of science itself… had to have come from SOMEWHERE. For a rock to exist, something had to have made it. So if this was even close to true, where do the rocks originate from?

Have you ever been outside? Have you ever seen jagged rocks on a beach? We know that those rocks do not just “POOF” appear. The rocks are formed from minerals over the course of a billion years.

Minerals that come from Earth.

Now if we know this about rocks, then what kind of space minerals made these “Big Bang” rocks? And where did they come from?

Now for theory two. The theory is that matter hit matter, created an explosion, which cased the big bang, causing the balloon effect.

Again, same questions as before. WHAT created the matter that caused the explosion, science again, science tells us that NOTHING exists from NOTHING, and second, why would it cause us all to keep drifting away?

Think about it. Think very hard. By this logic, we should have drifted away from the sun sometime during the Middle Ages by this logic, if indeed we are “blowing away”. Furthermore, if we were crusted on top of this “heat” prior to blowing away, then I should not even by typing this out. Earth, as tiny a planet as this really is in the grand scheme of things, should have been a fried dust particle ages ago.

There’s also the matter of gravity. How can this have blown galaxies far away from each other? Aren’t these the same people who told us that a certain amount of gravity keeps all of the stars and planets inside of a galaxy? By this logic, the force should be more than enough that our galaxy should have been ripped apart years ago. No way we should be able to even see Mars by this logic, and yet anybody with a junior telescope can find it.

Another issue I have? The word “theory”. Science itself states that this has NOT been proven as a fact, so why do we pass around theories as facts? A theory is an educated guess, an idea that at any time could be disproven, lest we forget that they recently found evidence of the God particle ~ a name that just tickles me.

Let’s also not forget that like religion, science is a man made belief. And while science has led us to great discoveries (cure for polio, atomic bombs, ect.) it’s not perfect.

One example. Since we were children, we’ve been told that Darwinism proves that we evolved from monkeys. Well if that’s the case then why do we still have them? This planet has had all species of monkeys, apes, gorillas, chimps and the like for around the same amount of time. Shouldn’t they all have evolved from Chim-Chim to Steve by now?

And if we’re that close to monkeys, then why is it that we keep testing drugs on mice? The only thing we have in common with mice is that we are mammals. Genetically speaking though, we have more in common with pigs. (Look it up.)

Darwinism contradicts itself. These scientists believe that Pterodactyls de-evolved into birds, and yet at the same time they tell us that all of the Pterodactyls just died out. Which is it? They can’t de-evolve into Robins AND all die out, that goes against science itself!

Scientists are also the same bright boys who more than 100 years ago, claimed that Mulattoes “can’t” ever breed. They are born sterile. Guess who has a hard time believing that? Quadroons and other mixed-race people, born from Mulattoes. Yeah, nice going “science”.

In the 1950’s, scientists used to tell teens that if you pop a zit, it could lead to brain damage. I actually have a few of these textbooks in the house. There is no link between acne and brain damage. If there were, all hope for future generations would die out by the time you reached age 11.

These are also the same geniuses that told us that Thalidomide was a “safe vitamin” for pregnant women. That DDT was a kid-safe chemical, proven to kill ticks on dogs. That Red No. 2 was a tasty chemical of choice for M&M’s. REALLY??

They can’t even lie and say “WHOOPS! That was a mistake.” NO!! History has proven that these people made up these theories, pushed them into schools, pressured the public into buying all of it as the truth, and then acted surprised when we ended up with dying and deformed children. And this isn’t even a full list of blunders made by man-made science.

So with science and religion having their dirty laundry aired out, the real question is “What SHOULD you believe?” Well I think that’s an individual question to answer.

Now personally, I’m happy with my ever changing, Jewish lifestyle. I’m also happy with the idea that somewhere in outer space, there is a God and a Jesus and that somehow the elder started a Big Bang. I don’t think I need to shove it down your throat, and I actually like praying alone, so I don’t expect you to ever want anything to do with this.

You can believe whatever you like.

But one thing you can do, is pass this around, next time you’re on Facebook. Click to enlarge:

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  1. i know my system is like that which you mentioned

    if god exists perhaps a week to him is Billions of years and he created the universe in what seemed to HIM like a week but to US seems like Billions *hence explaining The Dinosaurs and the Billions of years before them*

    and i do know that these fruitless wars are over a belief system that honestly in the form used by those starting the wars is flawed and broken *where in Any bible (from any religion pick one) does it say murder for your belief?* a bible that strayed too far from it's original intended point that's what