Monday, December 19, 2011

Cena no-showed TLC and...

John Cena was absent from WWE TLC. While Cena was gone...

Kim Jong Il died.

Bryan Danielson became Smackdown champion.

The last U.S. Troops in Iraq were sent home.

WWE produced a December PPV that didn't suck AND it was wrestling based.

Zack Ryder won the U.S. title.

C.M. Punk is happy.

HHH and Kevin Nash wrestled as well as they did in their youth.

The Divas match was tolerable.

Randy Orton wrestled as though he didn't have I.E.D. and as though he gave a shit about his performance.

A bookstore opened in my area ~ that has friendly service with knowledgeable employees that speak English, and sells rare books, rare magazines, vinyl records, video games and manga at decent prices.


Hmm... Maybe Cena should no-show a few more PPVs. Maybe we'll get a fixed economy, job creation and world peace.

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