Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm sorry, an Anime bitch got WHAT??

(A small drawing I made of Black Lady {Chibiusa turned evil} after pranking her little sister Kousagi.)

Okay, the blog link I wanted to post here is missing, so I will just relay the story I was told the other day.

Now in response to my last blog: a friend of mine sent me this story, saved from her last trip to a local anime convention. No no, this wasn't Comic-con or any of the better known ones, this was one of those small town anime gatherings.

I just hope to God I can get the news article she sent back.

Now there was this young woman that went to a few conventions out in California. This Cosplayer was known as a creep. She's very rambunctious, and was known to start fights with other Cosplayers.

So two small town conventions after Comic-con, the girl shows up at a tiny anime convention, where she spots another girl, wearing the same costume as her, but slightly lighter.

Cosplayer #1 starts a fight with Cosplayer #2, initially over the costume color, and then it escalates to "My character is better than YOURS."

Cosplayer #2 says "No, MY character is better than YOURS!!"

Cosplayer #1 pulls out a knife and STABS Cosplayer #2 in the thigh.


Cosplayer #2 doesn't scream or cry. Instead, as she is spurting blood, she looks up at Cosplayer #1 and says "Ha! By your stabbing me, you just proved that you are wrong, my character is the better one, AND now that you've stabbed me, the blood is hitting my costume in the exact same spots as my favorite character, like when she was bleeding in my favorite episode."

Now nobody bothered to ask what the hell anime they were arguing about on account of the fact that A BITCH GOT STABBED!!!

This is the type of insanity I was talking about before. I don't know who I'm more afraid of, the psycho bitch that stabbed someone over an anime, OR the nutcase that was HAPPY to be stabbed because she now matched her character better.

I'm thinking too that the combination of hyper, super suspenseful anime and the amount of Ritalin and Prozac most of my generation were force fed as toddlers, was nothing short of a Molotov cocktail. "No harmful side effects" my ass!

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