Thursday, September 29, 2011

The TRUTH about Google Ads and YouTube

No doubt you've noticed that this blog has ads on the side and bottom of each post. So let me just say that yes, it's true, I have a Google AdSense account, and I make a pittance few cents, each time someone clicks on the ad.


Why once? Because if I happen to make more than a buck a day off of these ads ~ which by the way never seem to actually register IF or WHEN anybody clicks on them ~ Google will have a bitchfit, and probably stiff me on the money I am OWED.

Now I've just spent the last two hours getting the sound back on 4 of my YouTube videos on my secondary account. It won't be long now before I start yet ANOTHER of these things, as most of the other video sites just seem interested in carpet bombing people with ads... that I won't make a single hey-penny off of.

Why? Because a pair of 15 year olds going by the fake names of "Victor" and "doriko" made a FAKE copyright claim on these videos, and YouTube actually did pay out "doriko" for LYING! So now every time you hit the iTunes link YouTube has posted for "doriko" he makes money off of MY video. (For the record MMD haters, the REAL Doriko is a GIRL, capitalizes her name, and can spell "Romeo". This little douchenozzle spells it "Romio")

This is nothing new either. I've had strikes against me on more than one account for copyright claims. Some of it was legitimate, most of it WASN'T. Here's a list of fakers who've claimed the rights to shit they don't own, in case this happens to you:

1. The Orchard Group/Orchard Music ~ They claim to own WWE images and PUBLIC DOMAIN folk songs. Also, they claim to represent Beethoven, and have threatened to have him sue me. Pretty impressive for a dead guy.
2. Victor ~ Claims to own Thomas the Tank Engine and the song "Get Down". I doubt it.
3. doriko ~ Not to be confused with the real Doriko, this douche is a BOY, who claims to be the voice of Miku Hatsune, Teto Kasane, and is earning money off of my video for "writing" the version of "Romio" and Cinderella that uh... I PROGRAMMED!!
4. WMG ~ While they do own the backlogs from Linkin Park, they do NOT own everything else! These asswipes have claimed copyright for the theme song to Sailormoon, 3 Vocaloid tracks, Disney clips, and once, a Ring of Honor video I posted. OH I bet a few people got a real good laugh out of that one.

Also, if you see any Russian groups, claiming that they own the rights to your English, Japanese or French videos, odds are good that it's a SCAM.

YouTube is not interested in investigating these people. As soon as they hear "copyright" they get all panicky and attack their own users. I bet you've noticed their fan base dropping like flies. Well now you get why.

So now let me explain "ads"

Let's say I post a video on YouTube, and then link that video to my Google AdSense account. Google AdSense will run my video through a battery of tests, and "IF" they decide it's "worthy" then they will start running ads on the video. Each time you click on an ad, I make a few CENTS.

...Unless you click the same ad over and over, in which case my AdSense account gets BANNED and I make $0.


Let's say I don't link the video to AdSense, but someone makes a copyright claim on it.

You don't "really" have to own a copyright, you can LIE, claiming you do, and YouTube won't EVER investigate you, they'll just pretend your right, and slap me with strikes against my account.

Assuming the video stays up, they'll either mute the video, or they will run 4 times as many ads over the damn thing.

The person who made the claim will make several DOLLARS off of MY video, while Google makes HUNDREDS.

Now by the time I prove my innocence, and get all of the impostor's junk OFF my video, he's walked away with some extra money, and YouTube STILL will NOT remove the strike against my account. My account is forever damaged, and I'm screwed.

As for other sites like Dailymotion? They make money off of EVERYTHING I could post, and they will carpet bomb my video with ads. Not ONCE do I see a payout.

Now while Google is the best search engine I've ever used, and Gmail has mostly been alright *Knocks wood* the rest of their services have been stinking. Even this blog here has been re-coded from what I originally typed out, and it's not the only one.

Let's all hope that Google is smart enough to learn from their mistakes, make amends to their abused YouTube users ~ and ex-users ~ and clean up this mess.

Otherwise, I fear they may become the next AOL.


  1. I'm just so fed up with ads on YouTube and people lying about copyright. Isn't it fun to hear a great anime opening, then next week, you see "Has been removed due to a copyright claim by Rollochic Inc."

  2. Very true. I even lost my first YouTube channel this week because of a Toei claim. YouTube is run by cowards.