Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm that 99% too

The other day, I watched Bryan Danielson do something very brave. Something I respect.

Bryan re-posted an article written by someone on Facebook. Please read:

‎"What They did not want you to ever find out is that your generation, the generation born between 1980-1995, actually outnumbers the Baby Boomers. They knew that if you ever turned your eye towards political reform, you could change the world.

They tried to keep you sated on vapid television shows and vapid music. They cut off your education and fed you brain candy. They took away your music and gave you Top Ten pop stations. They cut off your art and replaced it with endless reality shows for you to plug into, hoping you would sit quietly by as They ran the world. I think They thought you were too dumb to notice.

Indeed, I thought They had won.

But I watched you occupy the capital of Wisconsin. I see you today as you occupy Wall Street. And I see a spark, a glimmer of the glorious new age that is yours. A changing of the guard, a guard that has stood for entirely too long and needs your young legs to take his place.

I watch you turn away from what is easy and stand up for what is right. I see you understand we as a society are only as strong as our weakest link. I see you wise beyond your years. And I am proud. Give ‘em hell, kids. You are beautiful." -Kate Danley

We are the 99% and together we are strong.
Together, we will triumph as we merge once again to 100%.
By: John Cleveland

Now Bryan got alot of useless haters on his page after that, and since this post both his YouTube and his Facebook have been riddled with stupid comments from people believing that we should all just bow down to the 1%, drop dead and tow the line like good little subordinates. Clearly, they are the Borg.

I on the other hand REFUSE to assimilate to the conformist lackey mind of the detractors, who seemingly troll online just to try and justify their weak and sad existence.

So this is what I wrote to Bryan. I hope that he sees it before the WWE do:

Bryan, you were very brave to post this, and I support you for it.

I hope there's at least a few more people on here, brave enough to share this. Even just one voice counts.

I really just speak for myself on this, but I'm tired of seeing my family cry because of these predatory lend banks, foreclosing on our homes after sky-rocketing balloon payments. (I'm scared I'll end up homeless.) I'm tired of seeing my neighborhood turn to squalor, because even my RICH neighbors can't afford their homes or obtain work due to their credit. (Yeah, I have a neighbor with an SUV facing foreclosure. Her job pays $50,000.)

I'm sick of seeing businesses judge a person's job application not by if they have the requirements for said job, but by whether or not their credit score reaches some imaginary number. I want to obtain an honest job with honest pay, isn't that part of the American dream? (Not Dusty.) I'm also tired of seeing my family run themselves into debt, trying to obtain one college degree after another, just to be DENIED work at McDonald's.

I'd also like it if the media would stop making villain the many unions in this country. My family is pro-union, my grandfather on my mom's side is a proud member of Unite Here. Wanna know what he did? He fought for the right to affordable healthcare and a LIVING wage for the other employees at his old hotel. He fought for the mom with two babies, who had to choose every day between their food, diapers and their healthcare. (What can baby live without is NOT a question an American should utter.) He fought for the dad who lived on the street because $8.75 an hour can NOT afford a run-down apartment in California. My Opa fought for the people who worked 12-18 hours a day, with NO off days, NO vacations and NO benefits. That 1%? They're afraid of paying the 99% adequately for their work. They'd have you believe that a union would "kill business" when in reality, all it would do is hold an employer to a FAIR practice, and hold accountable those who undercut a worker's pay.

The 1% of people that are in control of it all have never known a day in my shoes. I doubt they could handle what I've been through. If they had to deal with:
1. Having to pick between food for a week and a relative's medication
2. Deciding if the water OR light bill should be paid on time this month
3. Doing grocery shopping at the dollar store
they would have a nervous breakdown.

So you know what, I don't mind being in that 99% anymore. I'd rather fight for an honest day's pay, living wage and a country I can be proud of, than to live in an ivory tower, unaware of the world below me.

Remember this, Marie Antoinette once told her 99% "Let them eat cake" when they had neither sustenance nor money. I think we know how well THAT turned out. ;)

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