Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An apology to Anonymous (Updated)

Don’t adjust your monitor, I was NOT hacked, this is really me, please read.

So a fan of mine on YouTube felt in his gut that something was wrong. He knew about the hate page against me and that I had been told Lulzsec and Anonymous were behind it.

He patched a call through to “a friend”. I do not know of any screen names, so I can’t tell you who said what. Now this “friend” knows somebody who is an Anon hacker.

The friend explained the situation and patched the information and links through to the hacker.

The hacker said “OMG THOSE retards AGAIN???”

Apparently Anonymous has a group of wannabe fanboys. These people post hate pages on Encyclopedia Dramatica and have hacked in their name. These fanboys are not bright enough to actually be a part of the real hacker groups, so they act out. Picture the villain in the Incredibles movie.

Yeah. Watch the movie, you’ll see what just happened here.

While Anonymous and Lulzsec go after banks, big business and the government, these fanboys go after random people. There’s a rumor that these fanboys are the real idiots who hacked PBS Kids and Sesame Street’s websites last year.

With that said, the hate page about me is being run by posers, and not even smart posers at that. This likely goes double for the idiots who hacked my Facebook more than once, and made a fake account in my name, posting Gay porn photos.

Anonymous had no real hate for me. Not once.

So I would like to offer a sincere apology.

Starting right now, any post I had made about the groups will be corrected or deleted. It’s no trouble for me at all for me to say I was wrong and to correct the information I posted.

By the time you read this I will be halfway though correcting everything I posted, so things should be evened out in a few days. My Blogger has already been corrected to reflect this new information.

Having been through this myself, I can say it’s no fun when someone poses as you online, and even though we have differing ideas on how to handle the Government, (I vote selectively, they hack) it’s not fair for me to accuse this bunch of something a poser did.

Once more, I would like to apologize for the whole series of events. The comment section below this post is open to anybody who would like to speak their mind on this and I will approve as much as I can.


UPDATE: Well apparently correcting my posts didn't take that long after all. Topaz Videos, YouTube and each of my blogs are now updated with correct information. Again, I apologize for the accusations. Like I said before, having been through it too, it's not fun to have people posing as you.

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