Sunday, August 21, 2011

WWF stock vs. WWE stock

The date is October 19, 1999. This is the day that Vincent Kennedy McMahon officially enters the World Wrestling Federation into the stock market.

The publicly traded company closes out it’s first day’s price at $24.13 per share.

That evening on Monday Night Raw is War, Bob and Crash Holly win the Tag Team titles from the Rock n’ Sock Connection. A week prior to that, Rock n’ Sock Connection had done battle with Davey Boy Smith and a long haired Val Venis. Michael Cole is off and on commentary for Raw.

We are two days past No Mercy, and here are the results:

No Mercy - Gund Arena; Cleveland, OH 10/17/1999
- The Godfather beat Mideon
- Women's Title: The Fabulous Moolah beat Ivory to win the title
- The Holly’s beat The New Age Outlaws by DQ
- Match 5 of best-of-5 series for $100,00 & managerial services of Terri: The Hardy Boyz beat Edge & Christian
- The Rock beat Davey Boy Smith
- Good Housekeeping Match for Intercontinental Title: Chyna beat Jeff Jarrett to win the title
- Val Venis beat Mankind
- Four Corner Match: X-Pac beat Kane, Bradshaw & Faarooq
- WWF Title: Champ Triple H beat Steve Austin

Yes, let me share that, a Good Housekeeping match:

For the record, it was Jeff Jarrett’s final WWF match.

At $24.13 a share, WWE stocks are considered good, but a bit low. The lower price from the initial $25.00 they opened with is blamed on the logical issues of the day.

They were just 5 months past the death of Owen Hart.

There were conservative coalitions criticizing their every move.

They were about to lose two major sponsors.

USA still had them on late at night.

Their turnover rate was astounding, with people jumping back and forth between WWF, WCW and ECW on a weekly basis.

There was no time to properly “grow” new talent, due to the aforementioned turnover rate. In fact this rate didn’t start slowing down until mid-2000.

(Does anyone remember the Klimaszewski Twins? Me either.)

So with all of those factors, it’s no wonder stocks were just at $24.13 a share. But still, that’s a very good number, very decent, and despite Eric Bischoff’s bold claims that WCW could swallow WWF whole, there was no cause for major alarm.

Fast forward to Sunday, August 21, 2011.

WWE stocks are at $8.82 a share.

The next PPV is September 18.

There is NO card for the show as of yet, but the price is set at $44.95 for Standard Definition and $54.95 for HD receivers.

Stephanie McMahon has just ousted several people from the corporate office, the main names being from the website team. She has now taken control of and as I type this is taking down the corporate site. Check out the screencaps I got for you:

Corporate top page
Bottom of the page
Corporate main site, NO more videos?
Google's official stock quote for August 21, 2011
Corporate stock site part 2
WWE stock report from their own site

And again from
WWF-WWE stock page backup from 1999-2011Link

From $24.13 to $8.82 in the span of not even a full 12 years?

There’s a storm coming…

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