Thursday, June 7, 2012

Outlaw Euthanasia

I started a petition to outlaw euthanasia. Now I don’t consider myself much of an animal rights activist, but there’s a reason why I felt the need to start this.

When I was 15 years old, my next door neighbor had a four year old mutt named Fluffy. The whole neighborhood loved him dearly, even though his owners were very cruel people.

His owners, a woman named Dorothy and her son, would leave garbage in the backyards of the other neighbors, would vandalize property and would force the dog to go to the bathroom on our lawns. But when Fluffy would bark and refuse to go, Dorothy would kick him, and call him such names as "filthy" and "stupid".

When her son's wife became pregnant, everyone in the neighborhood knew they were going to get rid of Fluffy. We all took turns begging and pleading with Dorothy, her son and her daughter-in-law, to let one of us adopt him.

Instead, they chose euthanasia. Fluffy died a very slow and painful death.

The same day I was told about Fluffy's demise, I was reading a newspaper about a cruel politician. One who had closed down an orphanage and a women's shelter in his district, raised taxes and had a gambling problem. When he got sick, not only did his doctors cure him, they gave him a facelift, made him look 10 years younger, and handed him a bottle of Viagra.

It got me thinking, if we can save a wretched human being like that, why not a dog?

Every day, animals are killed in this country for little reason. Shelters over charge for animals and refuse to use the money we give them to build bigger shelters, and owners often opt to kill their pets when they move or go through a life change. This is highly unnecessary, outdated and barbaric.

So I started this petition. Hope it helps.

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  1. you are wise to start this petition my lady KILLING HEALTHY ANIMALS because of some stupid outdated policy OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!!! if killing perfectly healthy animals is legal

    *halfjoke*i guess i can kill Sumner Redstone the corrupt politicians and corporates and their likes THE REAL ANIMALS HERE!!!!!!!!!*halfjoke*

    my cat cookies was critically ill i could only hope they had the decency to KNOCK HER OUT BEFOREHAND !!!!! if not and if marbles gets sick i will put him out of his misery MYSELF!!!!!!!